X Factor 2 – Top 10 Results and VIDEOS

Arin Ray is eliminated
Beatrice Miller is eliminated

Yeah. That was worse than I even imagined. Rachel Crow part 2. When is Simon going to figure out that 13 is TOO YOUNG for most kids to handle the pressure of a reality competition? At least in Rachel’s case, she seemed to have a stable family situation to fall back on. I maintain that Beatrice, with her obvious family issues, should have been told to come back and audition when she was a little older. Simon cutting her now as an act of mercy is too little too late.

But really, the reason Simon cut Beatrice? CeCe is great TV. Saving her again and again, to enable her to caterwaul another day all over the X Factor stage, is just about all this competition has to offer in the way of entertainment.

There are remaining contestants who are talented. But as long as the producers keep choosing horrible songs to produce horribly, the talents of finalists like Carly Rose, Tate Stevens and Vino Alan will be wasted.

Speaking of which–the top 3 remained the same, as many of us predicted, with Tate and Carly switching position. Many of us got the bottom 3 correct too. Well not me. I assumed CeCe would be safe, while Paige would be the first to go. It turned out, Paige didn’t even have to sing for her life. I suspect the harsh critiques she got from the judges–including her own mentor–nabbed her some pity votes.

Emblem3 is slowly creeping up the charts. Expect them to continue to lose the swagger as the boys continue to shift to pop rock. They won’t win, but maybe they’ll make the finals if they continue to gain momentum.


Gobble gobble! Two X Factor finalists are about to have the greatest Thanksgiving of their LIVES as they get booted out of the competition. Hooray! I’m sure they will be very grateful afterward.

Plus, Cher Lloyd performs. She doesn’t care about working on Thanksgiving. She’s British!

The eliminations will begin as SOON as the football game finishes up.


We’ll be revealing the rankings once again tonight!

First a recap of last night cry-fest. THERE WAS NO END TO THE CRYING. That’s pretty much all you need to know about last night.

WHOO. After the break, a BIG THANKSGIVING SURPRISE from the contestants. Hoping hoping hoping it’s a super-lulzy group number.

Next week, Britney Spears new music video debuts. Yay?

The finalists head off to a local Los Angeles middle school, where they gather in the assembly hall. SURPRISE! It’s the X Factor finalists. I’M SURE YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE. Yay. Best Buy is going to completely re-do their music room. Oh yay. The choir kids will be ripped away from their families on Thanksgiving to perform with the finalists! NO TURKEY FOR YOU.

In typical creative fashion, the finalists sing a song that nobody ever has. “Fix You” by Coldplay. /sarcasm.  Beatrice introduces the choir. Confetti falls on their heads.


Now after all that feel good fun? The first act act to go home will be announced after the break!

By the way. X Factor began broadcasting at 8 pm. It’s airing on time in Canada. We’re about 17 minutes behind.

Back from break. The first act going home is….Arin Ray. The first Teen is eliminated. Britney doesn’t seem all that broken up. Arin seems pretty chill himself though. He leaves with a big smile.

Here comes Cher Lloyd to sing “Oath”. 3 MILLION RECORDS SOLD WORLD WIDE. Whoo. I’m sorry. This chick gets on my last nerve.

After the break, we find out who made it into the Top 8.

The remaining acts and their mentors take the stage. The results are in no particular order. The rankings will be revealed later. Paige is TOTALLY shocked she’s through. Beatrice looks like she’ll have a nervous breakdown.

The Top 8

Diamond White
Vino Alan
Carly Rose Sonenclar
5th Harmony
Tate Stevens
Paige Thomas
Emblem 3

Beatrice Miller
and CeCe Frey are in the bottom 2 and will have to sing for survival. Cripes. CeCe had to console Beatrice while Britney stood there like a zombie.

CeCe Frey sings “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson. and she’s as God awful and pitchy as ever. OMG. She is hilarious. Like a Vote for the Worst dream.

Beatrice Miller sings “White Flag” by Dido. She’s sobby all the way through it. Honestly, this girl needs to go home before she suffers more emotional damage. Watching her sing is horrible. Please stop torturing her NOW.

The judges decide whom to send home

Demi sends home Beatrice Miller.
Britney sends home CeCe Frey
LA sends home Beatrice Miller
Simon sends Beatrice home as basically a mercy kill. Thank god.

ARE YOU OK BEATRICE, Khloe asks her. What do you think, you dumb beyotch. She’s sobbing. Britney is just standing next to poor Beatrice with absolutely no affect. It’s creepy. Beatrice apologizes to her sister. It’s so sad that she feels responsible for the well being of her family. She’s only 13. It’s heartbreaking.

Back from break, it’s time to reveal the vote rankings. THAT WAS SERIOUSLY SO HEART WRENCHING FOR ME, yells Robo-Khloe. Demi was crying because she was so relieved that CeCe and Paige made it through to the Top 8.  Never mind the 13 year old who nearly had a nervous breakdwon. There was less than a half a percent difference between 4th (Emblem 3) and 3 (Vino Alan). LA thought Vino would be #1 this week.

Mario just called Carly “Carly Rose Sonenblurg. LULZ.

Vote Rankings

1. Carly Rose
2. Tate Stevens
3. Vino Alan
4. Emblem3
5. Diamond White
6. Paige Thomas
7. Fifth Harmony
8. CeCe Frey

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