X Factor UK 2015 Week 6 – Ranking the Top 4

X Factor UK 2015 Week 6 - Ranking the Top 4

X Factor UK 2015 Week 6 – Ranking the Top 4

Last week on the X Factor, we lost early frontrunners 4th Impact. Who would have guessed week 1 that they wouldn’t be the last group standing? Certainly not me. But after the botched whistle note on I’ll Be There, I couldn’t justify them staying. They just weren’t individual enough to stand out and for me to connect with. They are certainly extremely talented, but for me, they are not a devastating loss.

So here are my predictions for the semi final. Not what I want to happen (i.e. Louisa 1st, Che 2nd, Lauren 3rd, Reggie ’n’ Bollie 4th) but what I think will happen. This is painful to type for one reason (cough cough #2 cough cough). But let’s power on through this! Let me know what you think will happen in the comments, I enjoy reading and responding!

  1. Louisa Johnson – Even when she was noticeably sick, Louisa still sounded better than 4th Impact, Reggie ’n’ Bollie (duh) and arguably Lauren. Her performance of Jealous, for me, stole the show. And Love Yourself was great too, until she choked at the last note. Honestly, until the last note of Love Yourself I couldn’t tell that anything was wrong with Louisa’s voice. That’s how amazing she is. The judges continue to praise her like crazy, and unlike with #2 on this list, the praise is well deserved. Louisa is a star in the making, and if anyone else wins it will be a massive upset. I feel like I type the same thing for her every week, but it doesn’t matter. She’s that good. Hopefully Simon gives her the right songs for her first album and she can soar.
  2. Reggie ’n’ Bollie – Ugh. I still don’t get it. They sound awful every week. They do the same type of performance every week. The judges still love them, with Simon saying they won round 1, and Rita calling them credible somehow. At this point, they will probably make the top 2. But I refuse to think they have a shot at winning the show. They are too polarizing, and – again – they can’t sing. Wagner was far more entertaining then these two. He was genuinely hysterical to watch. And he wasn’t a threat to any of the great acts. Reggie ’n’ Bollie will probably outlast several acts with serious talent. In fact, they already have. Seann and Monica could sing way better than these two, and I’d argue Seann was the most entertaining contestant of the entire top 13. If you like them, good for you. I’m glad they are entertaining somebody so my suffering isn’t in vain.
  3. Che Chesterman – Che got extremely lucky last week. After forgetting the lyrics to the most famous song in the world right now, he still escaped the bottom 2. Some say it was pity votes. I say it was his second performance, which was pretty close to perfection. He showed charisma, great vocals, and got a worthy 4 judge standing ovation. I’ll add that the second half of Hello that he remembered sounded great as usual. Che needs to pull off a miracle to escape the sing off this week. But if (when) he is in the sing off, I do think he will be saved over Lauren by the judges, unless we get another performance like Hello.
  4. Lauren Murray – Despite charting the highest of anyone on iTunes, and delivering what were in my opinion two of her best performances so far, Lauren was in the bottom 2 last week. I loved her tone on the second song, and I didn’t get the criticism of the first song – I thought it was great too. She sang extremely well in the sing-off, probably delivering her best performance to date on Vision of Love. And luckily, she got saved. But I now have lost confidence that she will make the final. The judges aren’t as enthusiastic about her as they are about Che. Barring a surprise deadlock or another catastrophe from Che, I can’t see her making it to Wembley.

My Favorite Performances of the Week

  1. Louisa – Jealous
  2. Che – Try A Little Tenderness
  3. Louisa – Love Yourself
  4. Lauren – You Don’t Own Me
  5. Lauren – Firestone
  6. 4th Impact – Fancy/Rich Girl
  7. Ché – Hello
  8. 4th Impact – I’ll Be There
  9. Reggie ’n’ Bollie – Dynamite
  10. Reggie ’n’ Bollie – Watch Me

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