Angie Miller is Shopping For a Record Deal, Moving to Los Angeles

Angie Miller reveals her post-Idol plans in a recent interview. The American Idol season 12 3rd place finisher is signed with 19Management, and is currently shopping for a record deal (UMG passed on signing her). She plans to move to Los Angeles in January.

What are your plans as far as a record deal, album, next single, studio time, moving to LA/Nashville?
Yes, I have been writing. I have a publishing deal. If, for some reason, singing didn’t happen, I can write and pitch songs to people. So, that is awesome to have.

I am in the works, right now, with my management to get signed. All the songs that I have written are going to be shopped to different labels and hopefully one of them will fall in love with the music and sign me.

We are waiting on one more song that I wrote in Nashville that I love. Once we get that, we are going to put together all the songs that we want to show to labels. Then, from there, we just go to all the labels, as many as we can. It looks like this will happen next week (this week). Then, it will be a waiting game.

As for moving, I plan to move to LA in early January. Right now, I have local events. There is a small Christmas tour in the works. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be hitting the East Coast. Hopefully, I will be signed by then and I can start recording, but if not, then I am going to continue to write as much as I can. I just want to keep busy.

Rumor about an album release in January?
I don’t think so. I really, really hope to put out a single as soon as possible, like February or March. I hope that because an album won’t be coming out in January, [the Dreamers] don’t get upset and stop following me. I think it is so important to keep having new stuff to show the fans.

Who is your manager?
My management is 19 Entertainment. They are with American Idol. Candace, Kree, Janelle and I got picked up [by] 19 Entertainment management. My manager is Jason Morey – he is awesome. My day-to-day manager is Ginger. They are such great people.

19M picked up the Top 5 sans Amber Holcomb (NO SURPRISE THERE). What all of them need right now is a good publicist. There is 0 buzz around ANY of them–especially Candice, who is supposedly releasing an album in TWO WEEKS.

TWO WEEKS! I have a feeling Candice’s album release date has been postponed, it just has not been announced yet. It’s still set for Oct 8 on Amazon, for what that is worth.

I hope it is postponed. Otherwise, UMG has washed their hand of her. Dropping an album with ZERO promotion is criminal.

Good luck to all the girls and may they quickly find record deals.

Via Jeanine O’Neil

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