Who Won The Masked Singer Season 8 Finale Harp or Lambs?

Who won The Masked Singer Season 8 Finale? The Harp Amber Riley
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Who Won The Masked Singer Season 8 Finale Harp or Lambs?

Who Won The Masked Singer Season 8? Fans find out tonight. Nick Cannon hosts, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger sit on the judges panel.

A new format means only ONE mask survived every week. Now, only two celebrity masks remain: The singing trio Lambs and big voiced Harp. The female acts–the first in the show’s history–will face off for The Masked Singer golden trophy.

Both contestants will be unmasked tonight. The first hour is a season recap. We won’t be covering filler. So, see you at 9 pm ET!

Tonight, the finalists will perform two songs: One that has personal meaning, and the other a pop classic!

Harp – Song that has personal meaning

The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga – Harp’s world class vocals should ensure she wins The Masked Singer. Once again, the big voice belter effortlessly delivers a powerhouse performance. Jenny goes for the hyperbole–the best performance on the show EVAH! Ken is convinced Harp is Jennifer Hudson. First, Jennifer is too big a star to compete on this popsicle stand. And vocally, it’s so obviously not JHud. Robin guesses Yvette Nicole Brown. Ken’s all GOOD GUESS as if he wouldn’t know his former Community co-star! Nicole guesses Amber Riley, who was famously turned down by American Idol (a clue early on). Jenny guesses Jordin Sparks. Again, doesn’t sound anything like her. And she already appeared on the one-and-done Masked Dancer!

Lambs – Song that has personal meaning

I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan – PET SOUNDS VOLUME 2 is what they’ll call their next alum one says in their pre-package, joking about how they’ll release a record with a farm animal theme. FREAKING MAJOR CLUE Y’ALL. Speaking of that little clue, I thought for a minute they might pick a “family” song. This song choice is pretty corny! Lovely harmonies as usual. But. YAWN. Harp won that round, easily. Ken goes back to a really terrible guess, the Kardashians. NO KEN! OK then. Robin zooms in on the Pet Sounds clue and guesses Wilson Phillips. Nicole guesses The Chicks or Wilson Phillips.

Lambs – Pop Classic

I Want to Know What Love is by Foreigner – The trio discovered their “unique sound” as little girls. It’s in their blood! they said in the video package. The group sings the song alongside a string accompaniment. A contestant recently closed The Voice with this song! The harmonies are stunning. It’s a much better showing than their first performance. Interesting they aren’t closing out the solo performances. Jenny thinks they’ll win the show. “We would be so honored,” they say about winning. They want their “little lambs” at home to be proud.

Harp – Pop Classic

Gravity by John Mayer – More incredible vocals from Harp, which should totally win the season for her. She’s blowing the audience away right now. Lambs second song was pretty solid, but once again Harp is head and shoulders above the competition. Robin calls it “hands down one of the best songs we’ve ever heard on this stage,” adding “That was pure.” Aw. Harp’s shoulders are shaking. She’s crying! She goes on to say how much she admires all the judges. “It means a lot to be validated. I’ve been through a lot in this industry.”


Who Won The Masked Singer Season 8 Finale Harp or Lambs? We find out after the break. The panel and studio audience votes for the winner. And the winner of The Masked Singer Season 8 is….Harp! She receives her Golden Masked Trophy.

But before she is unmasked, Lambs go first. Final guesses: Jenny: The Chicks. Ken: Kardashians Robin: Wilson Phillips Nicole: Wilson Phillips. And the Lambs are…Wilson Phillips. WELL DUH. “This thing was a trip,” says Carnie Wilson. They sing out with their massive 90s hit “Hold On.” They have a new song out tonight titled “Boyfriends.”

Now it’s time to unmask the winner! Final guesses. Robin: Yvette Nicole Brown Jenny: Jordin Sparks Ken: Jennifer Hudson Nicole: Amber Riley. And Harp is….Amber Riley! DOUBLE DUH! She loved allowing her talent to do the talking behind a mask. She tells her fans to go after the things that they want. Keep going! Amber sings out with “About Damn Time” by Lizzo.

Congratulations Amber

Good for Amber. Her career has been up and down since leaving Glee. She’s no stranger to winning talent shows. With Derek Hough as her partner, Amber won Dancing with the Stars season 17 back in 2013. In 2015 she had a key role in the NBC musical, The Wiz Live. But other than that, it’s been a bunch of random television and movie appearances. R&B radio doesn’t seem to want her. The Masked Singer was a natural fit for her after all those years of singing covers on Glee.

She makes a point about the music industry being tough on certain performers. One could argue that she was the best vocalist on Glee, yet Lea Michele got all the best solos. That dynamic was presented on Glee at one point, but without any irony. Producer Ryan Murphy really didn’t get how truly talented Amber was.

The Masked Singer season 9 begins in March. Get ready for that. Hopefully. producers change the format back to many celebrities performing multiple times. The new format, with only the Top 3 getting any meaningful screen time was not enjoyable to watch.

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