X-Factor 3: Top 16 Power List

For this week, I’m ranking the X-Factor contestants in their categories, as they aren’t up against the other contestants yet.

1) Carlos Guevera- Since the judges are still deciding this week, I think Carlos is the most safe. He tends to choose safe songs in his wheelhouse, and the judges seem to still be inspired by him. I can’t see him being sent home this week. I don’t know about how America will react to him. I don’t think he’s a pop star, and I don’t think he can win.

2) Josh Levi- He’s a plant, and he has potential. His performance to get into the Top 4 boys wasn’t great, but with some real coaching this week, he might be able to perform something that makes him look like a star again (like he did with his audition).

3) Carlito Olivero- Yes, Carlito is probably the weakest vocalist, but he’s also current. If X-Factor is really looking for a pop star, they’d be better off keeping Carlito over Tim, who has zero potential as a recording artist (other than to pursue some quasi-Josh Groban career).

4) Tim Olstad- This just isn’t his competition. He’d do better on The Voice, or even American Idol. But for a show that tends to excessively makeover their contestants, as well as put heavy production values into their performances, Tim is just out of his league. He’s not Tate Stevens either. Paulina already sent him home once, I think she’ll have no choice but to cut him again tonight.

1) Danie- In a much stronger category, Danie has been consistent now both times we’ve seen her. Her cool voice, and cool vibe should keep her alive not just this week, but throughout the competition. I think she’s a contender.

2) Ellona Santiago- I think Ellona is probably the best singer in her category, in terms of her god given instrument. I’m not fully sure if she knows what to do with it yet. She didn’t blow me away last week, and seemed to just eek into the final four. Hopefully she can change that perception this week.

3) Rion Paige- I don’t think she’s a great singer. Luckily for her, I think Khaya Cohen is forgettable, and Rion will score the final girls slot. As far as her longevity in the competition? I just wish she was a better singer.

4) Khaya Cohen- I literally forgot who she was until I made this list. I think she’s an alright singer, who is completely forgettable as a performer. I think she’s the most likely to go home tonight, even if she isn’t the worst singer tonight.

OVER 25’s:
1) Lillie McCloud- There is literally no chance that Lillie is going home tonight.

2) Rachel Potter- I know. I’m crazy. She was terrible last week. Rachel is actually a good singer, and incredibly polished. I think she’ll turn it around this week, and get Kelly’s vote. Whether or not America will vote for her is a completely different story.

3) James Kenney- I think the battle tonight is between James and Jeff. They are similar in style, and essentially share a fanbase. It would be a strategic decision to drop one of them, and I think Jeff is the weaker of the two.

4) Jeff Gutt- It’s almost a toss-up, honestly, but I think Kelly has to let one of the two boys go tonight. Stylistically, they are too similar to both stay in the competition.

WOW. I forgot the groups in my first post.


1) Restless Road- They’re basically the only group that I think deserve to be in the top 4 groups. I would have cut the others. I think Simon likes them, and I think they’re safe.

2) Alex and Sierra- Who knows if they’ll go very far, but they seem to know what style of music works well for them, and they’ll probably skate through this week.

3) Sweet Suspense- I think Simon will keep his manufactured trio, that should have been cut, over his non-manufactured group. Sadly. I would have cut these girls and kept Girls United (or even the mildly entertaining Wild Thingz).

4) Roxxy Montana- Unless the other two girls in the group learned how to sing, they probably should have just let their sister compete as a solo act. I don’t think they’re strong enough to stay, especially when Simon tends to favor his manufactured groups.

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