X Factor UK S11E06 – Arena Auditions

The pugs are back!

Tonight’s episode starts at 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 3pm EDT, 12pm PDT.

XF UK S11E06 Previews:

Andrea Faustini sings Try a Little Tenderness

Stevi Ritchie sings Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now





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Andrea Faustini – Try a Little Tenderness (Otis Redding)

This time, he is wearing a shirt with pugs. His parents are here and they only speak Italian. Andrea starts singing and the audience comes alive immediately. When he finishes, people are on their feet. He gets 3 YESes from Louis, Cheryl and Simon. Mel B is absent.

Rouge Kiss – Fancy (Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX)

5 piece girlband. Simon hated everything about their room audition and from the clip it’s easy to see why. For arena audition they toned it down somewhat, but this is still a mess. Cheryl thinks they have potential and Simon thinks only one of them has talent. Mel B likes them too. Louis thinks Cheryl and Mel B know more about girlbands than Simon. Simon says NO, the other three YES.

Overload – No, No, No (Original Song)

5 cute boys. Simon wants to go to the bathroom and Cheryl wants this audition to last forever. Mel B wants Simon to wet his pants, too. Finally, the boys start singing and the song isn’t bad at all for a young boyband. The audience likes them, too. The judges are impressed, too. Simon wants them to be more original … It’s clear Overload want to be One Direction 2.0. But I think Simon sees $$$$ signs. The boys sail through.

Lottie Lou – Sheezus (Lily Allen)
The crowd boos her. She is gone.

Carly Cunningham – Don’t Speak (No Doubt)
Boos again. She is gone.

Stevi Ritchie – Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen)

Oh dear. This time he brought his daughter Summer along. She is really cute. The guy can sing, and he gets the audience going. But he is no rockstar or popstar in the making. Basically a regular middle aged guy singing karaoke well. His dancing is beyond embarrasing. That might work for a Saturday night entertainment show, but beyond that? All 4 judges give him a YES because the audience liked him.

Kayleigh Manners – Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles) / Your Song (Elton John)

Simon is late, so it’s only Mel B, Louis and Cheryl on the panel. Kayleigh reveals she has no experience. YIKES. She is really nervous. She starts the first song, but stops. The judges want her to focus. She drops the guitar and starts singing the second song. The audience encourages her. To be honest, I think Kayleigh won’t go much further in this competition. But the judges put her through to the next round.

Lauren Clarke – Love Song (Sara Bareilles)
Simon is back. Lauren is really pretty, but this performance isn’t good. I guess she is gone?

Ed Goacher – Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars)
Shown briefly, another bad audition.

Jay James – Fix You (Coldplay)

Former soldier is back. He brings his young wife and baby daughter along. Good vocal. The audience likes him. He is sailing through. Standing ovation from the judges. 4 YESes.

Arena auditions continue next week.


Boogie wonderland: The X-Factor arena auditions continue, with girl group Rouge Kiss and office worker Stevi Ritchie showcasing their sexy moves
Sunday’s instalment of The X-Factor looks set to be a booty-shaking riot of a night judging by these preview pictures.

The second set of arena auditions will see girl group Rouge Kiss take to the stage in an effort to prove to Simon, Cheryl, Mel and Louis that they’ve got what it takes to be the next big thing.

And loveable office worker Stevi Ritchie makes a comeback following his disastrous audition which saw him forget half of the words to Olly Murs’ Dance With Me Tonight, and just boogie on the spot instead.
Read more: Daily Mail

Injured navy-officer Jay James receives standing ovation from entire audience as the second night of The X Factor arena auditions continue
As The X Factor continue with their quest to find someone special, it was down to Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Mel B and Louis Walsh to whittle down its long list of hopefuls.

Receiving a standing ovation from the entire arena, Jay James, 30, nailed his rendition Coldplay’s Fix You during the second set of arena auditions on Sunday night.

‘Jay, you know what we thought of you in your first audition, now listen to this… That’s exactly what we’re looking for. That was a stunning performance,’ gushed Cheryl.
Read more: Daily Mail

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  1. So many reasons why even the worse season of the U.K. X Factor is so much more enjoyable than the U.S. X Factor iterations…

  2. Not loving this season at all, everyone seem so bland and generic. Hopefully it will get better.

  3. Can I just say how much I love the judging panel this year? Simon, Cheryl and Mel are all fantastic. And so far, my favorite two arena auditions were Jay James and Paul Akister.

  4. Kayleigh has something that I love not sure what her tone is so beautiful. I also loved Jay and Paul yesterday and also Andrea and Lauren were pretty good.

  5. This is on the AXS channel in my location and am thoroughly enjoying the show so far. The talent seems less polished and very genuine in general. And I like the judging panel.
    I’ve only watched an occasional performance in the past here at MJS so I can’t compare it to other seasons.
    Simon seems so much more pleasant than in the US. Location ? Fatherhood ? It’s refreshing regardless.

  6. I think it’s several things. I think people that sit on the panel with him have a lot to do with it. There’s a reason why he brought back Cheryl and why Louis is in his 11th year on the panel. He has undeniable chemistry with them. It’s something so natural that I can’t put it into words. When the first episode of this season aired, the general impression was that it was like Simon and Cheryl never left the show.

    Also, he is doing the show that he loves to do and I would say people behind the scenes are pretty competent.

  7. I know nothing about her but I like Cheryl very much. She seems so sincere. I like her reserve and appreciate that she doesn’t gush over everyone.

  8. Have the UK tabs taken up the story of Jay James (Picton’s) history in the music industry yet? He had a major label deal, put out a full album and opened for XF alum Rebecca Ferguson.

  9. Simon has gone soft. Cheryl is the most honest. What is going on? And most importantly, where is Giles Potter????

  10. THanks for sharing. He seemed a bit too polished to be some guy off the street. I think he will make the live shows but not go far.

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