X Factor 3 Top 12 Poll Results and Predictions

Here we go! X Factor Top 12 Poll results and predictions!

But first, make sure to read Sir Mac’s Live Blog, with results and his predictions HERE.

Here are your picks for favorite contestant. Personally, I would rank Josh Levi in the #1 position. I have ragged on him in the past, but he has vastly improved since returning as a wild card. It’s too bad the kid has the worst mentor ever, Paulina Rubio, shaping his performances.

Last night’s performances were generally mediocre, but I think it had a lot to do with song choice, terrible arrangements, and cheesy staging. It was striking how much better the singers were when performing stripped down save me songs last week.

I can’t get with  Alex and Sierra. I find them kind of creepy, to be honest. Weird instrumentation (what was with the harp?) and staging (why was Sierra singing a duet in another ROOM separated from her partner? WTF.) didn’t help.

Khaya–a singer I’ve liked in the past, was off pitch and sang with weirdly distracting vocal inflections. Rion was off pitch through most of her performance. She didn’t seem to quite understand what she was singing. Simon comparing Jeff Gutt’s performance to Spinal Tap was spot on. Restless Road appeared to be singing in 3 different keys. (the groups in general relied too much on canned backing tracks. CHEATING SIMON)

Rachel Potter was solid, until she decided to take a page from the Danny Gokey song book and scream a note. I’m so glad my cat wasn’t in the room with me. AND NO DEMI RACHEL DID NOT SING THAT SONG BETTER THAN CARRIE UNDERWOOD. But in fairness to Demi, she seemed to be speaking hypothetically as if she had no idea Carrie performed the song on Idol, let alone NAILED it. It’s ironic that Simon praised Carrie’s performance at the time rather than snit that she should have performed a country song. Hm.

Favorite Performance

  1. Alex and Sierra– Addicted To Love 33.99%
  2. Josh Levi– Straight Up 16.56%
  3. Khaya Cohen– Borderline 10.46%
  4. Ellona Santiago-I Wanna Dance With Somebody 9.8%
  5. Rachel Potter– Alone 7.84%
  6. Restless Road– Footloose 6.32%
  7. Jeff Gutt– I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight 5.88%
  8. Lillie McCloud– Ain’t Nobody 2.83%
  9. Sweet Suspense– Hey Mickey 2.83%
  10. Rion Paige– We Belong 1.74%
  11. Tim Olstad– Against All Odds 1.31%
  12. Carlito Olivero– Rhythm Is Gonna Get You 0.44%

And now for the guys who will probably be eliminated tonight. I think we all agree. Tim Olstad should never have advanced in the first place. He’s a decent singer, but has no stage presence whatsoever. He looked uncomfortable and awkward as some random chick inexplicably performed an interpretive dance in front of him. What was that. Again with the bizarre staging. Unless grannies who think he’s adorable are out voting in full force, or he gets pity votes in wake of the judges drubbing of his performance–he’s gone.

And Carlito Olivero performed early and also received negative critiques. Dude needed to relax up there. But he probably won’t get another chance. And the Worst Mentor in the World, Paulina, will be left with only Josh Levi to torture.

Who is going home?

  1. Tim Olstad 44.14%
  2. Carlito Olivero 26.68%
  3. Rion Paige 9.23%
  4. Lillie McCloud 7.98%
  5. Khaya Cohen 2.49%
  6. Restless Road 2.49%
  7. Sweet Suspense 1.75%
  8. Jeff Gutt 1.5%
  9. Rachel Potter 1.25%
  10. Ellona Santiago 1.25%
  11. Josh Levi 0.75%
  12. Alex and Sierra 0%

And now for favorite judge. Interesting that Demi is no longer topping the list. Is the Simon/Demi frenemy dynamic beginning to annoy some of you. And of course–Paulina is dead last.

Favorite Judge

  1. Kelly Rowland 45.48%
  2. Simon Cowell 26.86%
  3. Demi Lovato 24.47%
  4. Paulina Rubio 3.19%

Carlos Guevera leaving the show was fair. Funny thing. When the song spoilers surfaced on iTunes, Carlos was nowhere to be found. His song, “Mad World,” finally surfaced on iTunes at around 7:30 pm– about 90 minutes later than the others. Everyone speculated that he had been eliminated.  A total oopsie on the producers’ part. Basically, the elimination was telegraphed ahead of time.  I am not sad we were spared Carlos’s take on the Tears for Fears classic. ETA: It turns out Carlos’ song may not have turned up on iTunes because his name was spelled wrong.  

Did the right person go home?

  1. Yes 89.4% (270 votes)
  2. No 10.6% (32 votes)

By the way, I heard that the songs could be seen charting on iTunes for awhile. But none of them reached the Top 50 of the overall chart.

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