X Factor UK Headlines for 06/01/14

A video of Zayn and Louis smoking a joint emerges. Louis Walsh officially signs on for XF UK S11. James Arthur is dropped.

Prankster Harry Styles pulls down rival team manager Piers Morgan’s shorts as they compete in Niall Horan’s all-star charity football game
The stars turned up in their droves to compete in a charity football challenge organised by One Direction star, Niall Horan on Monday, including handsome hunk and band mate Harry Styles.

And showman Harry did not disappoint, at one stage pulling down rival team manager Piers Morgan’s shorts while the former CNN host watched proceedings from the sideline.

But Harry also contributed on the pitch too, scoring the only goal for Niall’s team which brought the game to a 1-1 draw before it went to penalties.
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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Joint lit. Happy days!’ One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoke roll-up in Peru and joke about drugs in shocking video that exposes dark side of squeaky clean boy band
Video has emerged today showing members of boy band One Direction laughing and joking about marijuana as they apparently share a roll-up ‘joint’ during the Latin America leg of their 2014 Stadium Tour.

In the footage seen by MailOnline, band member Louis Tomlinson, 22, narrates from behind the camera, laughingly announcing, ‘So here we are, leaving Peru. Joint lit. Happy days!’

‘What do you think about that kind of content?’ he asks bandmate Zayn Malik, 21, who is alongside him in the SUV ferrying them to Peru’s Estadio Nacional in Lima where One Direction performed to a 40,000 capacity crowd on April 27 as part of their ‘Where We Are’ tour.

‘Very controversial,’ Zayn responds.
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Now One Direction faces race storm: Fans’ anger after video apparently shows Louis Tomlinson using shortened version of the N-word
One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has been plunged into a race row after apparently using a racial slur in a video of him and a bandmate smoking a ‘joint’.

Bringing the under-fire band into further disrepute, Louis was today lambasted for using the word ‘nig’ – which fans say is a shortened version of the N-word – in the controversial footage.

The video, revealed by MailOnline last night, shows Louis, 22, and fellow One Direction member Zayn Malik, 21, passing round what appears to be cannabis.

Louis puts on an accent while speaking about drugs, then said: ‘It’s green only, n**.’
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One Direction fans row over ‘joint’ video as some destroy gig tickets and demand an apology while others accuse them of not being ‘true fans’
One Direction fans and their parents turned on the band today after a video emerged showing two members sharing a roll-up ‘joint’ on the Latin America leg of their world tour.

The footage has since sparked a race row as viewers claim Louis Tomlinson can be heard to say a shortened version of the ‘N’ word.

The MailOnline exclusive footage of Zayn Malik, 21, smoking and joking about marijuana with Louis Tomlinson, 22, has led to several ‘Directioners’ ripping up, burning or selling their tickets for the upcoming gigs in the UK, Europe and America.

Some have demanded the two members apologise for their actions because they are ‘role models with a young fan base’.

But others have said they ‘still love’ the band and accused critics of not being ‘true fans’.

Drug charities and parent groups have also turned on the stars for failing to take ‘real responsibility as role models’ to millions of children.
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Photos that show boy band’s downward direction: How group’s squeaky clean image has changed alarmingly over past five years
Brought together by Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger on 2010’s X Factor, the five teenagers were a picture of innocence with a golden future ahead of them.

But five years later, One Direction’s clear-cut image has changed alarmingly.

This week, a video emerged showing two band members sharing a roll-up ‘joint’ on the Latin America leg of their world tour.

And in recent years, the singers have also had a string of celebrity flings, got an array of tattoos and posted erotic images to their followers.

Here, we show the band’s journey – and it has headed in a distinctly downward direction…
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One Direction risk U.S. ban over shocking ‘joint’ video weeks before their sell-out 39-date American tour
Pop heartthrobs One Direction face being banned from the United States after being caught on film smoking a ‘joint’ – just weeks before they are set to tour the country on a sell-out 39-date nationwide tour.

Members of the British band can be seen sharing a roll-up during the Latin America leg of their 2014 Stadium Tour in a shocking video published by MailOnline.

And today, leading US immigration lawyer Michael Wildes told MailOnline that if convicted, or if the young stars make an admission of guilt following the release of the video, they could have trouble getting into the States ahead of the tour, which starts in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on August 4.

Mr Wildes said the boys – who have prompted their young fans to rip up concert tickets – could have the same issues entering the country as Canadian singer Justin Bieber, who has admitted marijuana use to cops.
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Harry Styles hits out at ‘stupid and reckless’ One Direction bandmates over ‘joint’ video as Louis Tomlinson’s dad worries son is going in wrong direction
One Direction’s Harry Styles has hit out at bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik for their ‘reckless and stupid’ behaviour after MailOnline’s exclusive footage of them smoking a ‘joint’.

Harry is said to be annoyed with them for potentially jeopardising the band’s upcoming 39-date United States tour after the film showed them sharing a suspicious roll-up in Peru last month.

Louis, 22, and Zayn, 21, who did not mention the indiscretion during a sell-out concert in Sunderland last night, could be banned from the United States by immigration authorities.

It has also emerged Harry has chosen to fly in a different private jet to Zayn because he does not like his smoking, a source said.

An insider told The Sun: ‘Harry is annoyed about the whole debacle,’ and revealed how the singer thought it was ‘stupid and reckless’ of the pair to film their actions on camera.
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The show must go on! One Direction brush video controversy aside as they resume Where We Are stadium tour in Sunderland
One Direction pushed their recent spate of controversial headlines to one side on Wednesday evening as they invested their collective energies into a lively performance in the north east of England.

The pop sensations are reeling after shocking video footage emerged of band-member Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking a dubious looking roll-up while en route to a show in Peru during the South- American leg of their 2014 stadium tour.

Taking to the stage at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, both singers looked distracted as they joined Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne.
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Liam Payne back together with girlfriend Sophia Smith as pair are spotted holding hands on date
While his bandmates are going through a difficult time, Liam Payne will be celebrating after reconciling with girlfriend Sophia Smith.

The couple dated for eight months before separating earlier this month as One Direction began their world tour in South America.

Fans were previously concerned for Wolverhampton-born Liam after he posted a string of late-night cryptic messages about heartbreak.

Heartthrob Liam wrote: “Can’t be without you… Worse thing I ever did was let you go… No (sic) all I got left is the thought of you.”

But the pair looked very much an item again as they walked hand in hand through a shopping centre in Birmingham today.
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Time to call it a night: Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson enjoy a quiet evening back at hotel after energetic Manchester gig
A relatively early night was in order for One Directioners Liam Payne, 20 and Louis Tomlinson, 22, on Friday after their highly-anticipated gig at the Etihad stadium.

The band mates were pictured heading back to their hotel in Manchester city centre after their energetic performance, which saw them sing a medley of their greatest hits.

The boys will perform at the venue until June 1, before moving their show to Wembley Stadium – and while hordes of fans had lined up to see their heart throbs – the rest of the band were not pictured.
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Showing his support! Louis Tomlinson puts ‘joint’ video controversy behind him as he shows his patriotic side by stepping out in an England training top
He probably could’ve done with a bit of support in recent days after a video of him smoking a ‘roll up cigarette’ in Peru emerged.

But One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson was the one showing support, for his home nation, on Saturday as he stepped out while wearing a red England football training top.

The 22-year-old singer, who is a big football fan and is rumoured to be interested in buying his hometown team Doncaster Rovers, wore the football attire as took a stroll next to the boy band’s latest gig venue – Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.
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Up All Night! Liam Payne heads out partying to celebrate his sister’s 21st birthday after performing One Direction gig in Manchester
He wasn’t involved in the video of his bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik’s smoking a ‘joint’.

And Liam Payne continued to do his own thing in the early hours of Saturday morning as he headed to the Empire nightspot in Manchester to party with his sister Nicola to celebrate her 21st birthday.

The star, who had earlier been seen heading back to his hotel with Louis, looked in a sombre mood as he got out of a taxi after doing the gentlemanly thing and letting his sibling’s female pals go first.
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That’s What Makes Him Beautiful: 1D’s Niall Horan spends quality time outside his hotel meeting and greeting fans in Manchester
Niall Horan has shown how dedicated One Direction are to their fans by spending a good chunk of his Saturday afternoon meeting and greeting them in Manchester on Saturday.

‘Guys thank you for being patient outside! makes it a lot easier to take pics when everyone is calm!,’ the 20-year-old tweeted to dedicated 1D fans who had queued for hours outside the band’s city centre Manchester hotel.

Dressed casually in a plaid shirt, with a white T-shirt underneath, blue jeans, trainers and wearing some dark shades, Niall was happy to pose for selfies with fans and sign collectible items.
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‘We have a lot of growing up to do’: One Direction’s Liam Payne tweets apology for bandmates’ ‘joint’ video
One Direction’s Liam Payne has said the group has ‘a lot of growing up to do’, following his bandmates’ apparent use of illegal drugs.

In the first sign of an apology after Mail Online’s exclusive video emerged of members Louis Tomlinson, 22, and Zayn Malik, 21, smoking a ‘joint’ in Peru, Payne suggested things had gone ‘a little sideways’.

He tweeted: ‘I love my boys and maybe things have gone a little sideways I apologise for that.
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One Direction try to put ‘joint’ video behind them with Manchester concert… after Liam Payne apologises for ‘stupid’ actions
On Saturday, One Direction singer Liam Payne apologised to his army of Twitter followers for a MailOnline exclusive video that captured bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik smoking what appeared to be a joint in Peru.

And it looked as if the band had done their best to put the video – and perhaps Liam’s remarks – behind them while taking to the stage at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester on Saturday.

The band’s heartfelt performance came just hours after Liam tweeted: ‘We are only in our 20’s we all do stupid things at this age.’
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One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson ‘in audacious multi-million pound bid to buy his beloved Doncaster Rovers’… but will ‘joint’ video drugs shame jeopardise his chances?
Whenever you’re on the verge of big business, the last thing you want is the skeletons in your closet being aired out to all and sundry.

But that’s exactly the problem that confronts One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson who is believed to be on the verge of buying his beloved football club.

Just days after shocking video footage of the 22-year-old apparently smoking cannabis in Peru emerged, it has been revealed that the singer plans to buy League One side Doncaster Rovers.

But, lifelong Rovers fan Louis – who even made an appearance for the club’s reserves team earlier this year – is said to be concerned the recent controversy could jeopardise his chances.
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FIRST LOOK: Little Mix show off sophisticated new beauty look for launch of second make-up range with Collection
They’re the modern day answer to the Spice Girls and with their cool new look and loveable personalities, Little Mix are taking the music scene by storm.

But it’s not just in the studio that they’re making noise. The foursome also have a beauty range under their belt and FEMAIL can reveal the girls’ flawless new campaign imagery.

If you’ve ever wanted to look like Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne or Perrie, now you can with their affordable and on-trend new make-up range by Collection.
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Little MINX! X Factor stars prove they’re all grown up as they perform first headline show at London O2 in provocative outfits
They made a name for themselves as the girls next door who had potential.

But X Factor’s Little Mix proved they’d harnessed their talent as they took to the stage at London’s O2 on Sunday night.

The four singers looked grown-up and womanly as they paraded in a series of glittery, Grecian style dresses which wowed fans and on-lookers.
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Little Mix are finding their third album quite difficult to make to be honest
Little Mix have said they’d be open to writing some more songs with Nicola Roberts for their third album, but to be honest they’re finding it all quite hard at the moment actually.

Having a chat to Digital Spy, Jesy said the following words when asked about working with the ‘Yo-Yo’ hitmaker again (Roberts of course wrote for both ‘DNA’ and ‘Salute’):

“Yeah, we’ve had a few sessions. We’re just going to see where everything goes, I think. We’ll test the waters.”

Jesy also went on to say that they’re finding the third album quite hard to be honest: “We know what we wanna do but we’re in the early stages of it so it’s still coming together.”
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TuX Factor! Leona Lewis steps out in androgynous black trouser suit with heavily bejeweled neckline and veil for performance at World Music Awards
Fans are more used to seeing Leona Lewis gracing the stage in classic, showstopping gowns.

However the former X Factor winner undoubtedly turned heads when she opted for something a little different at the World Music Awards on Tuesday night.

The 29-year-old, who was performing for the star-studded crowd at Monaco’s Sporting Monte-Carlo, kept her curves covered in a black trouser suit.
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X Factor’s James Arthur IS dropped but he’s “not bitter”
Former X Factor winner James Arthur has confirmed that he’s been dropped after just one album.

The Impossible hitmaker has parted ways with Simon Cowell and the SyCo record label after putting out just the one record.

James said this week: “I’m not angry any more or bitter about it, it’s just how it goes. I have regrets, but you live and learn.”

The singer, who revealed a new make over and girlfriend earlier in the month, claims he’s learned a lot and grown up thanks to the experience.
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Louis Walsh confirms X Factor deal: Music manager WILL return to singing contest’s judging panel
Louis Walsh confirmed he is definitely returning as a judge on the new season of X Factor.

The music manager previously said he was happy to end his run after ten seasons – but has now signed on the dotted line for his eleventh outing on the talent show.

Speaking on the Colm Hayes show on 2FM, Louis, 61, told how he had signed his contract 15 minutes before going on air.

He revealed: “I knew I was doing the show but I just signed the deal and I’m very happy with it. At my age you have to keep working!”
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Golden girl: Cheryl Cole shows off enviable figure in sexy gold bodysuit as she confirms the release of new single Crazy Stupid Love
Cheryl Cole has finally confirmed the release date of her new single, Crazy Stupid Love.

In a sexy picture which she uploaded on her Instagram page, the singer showcased her enviable figure while she posed in a dazzling gold bodysuit.

The 30-year-old captioned the shot: ‘I am so excited to be able to share some music news with you !!
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Geordie PHWOAR! Cheryl Cole wears smart black ensemble as she dines out with X Factor boss Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman at Chiltern Firehouse
She heralded her return to the music scene with the release of a racy new promo shot for her forthcoming single, but Cheryl Cole was mining less familiar territory on Friday evening when she paid a visit to the Chiltern Firehouse.

The 30-year-old songstress was in high spirits after embarking on a new promotional missive for imminent track Crazy Stupid Love, which features guest vocals from London based rapper Tinie Tempah.

Taking a welcome break as the week drew to a close, Geordie Cheryl opted for a smart black ensemble comprised of crossover coat and matching leather trousers as she exited her car and sashayed inside.
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Irish Charts
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7 One Direction – You & I
26 One Direction – Story of My Life
30 One Direction – Best Song Ever
45 One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
48 Little Mix – Salute
49 One Direction – Midnight Memories
59 One Direction – Little Things
65 One Direction – Live While We’re Young
94 One Direction – Kiss You
100 One Direction – Don’t Forget Where You Belong

1 Coldplay – Ghost Stories
3 One Direction – Midnight Memories
7 One Direction – Up All Night
9 One Direction – Take Me Home

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The Official Charts
1 SecondCity – I Wanna Feel
22 One Direction – You & I
40 Little Mix – Salute
83 One Direction – Story of My Life

1 Sam Smith – In The Lonely Hour
15 One Direction – Midnight Memories
49 Little Mix – Salute
65 One Direction – Take Me Home
73 One Direction – Up All Night
85 Sam Bailey – The Power Of Love

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