X Factor Newark/BOR Auditions – Recap Roundup!

The X Factor Recap: Newark State of Mind

Warning: The following recap of Thursday night’s episode of The X Factor will not contain discussions about Guy With Hula-Hoop, Never Been Kissed, Lady Named “Cashmere, ” Inappropriately Sexual Duo, Madonna Fan With Regrettably Short T-Shirt, or Guy Who Single-handedly Destroyed Rent.

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The X Factor Recap: Finally, the End of Audition Road (Located Just Off Fake Suspense Avenue)

It’s the last night of auditions for The X Factor! And they wrap it up with a two-hour extravaganza that’s 40 percent montages of things that have happened in the last three shows, 40 percent slow motion shots of Nicole Scherzinger getting out of a helicopter, and 20 percent new people yelling at you. Seitan has a higher meat content than tonight’s X Factor. You know, I was eager to recap this show because I’ve rarely missed an episode of American Idol. But two weeks in, it dawns on me that I’ve also never watched an episode of American Idol in real time. Have you tried? You seriously almost can’t. The X Factor is no less a challenge. Without the power of fast forward, I feel like I’m serving some kind of jazzy jury duty.

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‘The X Factor’ recap: Final auditions find a few gems

Thank goodness “The X Factor” auditions are over. Though they were less grueling and tedious than audition rounds on many other shows (well-paced, they seemed to give somewhat gentler treatment to the seriously delusional), by Wednesday night’s final audition double-header all the “X Factor” hopefuls were starting to blend together in my mind’s eye to form one massive, melted, multiheaded monster of a singer.

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‘The X Factor’ recap: Hi. We’re in…Newark.

For the fourth and final auditions episode of The X Factor, cool Steve Jones and the Gang visited Newark (just across the river from the real city, they swear) and San Francisco. Most of the two hours was a whole lotta nothing, but there was a lovely montage at the end set to Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” that got me thinking about the movie Mannequin for awhile and really brightened up my evening. So maybe it was all worth it?


‘The X-Factor’ Season 1, Episode 4, Auditions: TV Recap

Final auditions for “The X-Factor, ” and since we’re seeing shots of the Empire State Building you’d think it was NYC—but no! it’s Newark! And there’s Bon Jovi, so it must be New Jersey. We’re told the competitors all have “New Jersey spirit, ” whatever that is.

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X Factor: The final auditions

Newark, and the final stop on the auditions. That means the real fun begins next week. SO READY.

First to the stage is 14-year-old Brian Bradley, whose intro involves picking a fight with Simon Cowell. It’s all part of the act. He launches into an original rap that’s loaded with charisma. I like this kid — equal parts Will Smith and Jay-Z. He gets four enthuiastic yes.es.

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‘X Factor’ Recap: This Viewer Has a Change of Heart

That’s what it seemed like Thursday night, on the last of the show’s audition episodes. Along with the quickened pace, the judges — Simon Cowell, the show’s creator; Paula Abdul; Nicole Scherzinger; and L.A. Reid — finally found a comfort zone in which they nicely combined a lot of silliness with a little snark. The episode, entertaining throughout, felt like a reward for those who slogged through the first three audition segments. And — I admit I wouldn’t have thought this was possible — it actually left me looking forward to next week. Maybe Mr. Cowell hasn’t lost his touch after all.

New York Times

‘X Factor’ Redux: 6 Surprise Performances From the Final Auditions (Video)

Fox’s The X Factor finished up it final audition episode in Newark and San Francisco. It was actually a surprisingly straightforward hour when it came to the talent, because you know these audition episodes can go off the rails very easily.

There were several very strong performers and then your normal mix of delusional people (cough, Devon Talley) who think they can sing.


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