Who Katy Perry Thinks Could Replace Her on American Idol

American Idol 2024 - Katy Perry
(Disney/Eric McCandless) KATY PERRY

Katy Perry thinks Jelly Roll could replace her on American Idol

Katy Perry is answering a lot of questions about her decision to leave American Idol after the current season. On the red carpet after Monday’s (April 15) first live show, the pop singer shared who she thought could take her place on the judges panel, and more.

Who does Katy think could take her place on the judges panel next season? She immediately name checked Jelly Roll, who helped mentor the Top 24 in Hawaii. “I gotta say Jelly Roll was crazy when he came on the show.” He could convince her of anything, she told E! News. “He said he could run for president. He could be my pastor. I might go back to church for him. He could sell me anything!” Katy continued, “So I love him and to have any of these guys plus Jelly on the show would be amazing.”

American Idol 2024 - Jelly Roll
(Disney/Eric McCandless) JELLY ROLL

Katy is looking for a “truth teller” to take her seat. Laments powerful women are called the “B” word

If Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan return, the show won’t take her advice and cast Jelly Roll. Because the panel will definitely need female energy. But regardless of whom the show casts, Katy wants a “truth teller.” She told E!, “I want someone that is not afraid to tell the truth in a graceful way. Doesn’t read the comments because you know, unfortunately when you’re a woman and you have an opinion or you’re a boss, sometimes you’re also considered a B-I-T-C…” She added, “Just someone that has a strong sense of self that listens to their intuition.”


Katy becomes more emotional as American Idol heads to her final show as judge

As American Idol moves closer to the finale, Katy is “a little bit more emotional” every single episode. She admitted that on the last episode of the season she’ll just “be a ball…” Katy added, “The emotion is real because the love is real. The show has changed her, she revealed and is “emotionally invested…with every contestant.”

American Idol has given Katy the opportunity to “experience the humanity of people and the growth of people in real-time.” She thinks of herself as a “proud therapist of sorts” as she watches the contestants receive “these a-ha moments and gifts.” She insisted that it has nothing to do with the judges, but “it’s the whole process together.”

As far as new music is concerned, Katy teased that she’s “not taking a vacation after this. So you better just stay ready.”

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