Survivor 43 Week 11 Recap and Live Blog

Survivor 43 Week 11 Recap
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The castaways return to camp after tribal council. Noelle was voted out, but Sami and Owen were excluded from the plan. Karla asks who voted for her, and Sami denies it was him. Sami says Gabler wrote down Karla’s name. No one believes him, but Sami later owns up to writing down Karla’s name. Meanwhile, Gabler tells Owen that Cody and Jesse flipped last second. Gabler feels like he’s in a good position since no one is targeting him. Owen feels like he’ll lose the game even if he makes it to the end of the game. He hasn’t voted with the majority, and he compares himself to Charlie Brown. He can’t kick the football, because his tribe members keep swiping it away from him.

The next morning, Sami is feeling down for being on the outs. He talks to Karla in the shelter. He lies and tells Karla that Cassidy was the first to throw out her name as a target. Karla is worried it could be true, even though it isn’t. Earlier, Karla shared with Cassidy that she has a hidden immunity idol. Cassidy seems to be loyal to Karla, but Karla is having doubts about whether or not she can trust Cassidy.

A visitor stops by their beach to give them a message. The castaways are informed that there is an advantage hidden in the jungle. Afterwards, everyone runs out into the jungle to find the advantage. We see Cassidy and Sami walk right past the advantage tied to a tree. Gabler gets them to walk in a group, but still no one can see it. Cody and Gabler walk right past it too. Eventually, Cody finally sees it. After Gabler walks away, Cody retrieves it. Cody reads the clue, and he has two chances to win immunity today. Before the challenge, he will bet on one of his tribe members. If the person he bets on wins immunity, then he will win immunity too.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will be tested to remain calm. They will be under a grated steel barrier while in the water. Every time there’s a swell, they will be submerged underwater and their breathing room decreases. The person who lasts the longest will win immunity. Before the challenge starts, Cody reveals his advantage. The person he bet on won’t be revealed until tribal council. The challenge begins, and Gabler is the first person out. Sami is out next. Jesse is out third. One hour later, Cody is out. After two hours into the challenge, Cassidy is the next one out. Three hours later, the tide has gone down. Karla and Owen are still in the water, but Jeff tells them they outlasted the challenge. As a result, Karla and Owen tied and both win immunity.

The castaways return to camp after tribal council. Cassidy feels disappointed in herself for not winning immunity. She asks Owen what he’s thinking about the vote, and he says Sami. Cassidy is worried people will target her since she’s close to Karla. Unbeknownst to Cassidy, Karla wants to target Cassidy tonight. She shares her idea with Sami, and Sami asks if it’s really true. Karla tells him it is. The plan goes around, and Jesse and Cody agree to vote out Cassidy now and Karla next time. However, Jesse wonders if they should target Sami instead. Jesse asks Karla her thoughts about voting out Cassidy, and she says she is on board. If Karla is willing to vote out Cassidy, then Cassidy must not be that important to her. Jesse also worries Sami could be a fire-making threat at the Final 4. Jesse talks to Owen later and proposes voting out Sami without telling Karla. Therefore, Karla and Cassidy will be at odds after tribal council. Later, Cody reveals in a confessional that he bet on Owen to win the challenge, so he’s safe tonight too. Jesse also discusses his plan to blindside Sami with Cody, but Cody is hesitant. He would rather vote out Cassidy tonight, but will he eventually agree to Jesse’s idea?

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff compares the high and low tides to the game of Survivor. He says they have to survive the game when the tide is high and low. He asks about the scramble before the vote, and Gabler shares that it was chaotic at camp. Karla says everyone is polite and open for business. Owen says he was left out last time, and can’t know for sure what’s going on. Sami also shares he was left out of the vote too. He calls himself a free agent, and it’s up to everyone else to decide if he stays or not. He can help out anyone that may need him. Jeff says it’s a good pitch, and Jesse says that’s why they have to consider everybody. Jeff asks them how do they get to the end? Cassidy says they need to analyze everyone. They need to look into a crystal ball, but it’s cloudy. Sami points out they haven’t seen an advantage played. Sami says he is going to play his shot-in-the-dark advantage tonight. Sami says his vote shouldn’t matter if everyone was honest with him. Karla says it’s unfortunate he doesn’t trust them, but Sami says it shouldn’t be unfortunate. Jesse says trust is currency, but Sami says you have to take risks in this game. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Before Jeff reveals the vote, he reveals Cody bet on Owen. Any votes for Cody won’t count. Sami also reveals he played his shot-in-the-dark advantage. Jeff opens his scroll and reveals “Not Safe.” Any votes for Sami will still count.

The first vote is for…





Sami is the twelfth person voted out and the fifth member of the jury.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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