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Astro is eliminated
Drew is eliminated

Holy crap. So, I called that elimination wrong.  I can’t believe they got rid of Drew in order to save Marcus Canty?  Maybe I need to rethink this. It’s not about America’s vote. It’s not even about judges trying to pick the best act. It’s about judges feuding amongst themselves, and trying to get the upper hand. And it’s all about good TV–the kind of moments that will bring X Factor buzz.

My knee jerk reaction to Drew’s dismissal at the hands of LA, Paula and Nicole was to think it was all a conspiracy–that the whole thing was scripted.  After all, X Factor across the pond thrives on continuous controversy.  It’s the most popular show in the country over there, and the tabloid press literally feeds off it.

With ratings here in the US respectable but not spectacular, and very little buzz, maybe it was time to create a controversy.  Simon’s got 3 girls, maybe he was willing to give one up for the team.

Or maybe the judges are really cut-throat and out to get each other. How unfair and annoying would it be for Simon to have 3 acts in the Top 5?  So the rest of the panel socked it to him.

Meanwhile, there is a young, terrified 14 year old, hanging in the balance.  A girl with real talent who should have had the opportunity to go farther.  I mean Marcus? He hasn’t performed well in the past few weeks. And was he kidding with that old fashioned sing out song? Gladys Knight? SERIOUSLY NOW.

You can call Drew boring, but I think she’s got a unique and marketable quality.  Both of them had pretty terrible sing-outs tonight. But, if you judge the two overall for the entire season, Drew deserved to stay.

But on the other hand, watching her sob and cry on stage after she was eliminated, like the kid that she is–maybe it’s best she go home.

To sum it up? I wasn’t entertained by tonight’s events.  It’s too much about the freaking judges and not enough about the contestants.   X Factor has got a real negative vibe that makes it unpleasant to watch.  It’s like one of those horrible dating shows –but at least on sh*tty reality fare like The Bachelorette the contestants are adults with, in reality, very little at stake.

In a competition reality show, it’s a person’s LIFE.  It’s the difference between making a living at the thing you love, and going back home with a broken dream. And there are children involved people. CHILDREN being used as pawns in some dumb game between the judges. All for the sake of good TV. DO NOT WANT NO NO NO.

Although I was attached to no one really, Drew was my favorite.  I don’t much care about the rest that are left.

A few words about Astro who had the lowest number of votes and was cut immediately. I thought he might hang in another week, but I can’t say I’m surprised.  I don’t think America is ready for a contestant who doesn’t sing on a show that’s mostly about singing.  His snotty meltdown a couple of weeks ago pretty much sealed his fate.  He’s going to get signed anyway, so it doesn’t matter really.

Drew might get signed by Simon, who is admitting he might have given her some bad advice.  Reportedly, he regrets not mixing up her song choices, and that maybe he should have listened and allowed Drew more creative input. To be honest, Simon has been a terrible mentor to those girls.  He’s got Melanie singing the most boring, old fashioned songs ever. I can’t even figure out what he’s doing with Rachel. I think that’s because he doesn’t have a clue either.  And Drew…she stopped surprising people.  In hindsight, she needed to come out of the box with something different in order to attract new fans. She suffered from the Daughtry syndrome I think. But in her case, she was at the mercy of a “mentor” who was supposed to do what was best for her.  Yuck.


The show opens with the Top 7 singing “Man in the Mirror”. Yep singing live. Chris Rene is especially off key.

Tonight? A Double Elimination! Who will go home?

But first? The useless recap. Simon says he “doesn’t have a clue what’s going to happen tonight” HA HA HA HA.

We can choose one of the two songs the Top 5 will sing next week. Hm. You can vote at TheXFactor.com.

Time for RESULTS.  The acts take the stage.   Results are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. Chris, Melanie and Rachel are safe.  Astro, Josh, Drew and Marcus still await their fate.

Hm. There could be a shocking shocking boot tonight. Because I think the judges would opt to save Drew or Astro over Josh.

Tinie Tempah, a UK rapper takes the stage to perform.

The final act going straight through is…Josh Krajcik. Drew, Astro and Marcus are left!  Marcus is TOAST.  Astro had the lowest number of votes! Thought he would squeak through tonight.  The judges would have saved him, if they could have.  America wasn’t ready for a rapper.

Aw, Poor Drew is so upset. Crying. Marcus says, “I’m just giving you my soul right now.”  Dead. Man. Walking.

Drew and Marcus will face off after the break.

Simon introduces Drew (Gee Simon, maybe you should have let her stand) She sings “Listen to Your Heart” by Roxette. She sounds shaky.

LA introduces Marcus. Before he begins singing, he wants to thank everyone. He says he’s humble. He sings the super-oldfashioned “Neither One of Us Wants to Say Goodbye”. Youch. This is not a good vocal. He’s over cooking it.  BUH BYE MARCUS!

The judges decision:

LA says he’s very torn, but he’s sending home Drew
Simon blames himself for Drew’s dilemma.He picked the wrong song. He’s sending home Marcus
Nicole is sending home Drew
Paula is sending home Drew

HOLY SHIT. Drew is crying her eyes out. Inconsolable. She begins to rant about God and her reason for being there, as if she felt finally free to discuss something she’d been told to keep to herself. I hope they’ve got somebody standing by to talk to her. She looks like she needs some therapy.


  • Chris Rene (TOLDJA)
  • Melanie Amaro
  • Rachel Crow
  • Josh Krajcik
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