American Idol 2024 Recap: Top 14 RESULTS LIVE (Video)


American Idol 2024 Recap: Top 14 RESULTS REVEALED. The show goes LIVE for the first time this season.

American Idol 2024 Top 14 are REVEALED tonight LIVE for the first time on season 22. Host Ryan Seacrest will reveal the Top 10 while judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan will pick FOUR wildcards. All 20 contestants will perform, whether to celebrate their “victory” or compete for those four judges’ spots. By the end of the night, six singers will leave the competition.

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25 MILLION votes were cast, says Ryan.

Quintavious – Make it Happen by Mariah Carey

The song is fun and upbeat, but probably not the pick for such an important moment. He should have prepared an emotional Jesus song and sang to the heavens. Regardless, it’s a solid and soulful effort. He ends the song on a kinda sorta whistle note with his finger in his ear. A little frantic!

Luke says, “That was the best performance we’ve seen you do.” Really? C’mon.

Quintavious is in the DANGER ZONE and must sing for his life!

McKenna Faith Breinholt -Tumbleweed by Nowhere Man and Whiskey GIrl

McKenna celebrates with a song by her late birth mother, which she performed during her audition. Her voice sounds extra raspy tonight as if it needs some rest. It’s a good thing she’s safe! The judges would save McKenna if she were in any danger, or not the frontrunner that she is.

McKenna is SAFE and in the Top 14!

Jordan Anthony – Attention by Charlie Puth

Jordan has a decent, rangy pop voice. His timing and phrasing here is solid. I’m not sure it’s enough to move the judges, however.

Katy is surprised after last night’s emotional performance. She appreciates the energy in his performance. “Your best performance so far.” Again…no. He’s had better outings, last night’s ballad at the piano, for instance.

Jordan is in the DANGER ZONE and must sing for his life

Jack Blocker – Feeling Whitney by Post Malone

I’m surprised he isn’t in danger after performing first last night. I hated his song choice (Jim Croce) but apparently I’m in the minority. Tonight’s performance is better, arguably! But it doesn’t matter. Jack is IN and no voting until next week. Jack is surprised that he made the cut.

Jack is SAFE and in the Top 14

Kennedy Reid – Something Bad by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood

Kennedy is natural again tonight. She looked so nervous standing next to Ryan. Her performance is kind of manic tonight. I would be surprised if the judges saved her. Having said that, for the first time, she sounds and looks like a contemporary country artist.

Lionel said, “That is the way to deal with no.” He compliments her confidence.

Kennedy is in the DANGER ZONE and must sing for her life

Jennifer Jeffries – All I Want by Kodaline

Jennifer got the harshest critiques from the judges last night, It’s not surprising she’s not safe. Her performance is less nerve-wracked tonight, although she does have a few pitch problems here and ther. She chose a good song for her range and sound. I hope the judges save her. But I have my doubts. She’s not the strongest singer, but her vibe is so pure.

Luke is surprised she’s in danger. Oh c’mon. He likes tonight’s song choice better. He calls it her best performance yet and compliments her falsetto. He gives the “no matter what happens…” spiel, so she’s likely going home.

Jennifer is in the DANGER ZONE and most sing for her life

Ajii – Call out My Name by The Weeknd

It’s worth noting that Ajii garnered the FEWEST views on his Facebook video from last night. The social media site is pretty accurate gaging how the fandom is feeling about a contestant. The show is pushing him, but he doesn’t seem to be landing. Tonight, his timing is a little off. He sounds nervous. Still, there’s a good chance the judges will save him, The crowd is chanting for him.

Katie calls the performance “excellent” and the song choice smart. Katy adds that he gave the judges what they needed to feel confident he belonged in the competition.

Ajii is in the DANGER ZONE and must sing for his life

Mia Matthews – Burning House by Cam

Not a surprise that Mia is safe. Performance to performance she’s grown stronger. And tonight, she delivers another confident performance. Her mother and sister are in the audience watching.

Mia is SAFE and in the Top 14

Kayko – What if (Original)

Ryan is very excited to be taller than Kayko. Hooray my favorite is safe. He sings an original song, but it’s a reprise of a song from the Arena round. It’s smart not to waste a new original song when he didn’t need it. Kayko has got a wonderful ear for melody. When he’s forced to sing cover songs on them nights, hopefully he can still rise to the challenge.


Nya – Water by Tyla

Nya sings complicated arrangements and makes it look easy. It’s a thing some fans at home may not notice. She deserves to advance, and the judges just might pick her as a wildcard. Ryan noted that he played the song on the radio today. Last night, she sang “Georgia on my Mind.”

Lionel said, “Way to switch it up. You give great attitude. I just want America to rethink the situation.”

Nya is in the DANGER ZONE and must sing for her life

Will Mosely – Gone for Good (Original)

The performance is a reprise, but it’s out on streaming and is doing well. Again, might as well save the new stuff for when he’ll need it. Any result other than safe would have been shocking.

Ryan reminds Lionel that he had to rush out to catch a plane in the middle of Will’s audition. And then Ryan calls a crew member out on to the stage to help him throw to commercial. Obviously, the producers are telling him to STRETCH for time.

Will is SAFE and in the Top 14!

Abi Carter -My Mind by Yebba

Hm. Not loving this song pick. She’s sliding around the notes like a blues singer, but she sounds off key and is not pulling off the technique. Vocally, she’s not having her best night. Good thing it doesn’t matter.

Abi Carter is OF COURSE in the Top 14

Odell Bunton Jr – Wait on You by Elevation Worship

It’s smart to pick a Gospel song when it’s time to be saved. He’s delivering. But if he couldn’t pull though after last night’s excellent performance. Well, it’s a good thing he’s a Platinum ticket winner and the judges will be inclined to save him.

Luke is happy about his past couple of shows because of the great Gospel performances. “We’ve got so many singers in your category.” Oh. He thinks the gospel singers, which include Quintavious and Roman Collins, are vote splitting.

Odell is IN THE DANGER ZONE and must sing for this life

Kaibrienne – Zombie by The Cranberries

The singer hesitated a few times during an emotional performance last night, But voters forgave her and put her through. Now she’s celebrating with a Cranberries cover. Her raspy voice is suited to the classic 90s hit, although she’s pitchy on the chorus.

So many pitch problems tonight. Maybe the kids are tired.

Kaibrienne is SAFE and in the Top 14

Mackenzie Sol – False Alarms by Laurence featuring Jon Bellion

It’s not a well known song choice, but it fits the singer’s style. Mackenzie has a huge range and ability to sing runs, but he oversings sometimes. Tonight, he’s delivering a controlled performance employing a lovely falsetto. Based on that, he deserves a wildcard.

Katie said, “You’ve been a tornado of energy.” She compliments him for his control. Mackenzie doesn’t expect to be saved, that’s obvious.

Mackenzie is in the DANGER ZONE and most sing for his life

Emmy Russell – Skinny (Original)

Emmy reprises her audition pick, the original song, “Skinny,” which is about her struggle with an eating disorder. Emmy, the granddaughter of Loretta Lynn, is going the distance.

Emmy is SAFE and in the Top 14

Julia Gagnon – Need a Favor by Jelly Roll

She seems surprised to be safe. It wasn’t her best performance last night (and she probably knows it). But she’s developed enough of a fan base to move on anyway. Tonight’s performance of a contemporary pop song is miles better. It’s a perfect vehicle for her soulfully rangy voice. The judges are on their feet.

Julia is SAFE and in the Top 14

Jayna Elise – All I Wanted by Paramore

Covering Mariah Carey last night, maybe not a great decision. But she’s faring better on this Paramore song. Still, she’s pushing her vocals to the breaking point. She’s working it hard. Maybe too hard.. She wants to move on! Ryan notes she took a risk with the key change.

Lionel complimented her ability to sing a high note. “That was a command performance,” he said.

Jayna is IN DANGER and must sing for her life

Triston Harper – Till You Can’t by Cody Johnson

Only Triston and Roman Collins remain. Triston is safe, Roman is not. Like several singers before him, Triston is struggling to stay on pitch. It hasn’t been the greatest night of performances. Doesn’t matter, however, because Triston is safe!

Triston is SAFE and in the Top 14

Roman Collins – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World by James Brown

Roman had pretty good streaming numbers on his video performance last night, so I’m a little surprised he’s not safe. Luke mentioned how the Gospel singers might be splitting votes. He’s the best all around singer and entertainer compared to fellow Gospel singers, Quintavious and Odell, and SHOULD be saved if any of them are.

“That song broke my top off,” said Katy. UH OH WARDROBE MALFUNCTION. Fodder for the internets. Luke notes how Roman brings everyone out of their seats when he takes the stage. “You have your own style. The world needs to keep hearing it.”

Roman is in the DANGER ZONE and must sing for his life

Wildcard Results

Lionel reveals that Jayna Elise is a wildcard pick. Katy reveals that Jordan Anthony is a wildcard. Nya is the third pick. And finally Roman Collins. ON BOARD WITH ROMAN. REALLY shocked the judges didn’t pick Ajii–they seemed to love and promote him all season. Also, Mackenzie Sol gave a standout performance tonight and deserved a spot over Jordan.

The judges picks seemed surprising as the panel revealed them. But afterward, it became apparent that the 10 singers America chose are mostly pop and country singers. The panel merely rounded out the list with more R&B picks. Actually, other than Julia, America chose NO R&B singers.

Also worth it’s worth noting that the show lost its first Platinum ticket as Odell Bunton Jr. is eliminated. Hopefully he can make a living from music and keep his family out of hotels for the unhoused, where they had been living before his audition.

American Idol 2024 Top 14

McKenna Faith Breinholt
Jack Blocker
Mia Matthews
Will Mosely
Abi Carter
Emmy Russell
Julia Gagnon
Triston Harper
Jordan Anthony – Wildcard
Jayna Elise – Wildcard
Nya – Wildcard
Roman Collins – Wildcard


Kennedy Reid
Jennifer Jeffries
Odell Bunton Jr.
MacKenzie Sol

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