X Factor UK – Boot Camp – Part 2

ETA: Videos added!
Tonight TOP 32 ( 4 categories x 8 ) will be unveiled. But first, the judges will manufacture 6 NEW GROUPS. Yeah. Let’s hope there is at least one group with the potential to be this year’s One Direction.

Ooops, we are late. For some reason, tonight’s show started half an hour earlier than usual.

Final challenge: Performance in front of 5000 people at Wembley arena

David Wilder – Edge of Glory
He certainly isn’t on the edge of glory… the audience boooos. And now some are clapping because he shut up.

Chrissie Pitt stands on the judges’ table and screams at the judges … Yep, she blew it.

And then there is some guy singing “Survivor” (Destiny’s Child) and dancing flamenco?

Kendro – They are rapping, I don’t recognize the song.

Kitty Brucknell
Omg her eyelashes! She sings Feeling Good. She is wearing something Britney Spears would wear on tour and screams. At the end, the lights in her her outfit start flashing. Never mind the screaming, the audience gives her a standing ovation. Well …

Frankie Cocozza – “Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls
It’s passable, but his vocal limitations are clearly showing. He is really trying hard. The audience loves him.

James Michael
Another average bloke, the girls love him.

Joe Cox
His “Iris” is a little better, but damn, I hate this affected “Aiden Grimshaw” delivery. It’s so 2010.

The Keys
They suck this time, but the females in the audience go crazy again. Whatever.

Goldie Cheung – “Feeling Good”
Well, this certainly is original. She climbs on the piano and shows everyone her panties. Then she chases Gary around the arena. Poor guy can’t believe she is still in the competition, but Kelly loves her.

Nu Vibe – manufactured boyband
They look kinda good together and the judges see that. “They have the look.” And that’s all that really matters, really. They sing “Grenade” by Bruno Mars. Hmm, I think these guys are fast learners. The audience goes crazy. Yup, I think these 5 will be this year’s One Direction. It’s incredible what being in a boyband can do for you.

More manufactured girlbands and boybands. Two girlbands bomb, but the others have potential.

Terry Winstanley
“One” by U2. He butchers the lyrics. Zzzzz

Janet Devlin – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing (Aerosmith)
Ugh, I think this song is totally too big for her, but the judges and everyone in the arena think she’s brilliant?

In a flash:
Lascel Wood
Johnny Robinson – “Feeling Good”
Craig Colton
Samantha Brookes

Okay, time for the results:

TOP 32
GIRLS – Kelly Rowland

  • Amelia Lily
  • Misha Bryan
  • Holly Repton
  • Sian Phillips Replaced by Sarah Watson due to visa issues
  • Janet Devlin
  • Jade Richards
  • Sophie Habibis
  • Melanie McCabe

BOYS – Gary Barlow

  • Joe Cox
  • Frankie Cocozza
  • Luke Lucas
  • John Wilding
  • Marcus Collins
  • Max Vickers
  • James Michael
  • Craig Colton

OVERS – Louis Walsh

  • Kitty Brucknell
  • Samantha Brookes
  • Joseph Gilligan
  • Goldie Cheung
  • Johnny Robinson
  • Carolynne Poole
  • Jonjo Kerr
  • Terry Winstanley

GROUPS – Tulisa Contostavlos

  • The Lovettes
  • Girl V Boy
  • The Keys
  • Nu Vibe
  • 2 Shoes
  • The Risk
  • Estrella
  • Girlband manufactured from two previously manufactured girlbands

Oh look, they manufactured another girlband on the spot from 2 previously manufactured girlbands!

You are in, you are out, you are in, but in a group, you are out, you are in, but in another group!

Videos from TheXFactorUK’s YouTube channel:

  • Misha Bryan takes to the stage – WATCH
  • The Wilder-man is back to rock out – WATCH
  • Kitty’s outfit is all set to WOW – WATCH
  • Frankie’s back and so is his bum – WATCH
  • Goldie offers her all — and them some! – WATCH
  • Time for the new Groups to shine – WATCH
  • Terry’s taking his chance like a man – WATCH
  • Janet’s all set for sweet success – WATCH
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