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THE X FACTOR: Top 7 Performance: Astro performs in front of the judges on THE X FACTOR airing on Wednesday, Nov. 30 (8:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Ray Mickshaw / FOX.

Michael Jackson is always a tough theme. So much to go wrong, and tonight on X Factor, it did quite often. Seven performances to stretch out in 90 minutes meant ample time for fake-fighting amongst the judges.

The Simon/Nicole dust-ups are particularly inane and obviously scripted. How could the producers possibly think we care at all whether Drew stands up or sits down during her performance? I would prefer to see a panel with camaraderie, rather than one that behaves like their on the WWF. I don’t WANT a competition show that’s about rivalry between the judges. It shouldn’t be about the judges AT ALL. And that’s part of the problem with X Factor. So many distractions to keep us from bonding with the contestants.

As it stands for me now, there are a couple that I like. Drew is my favorite. But I don’t care if she wins. I don’t feel invested in this show at all.

So, Michael Jackson’s family was in the audience. His kids looked alternately bored, confused and/or annoyed. Poor kids having to be dragged to this nonsense. Katherine Jackson seemed like the robot version of Mama Jackson. Wind her up and she’ll say the right thing. How the heck did Simon get them in the audience? Well congrats I guess. And yet one more thing to distract from the contestants.

Tonight’s best performances were from Drew and Melanie, who both had very good vocals. Everybody else was average to bad. Chris Rene wouldn’t last a second on Idol. He simply can’t sing, and his raps are average. I realize that Astro writes clever rhymes, but rapping, unintelligibly on top of a Michael Jackson track IS NOT PERFORMING A MICHAEL JACKSON SONG. Really, Astro should try ACTUALLY COVERING A SONG ONCE IN AWHILE LIKE THE REST OF THE CONTESTANTS.

Simon has no idea what to do with Rachel, as the only decent performances she’s had have been songs she’s chosen herself.

I’m guessing MJ is the first and probably the last artist tribute we’ll have for X Factor. Next week we’ll be back to vague themes that allow the judges to pick whatever the hell they want.

Live blogging the X Factor Top 7 Live performance show here! It’s Michael Jackson night. Will the contestants rise to the challenge?

Steve Jones assures us that Simon won’t be kicking Paula off the show, just because her acts are all gone! There’s still a lot of judging to do.

Oh. The Jackson brothers are here. Marlon, Tito and Jackie. Michael’s kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket and mom Katherine ALSO IN THE HOUSE.

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Josh Krajcik – Nicole Scherzinger – Over 30s – “Dirty Diana” – Josh loved Michael when he was a little kid. He’s busting out the guitar this week. Josh admits that Michael is out of his comfort zone.   Josh’s performance was solid, but I don’t see how it was out of his comfort zone.  Dirty Diana has got a rock vibe.  He performed with dancers, but he didn’t have to dance himself. And although he barely played it, he had his guitar with him, like a security blanket. LA: First time I’ve seen you really step out of your comfort zone. You landed on your feet.  Paula: You learned how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. Simon: As a spectacle is was great. You were overproduced. You got lost in the choreography. This is not you. It’s what Nicole wants you to be. Nicole:  Simon we like to take risks on this show.  I’m so proud of him.– 1-855-843-9301 Text vote to 9301

Astro – LA Reid – Boys – – “Black and White” – Astro wrote his first song at 9. Mom and Step pops…stage parents! Whatever Astro is doing here? It’s kind of a hot mess. Astro…rapping over “Black And White” does NOT = an MJ song. Dancers behind him wearing kilts. Astro done up in MJ-style military garb. That was pretty bizarre. Nicole: That was bad! Not her favorite performance, but she liked the lyrics. Paula: I think you’re extraordinary. Your words are important. You’re are future, past and present. I think you could win this competition. Simon: That’s what someone your age should be doing. You deserve to be here. LA: I’m proud of you. I like that the Jackson family is proud of you. I couldn’t be happier for you. – 1-855-843-9302 Text vote to 9302

Katherine is pretending that she actually watches the show.

Drew – Simon Cowell – Girls – “Billie Jean” – Simon is proud of Drew for standing up to LA. Now, Drew is standing up to Simon. She wants to stand, Simon wants her to sit. Rhu Rho. It’s a slowed up version of “Billie Jean”. Haven’t we heard this somewhere before? Somewhere… Drew performs it with piano and very little accompaniment. It’s a very haunting vocal, made all the more intriguing by singing from the point of view of a man. Drew was totally in the zone tonight. A very good, focused performance. LA: I’m in a naughty mood. You took Billie Jean. You made it your own. It pains me to say it, but I liked it. Nicole: I like you. ???? Nicole is ridiculous. She begins arguing with Simon about the chair. She liked Drew’s singing, but felt Simon could have done more. Paula: This was your best vocal performance. She thinks Drew’s performance should have been more visual. She begs Drew to do an uptempo. Simon: Says her acts are out of the competition because of too much dancing. Then he begins arguing with Nicole. This is so lame. – 1-855-843-9303 Text vote to 9303

Rachel Crow – Simon Cowell – Girls – “Can You Feel It” – Ugh. Once again, Simon picks a horrible song for Rachel. It’s amazing she hasn’t been voted off with so many uneven performances. She tried her best to do the dance steps and sing a song that clearly wasn’t suited to her vocals. The exertion was causing her to go off pitch in spots. Simon needs to pick tunes that highlight her bluesy vocals. Rachel can sing, but you’d barely know it from the craptacular productions she’s forced to perform. LA: I didn’t believe you were really having a great time. I love you, but that wasnt’ the best I’ve seen you. Rachel says she loved it as much as she could. Nicole: Says she didn’t feel the connection to what was happening on stage. Paula: Didn’t think it was a great song choice. Simon: It’s obviously anti-Simon night! He tells her she looks like a pop star. (But they were right Simon) – 1-855-843-9304 Text vote to 9304

Marcus Canty – LA Reid – Boys – “Pretty Young Thing (PYT)” – Marcus is no Usher–the artist he was REALLY emulating–performing to an arrangement that featured some club ready beats (eta: apprently “DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again). But it was a good performance, complete with a flashy back flip. I agree with Simon–the vocals were off. He was out of breath and off pitch at times. But most performers who dance aren’t singing live. Nicole: I love you PYT. I hope America appreciates you. You’re the whole package..Paula: What a beutiful homage to MJ. You left it all out there. You are the whole package. The entertainer of the show. Simon: The vocals weren’t very good. Simon is calling out his vocals? Some contestants don’t even sing. LA: Inventive arrangement of the song. – 1-855-843-9305 Text vote to 9305

The Final 5 will sing two songs next week. And we get to help choose. EEP.

Chris Rene – LA Reid – Boys – “I’ll Be There” – Chris’s grandfather co-wrote “Rocking Robin”. Chris continues to be TERRIBLE. Ugh. These vocals are awful. Excruciatingly off pitch. That last note? Eye yi yi. And this hip-hop arrangement SUCKS. He breaks with a rap at the bridge. Did he write this himself? It’s mediocre. He looks bad next to Astro, who is a much better writer. Nicole: I felt your spirit tonight. It was so beautiful. You sounded the best you’ve ever sang. Paula: You manifest with abundance in the heart department.She thinks Chris needs to write his own songs. Simon: You’re going to have a really tough week. I felt it at the end. You’re going to need a lot of support from your hometown. LA: You know you are the truth. Great job. – 1-855-843-9306 Text vote to 9306

Melanie Amaro – Simon Cowell – Girls – “Earth Song” – Melanie has gone Island for good! Listen to that accent. Weird she was faking it for so long.  Personally, I don’t think this is a great Michael Jackson song–the lyrics are trite and the melody bombastic–but Melanie sings the hell out of it. She’s got quite an instrument. Still not feeling a ton of star power from her yet, though.  LA: For one second I forgot that we were in a competition. You were amazing. May be the best of the night.Nicole: It was one of the best performances I’ve seen on the entire show. Paula: It was flawless. You nailed it. Simon: I could not be more proud. I couldn’t think of a better way to pay tribute. – 1-855-843-9307 Text vote to 9307

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