X Factor Australia 5 – Results Week 5

Rock week ends with less of  bang and more of fizzle with these bottom two results. I got a lot of flack for my bottom two prediction of two of JTR, Joelle, and Jiordan Tolli last article. Lot of people said Joelle killed it, I saw a song that she connected to, but didn’t go anywhere melodically. I still contend that JTR got very very very lucky and will be out probably next week or at most the week after.



Two not particularly special save me performances. I think Joelle‘s biggest problem here is without being Good Question anymore, she had no idea who she was a solo artist. “A Thousand Miles” just happened and it wasn’t a particularly inspired song choice. Not that she did terrible by any stretch it wasn’t anything saving worthy. Jiordan Tolli did “Torn” to slightly better results. Cassie Henderson did this song way better on X Factor New Zealand. That being said Jiordan won the showdown AND the body of work leading up to this point. So in both cases the judges made the right choice in keeping Jiordan over Joelle. Redfoo and Jiordan need to sit down and look at things that worked “Thriller” “With or Without You” and things that didn’t work “Burn” “Dancing With Myself” and realize that Jiordan excels at these slightly dark slower songs. Random song suggestion for Jiordan, Florence + the Machine “My Boy Builds Coffins” or Lana Del Rey’s remix of “Summertime Sadness” that is making all the rounds on radio.


Thank you all so very much for your comments and reading along. I remember years a go wishing I could write for Mjsbigblog and here I am now for the second running. It is an honor and I take all your criticism with stride, but I also stand by my opinions.

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