X Factor Australia 4 – Week 7

Good day mate! It is time to get down with your grassroots and celebrate Oz week like a true Aussie with some X Factor Australia!


Miss Samantha Jade has really found her stride.  She hasn’t really ever delivered a bad performance per say, but some were definitely more boring than others, but this dance-pop scene lends itself to her semi-anonymous stage presence.  Samantha killed “Scream” last week with the dancing, the singing, the fun and this week was no different. Her “UFO” was epic.  I didn’t know this song pre-this show, but I definitely looked it up after it.  I want Samantha to be in the grand finale, but I just don’t know if it could happen, but if this was strictly based on talent and triple threat-ness Samantha would be there without question.


I’ve given miss Shiane Hawke a lot of flack the last couple of weeks because of her age, but on this 2002 track “Shine” Shiane well shines.  There was nothing special about this song or anything, but Shiane sounded so comfortable on this song.  It felt age appropriate, the setting was cute, and if Shiane is going to be the final 3, I would prefer she be delivering this type of performance.  I don’t think she deserves to be there still honestly, but if she came into the competition performing like this I may have thought differently.


What is Ronan doing?  This song for The Collective lacked any sense of bite.  They didn’t sound bad by any means, but they didn’t sound like they enjoyed it all that much.  What made “Domino” so special was that the song itself was fun and the stage presence took it to the next level.  I think Ronan is lucky that they have a strong fanbase, because truth be told I would have put this performance in the bottom two this week.  I want The Collective to win, but I don’t see how they can do this with boring tracks like this.


Nathaniel Willemse tries so freaking hard every week.  Too hard in fact.  Like the advice on the Glee Project, you cannot try to be sexy, you just are when you don’t try.  Nathaniel tries so freaking hard, and I just don’t connect with that.  The best thing about this performance was the red string section.  Despite the praise from the judges I didn’t think this performance was anything more than drab.


Miss Bella Ferraro narrowly escaped bottom two hell against Fourtunate last week, and shockingly Natalie gave her a great song to rebound with.  Who knew?  Natalie two solid song choices in one night?  I know like Oh My Guy Sebastian.  I couldn’t really understand the words Bella was saying during the performance, but for me that didn’t really matter,  I thought she sounded like an angel sent unto from the heaven’s above!   I would like to see Bella in my final 3 and I believe it is more possible than seeing Samantha Jade so we’ll find out.


How can you just not love Jason Owen?  How can it be done?  Jason is such an honest, hardworking bloke.  Logically Jason should not win, have a successful recording career, etc, etc.  But Jason has a certain X Factor that could truthfully change all that.  His psuedo-country hardworking scene could propel not only to the final 3, but to win this whole she-bang, and I am ok with that.

Bottom Two




Just being honest neither Nathaniel or Samantha tried that hard during their bottom two showdown.  They sounded fine, but in terms of performance, they did nothing to try and save themselves.  I am glad Samantha survived though.  Samantha deserves that spot in the final 3, and at least now she is one step closer.  Ideal top 3: The Collective, Bella Ferraro, Samantha Jade.  Probable top 3: The Collective, Jason Owen, Shiane Hawke.  Thanks for reading and make sure to sign off in the comments section!

Bonus vid for the mixers!