X Factor UK 2018 Recap – Live Shows Week 2 – Live Blog and VIDEOS

It is time to face the music again! The X Factor UK is about to go live for guilty pleasures week. The song spoilers look really interesting with a few curveballs in there – including an Alex & Sierra song! Who will thrive and who will falter? The show starts at 3:35 PM EST, so join me then and we can find out together!

Dermot dances onto the stage to “Holding Out For A Hero.” Your Saturday Night Starts Right Here! Another double elimination this weekend. The bloodbath format is looking increasingly likely.

LMA Choir – They’re performing Proud Mary. The female lead singer really should be on her own. They have a ton of energy. All the judges except Louis stand. Simon thought it was fantastic, says they are the nicest people, their best performance so far. I thought last week was better. Louis liked it but wants more of the harmonies. Ayda is proud of them, was distracted by Robbie’s dad dancing. Robbie says we shouldn’t see them as a choir, instead as a community.

Shan Ako – She’s singing Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. She gives a bit of a speech before she starts, not sure I like that idea. She sounds really great on the song though and I loved the subtlety of the staging. All four judges stand for her and the audience goes nuts.  Louis says that was an unbelievable vocal, loved the passion too. Ayda says the depth came across in the song. Robbie says we don’t just hear her voice, we feel it, he’s still in love. Simon thinks we are seeing a star being born in front of our eyes, tries and fails to talk to the camera, ends by saying it was amazing.

Danny Tetley – He’s really sick when recording his VT. He was on vocal rest for three days. He sings Crazy For You and his voice is fine. Last week was a better song for him but this was still pretty good. Only Ayda stands. Robbie doesn’t think he let his hair down, wants to see something different from him. Simon loves the song, doesn’t think it’s his lane, hope he stays in because the show needs him. Louis isn’t 100% sure that was the right song for him, was bored before the high notes. Ayda loves him, implores people to vote while Robbie makes faces in the background. Danny says some of the songs weren’t part of the theme this week – I think he just sabotaged himself by saying that.

Brendan Murray – He wasn’t happy with Simon’s comment last time (obviously). He doesn’t want to be boring. He sings Believe by Cher. He’s playing guitar – smart move. This is better than last week, although I think his voice goes better with songs like the one he did last week. Nobody stands for Brendan – the bussing continues. Ayda didn’t love the song choice. Robbie loved the vocal as a recording voice but didn’t think the energy was good enough. Simon thought it was better than last week, didn’t like the staging. Louis obviously loves his act, respects that he fought for it.

Misunderstood – They sing Close To You – their first cover. And it is a million times better than last week. Their vocals are awesome and they can dance. None of the judges stood for that? Why not? Ayda says they are slick and polished like Simon’s cuban heels. Louis says it’s not a good sign that the dance break got the biggest reaction. Simon thought it was much better than last week, but thought the creative wasn’t them. Robbie thought they smashed it. I really liked them.

Molly Scott – She sings Little Do You Know by Alex & Sierra, a song I never thought I’d hear since they broke up. She’s really emotional and some of the notes are more than a little wonky. The arrangement is totally different and I don’t love it. Simon stands, the rest sit. Louis didn’t think it was the right song, saw a different side to her but didn’t see all she’s capable of. Ayda didn’t know the song, hadn’t heard it before, didn’t know how it’s a guilty pleasure. Robbie says she hasn’t lived it yet, she should be 16. Simon says it’s “creative jealousy.” Simon says it’s a miracle, she did great. I love the song but that wasn’t a good version of it.

Dalton Harris – He sings I Have Nothing. Obviously, I hate the song choice. But he doesn’t sing it with the same arrangement that everyone else does. And for that, I give him props. And he does sing the snot out of the song. If I wasn’t fatigued of the song, I’d be more enthusiastic. All four judges stand. The audience roars. Robbie says he would win gold if he was in the olympics. Ayda says he has everything, he’s mega. Simon says this was a moment for Dalton, loved the VT showing his fun side. Louis says he’s in his own league vocally in this competition, he enjoys giving him challenges and seeing him raise the bar. He’s my favorite act at this point.

Scarlett Lee – Simon hates the initial song choice so he changes it to Always On My Mind. I have to say, I love the staging and the arrangement, and Scarlett is giving Dalton a run for his money as the best vocalist. She’s pretty emotional and she still manage to slay this vocal. All four judges stand for Scarlett. Louis says the vocal was absolutely amazing, loves her as a person, thought starting acapella was brave. Ayda said way to come back fighting. Robbie says she’s in the front pack, says he’s not sure she can carry a show for an hour and 45 minutes, but says she’s class. Simon loved that she picked the song and knows what she should do. Scarlett dedicates that to her dad.

Acacia & Aaliyah – They sing Close To Me. They sing in unison and then they switch the song to Shutdown. After the last two acts, this isn’t nearly good enough. All judges except Louis stand. Ayda says it was dope, much better than last week, loved the production. Louis says this is exactly what he wanted. Simon says it was brilliant, says the creative was amazing. Robbie thinks grime needs a pop star to smash through the glass ceiling and we found two.

Giovanni Spano – He totally expected to be in the bottom 3 last week. He’s singing Baby One More Time by Brittney Spears. Big risk. Matt Cardle had one of my favorite moments with this back in 2010. I have to say I really really like this, and then he screams at the end. I hope he can survive. Ayda and Robbie stand up. Simon says he shouldn’t like it but he liked it – that’s what a guilty pleasure is. Louis thought it was one step too intense and too weird for him. Robbie says if Brittney sang it like that, Justin wouldn’t have ever left. Ayda says real men wear pink, real rock stars sing Britney.

Anthony Russell – He sings I Want To Know What Love Is. I like his voice on this song. His problem is that Dalton, Shan, and Scarlett performed tonight too. All four judges stand for him and Anthony high fives the band. Robbie says he bossed that performance. Ayda agrees, loved his personality. Simon didn’t love the production of the track, loved him, his vocal, his enthusiasm, his heart, really wants him to do well. Louis loved it, obviously. Dermot has trouble keeping him on stage – LOL.

United Vibe – They sing Party In The USA. It starts and I honestly find it painful. They aren’t nearly good enough for this. I think they get the lowest number of votes this week. If they’re not in the bottom 3, I don’t know anything anymore. Simon looks so confused. He says that was terrible, says everything was wrong, tells them to choose songs they like. Louis understands where Simon is coming from. Louis said it was five individual performances. Ayda says the song choice was weird, says it felt like a virtual party, not a real party. Robbie says “we’ve got work to do” – apparently dress rehearsal was better? Simon wants to change their name and Robbie agrees.

Bella Penfold – She sings Diamonds Are Forever. I have to say, her vocals are a lot better than they were pre-live shows. I’m not a fan of rap though. Simon stands and is mad that none of the others join him. Louis thinks she has what it takes outside of the show, and thinks the song was good but not great. Ayda thinks she’s a diamond in the rough. Neither of them liked the dancers. Robbie wants to know if she’s a singer who raps or a rapper who sings. Robbie thinks she should emphasize the singing a bit more – I honestly agree. Simon apologizes about the dancers, thinks she’s a star, takes responsibility for the production.

Janice Robinson – She’s singing Show Me Love by Robin S. She speaks to Robin S via FaceTime. Janice gets shirtless dancers. The vocals are ok, but still too shouty for my taste. All judges except Louis stand for her. Simon says it was great, asks her why she wants to be through to next week. She says she loves this country. Louis found the creative a bit cringe. Robbie doesn’t get why she was in the bottom 3 last week – I do. Ayda says that made her want to party, pleads for people to put her through. Simon speaks with Janice as it ends.

New format for tomorrow’s result show! At the start of the show, the vote will freeze and one act will go home immediately. Then, the vote will re-open for a bit before one more act gets sent home after the sing-off. Little Mix and Kylie Minogue are the guests tomorrow night.

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