X Factor – TCA Panel Tweet Recap

The X Factor Television Critics Association tour panel has wrapped up. No major revelations during the hour.  The X Factor schedule and announcement that the winner would star in a Super Bowl Pepsi spot can be found HERE.

Nevertheless, there are a few lulz to be had, like Simon Cowell’s professing a fear of 14 year olds, and his admission that Mariah would have been hired as a judge if she hadn’t gotten pregnant. Here is a tweet round up from today’s panel:

  • Hit Fix has a very thorough live blog which you can read HERE.

Attending the panel today: FOX reality chief, Mike Darnell, Judges Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul, and LA Reid, host Steve Jones and Simon Cowell by satellite.

Some highlights:

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“We don’t set out to be mean, it’s just in us.” – Simon on X FACTOR being perceived as meaner than IDOL

“We’ve had to say to the 14 year olds can you be kind to me because they are quite lippy. I was traumatized” says Simon.

“I could argue the case for five-six people to win this show, ” he says of any potential front-runners, but claims anything can happen.

Fox reality prez Mike Darnell says he’s not a fan of “Americanizing these British shows”

Does Simon still feel that the American public is never wrong, given how often the runner-up has outsold the “Idol” winner? “If I didn’t trust the public, then we wouldn’t have the audience vote in.” Says you have to be careful what kind of contestants you put in, wants it to be “a talent competition, not a popularity competition.” He still thinks audience will get it right.

“You don’t enter something for the silver medal.” – Simon on if he thinks X FACTOR will outperform IDOL in the ratings

L.A. Reid explaining how the “$5 million recording contract” prize will be broken down, given that there are recording costs, promotional costs, etc. Simon interrupts to explain that the winner is guaranteed $5 million in cash.

Simon on grand prize: “If I didn’t think the talent was worth $5million in America, I wouldn’t have made the show in America.”

“I didn’t have a problem with #TheVoice” says Simon

Paula on reuniting with Simon: “It’s nice to be back in a demented relationship. It’s home … we’re an old married couple.

“I think it’s more like The Exorcist 2” says Simon of reuniting with Paula

Abdul says Cowell has turned into a pussycat.

Abdul says some of the undiscovered talent they’ve seen supersedes a few of the big music stars going today.

“I sit differently, and that’s about all you’ll see different. You’ll get a real inside view without manipulation” says Paula

Simon allowing peeps w/previous contracts: “As Paula would know, I’m all for giving people comebacks. Everyone deserves a 3rd chance.”

Nicole compares Paula and Simon to Sonny and Cher

“Simon and Paula invented the game, ” says Scherzinger of learning from her costars.

Nicole Scherzinger quotes: “I was never ruthless until I met [Simon]. It takes a certain breed to survive in this business.”

Nicole: “I know exactly what [the contestants are] going thru, how much is at stake. It’s eaier to comment about it than to do it.” #XFactor

“If it was a question of not getting on with Paula then I wouldn’t be on the show, ” he says of rumors around Cheryl Cole’s departure.

Simon says Cheryl was more comfortable doing the UK show than the US

Simon spoke to Mariah Carey the other day about appearing on #XFactor. Would have been a judge but “selfishly got pregnant” #tcas11

“I wouldn’t have made the show if it wasn’t going to be different. The time is ready now. It’s a game changer” says Simon

“The idea there was ever going to be only one singing show in America is crazy” says Simon

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