The Voice 25 Recap: The Knockouts Part 2 Live Blog Results (Videos)

The Voice 24 - Maddi Jane
Pictured: Maddi Jane — (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)

The Voice 25 Recap: The Knockouts conclude with MORE results

With only two steals left, it’s time for another round of Knockouts on The Voice!

Keith Urban returns this week as the Mega Mentor for Team Reba McEntire, Team John Legend, Team Chance the Rapper and Team Dan and Shay. Two contestants from the same team will go head-to-head with songs of their choosing, and afterward, their coach will choose a winner. Only Reba and John have steals remaining.

The Voice 2024: Full Season 25 Schedule

Team Chance – Kamalei Kawa’a vs Maddi Jane – “All Of Me” vs “New Rules”

Maddi has a big voice but she doesn’t sound seasoned enough for this point in the competition. She also chose not to rap in this song which I personally think would have given it a signature Maddie moment.

Kamalei has such a soft, beautiful voice. Him singing a song by an opposing coach is amazing! Kamalei really added his own style to this song.

Dan and Shay they were two very different performances in the best way. John thanked Kamalei for singing his song and says he was really into his version, while Maddi was creative and artistic with this song choice. Reba says Kamalei’s voice makes her feel good the same way going to Hawaii does and Maddi is a force of nature. Chance says Kamalei invoked the feeling of John’s lyrics and Maddi has confidence, attitude and vocal talent to back it up.

Chance chooses Maddi. John and Reba both hit their steal button for Kamalei! Kamalei chooses Team Legend.

Team Legend – Gene Taylor vs Mafe – “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” vs “Almost Is Never Enough”

This song feels a bit too big for Gene’s voice. And I really don’t like the way they cut so much out of the first verse. That Steven Tyler-esque scream was killer though and he gave a great ending!

Love love love Mafe’s outfit!! She’s got such a gorgeous voice. It just flows out of her. Her deeper register is especially wonderful on the ears, and her high notes!!

Reba says Gene put his own personality in the song and she loves Mafe’s tone and could listen to it all night long. Chance says Mafe didn’t sound like Ariana Grande, she sounded like herself, while the song choice messed with Gene’s pitch. Dan and Shay say Gene technically has one of the best voices on the show and Mafe has great control. John says Gene exudes positive light and Mafe’s energy feels like love.

John chooses Mafe.

Team Dan and Shay – Ducote Talmage vs Karen Waldrup – “She Got The Best Of Me” vs “Georgia Rain”

This song is much better suited for Ducote’s voice compared to The Battles. He’s got so much grot in his voice and it works perfectly in a song like this.

Karen’s song is also suited for her voice though, big but still soft. I’m getting Carrie Underwood vibes here. And that high note near the end, wow!

John says he loves Ducote’s rasp and the openness of Karen’s tone. Reba calls Ducote’s tone sexy and says Karen stayed in the moment throughout the whole song. Chance calls this Ducote’s best performance so far and says Karen’s performance was raw. Dan and Shay compliment the first verse of Ducote’s performance and say Karen has an incredible ability to work her voice.

Dan and Shay choose Karen.

Team Reba – Justin and Jeremy Garcia vs Zeya Rae – “You Are The Reason” vs “River”

One twin’s voice is more controlled than the other and I apologize I don’t know which one it is. This song on acoustic guitar is such a different vibe. Their voices just ebb and flow perfectly though.

Zeya has a cool tone to her voice that works well with this song. She did an absolutely killer high note in the middle that might have just won this Knockout.

Dan and Shay say Zeya’s intensity matched the song and she’s grown a lot vocally, while the twins’ confidence has boosted with every performance. Chance says both were fire, he sensed a lack of confidence early in the song but gave a badass performance, then says he wishes there was more energy in the twins’ performance. John says he loved the twins’ falsetto and harmonies and Zeya’s higher chest notes. Reba says she would’ve liked to see Zeya stay in one position while the twins had a few moments of getting lost.

Reba chooses Justin and Jeremy.

Team Chance – Alyssa Crosby vs RLetto – “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” vs “Stay”

What a beautiful , strong voice Alyssa has. Such a unique song choice too. It’s like it just flows out of her effortlessly.

RLetto just screams uniqueness. He’s got so much control over his voice. It’s as if he’s been doing this forever.

Dan and Shay compliment Alyssa’s technique and song selection and says RLetto is a legend and compliment Chance’s arrangement. John says RLetto is a taste maker. Reba says Alyssa has grown leaps and bounds and RLetto has great stage presence. Chance says Alyssa killed the song and RLetto showed the mastery of the song.

Chance chooses RLetto.

Team Legend – Jackie Romeo vs Zoe Levert – “Love On The Brain” vs “Cowboy Take Me Away”

Gorgeous song, gorgeous voice, Jackie killed this. Her voice is always so impressive. And that falsetto at the end!!

These are two vastly different performances but this song is perfect for Zoe’s soft voice. She’s not too obviously country compared to other contestants. It’s almost early Taylor Swift-esque.

Reba says Jackie commanded the stage and she loves Zoe’s effortlessly runs. Chance says Zoe is going to be a star and Jackie sang the mess out of that song. Dan and Shay say Jackie has a powerful voice and Zoe nails her range. John says Jackie embraced the energy of the song and knew when to finesse notes while Zoe has continued to grow and is an artist that needs to be heard.

John chooses Zoe. Reba steals Jackie.

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