‘We Are The World’ 25th Anniversary Video Premiers on the Olympics

The world premiere of the ‘We Are The World 25 For Haiti’ video aired during NBC’s coverage of the Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics tonight.

'Almost An Evening' Video F...
'Almost An Evening' Video Feature - In Rehearsals

Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Katharine McPhee and Randy Jackson took part in the recording, and Idol music director, Rickey Minor was a co-producer.

Jennifer got several major solos (sads she was forced to sing with the Bieber, but whatcha gonna do)

Proceeds of the video goes to the ongoing post-earthquake relief efforts for Haiti. For more information on how to donate, check out this LINK.

Watch the video after the jump…

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  1. I know people are ready to bash this but I will have to say I enjoyed it for what it was. The thing is I didn’t compare this to the original because it was very different from it. To me it was original and not a carbon copy of what they did 25 years ago. I will be honest and say Wyclef was a mess in this and the true standouts were Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Pink, Mary Mary, Celine, the Rap part, and the acapello at the end. I did enjoy this for what it was and didn’t find anything wrong with it but Wyclef’s part.

  2. Where the heck was Kat? Never once saw or heard her. Same with Jordin.

  3. It was terrible! Justin Bieber was definitely the wrong choice to start. The rap was unbelievably bad. Simon Cowell did better with his charity single. Jennifer was her usual amazing self. I won’t be buying it.

  4. Bearcatgrad9912

    Where the heck was Kat? Never once saw or heard her. Same with Jordin.

    Kat Mcphee and Jordin Sparks? They were both there. :)

  5. Well some parts of the video was good and some was bad. There was rapping! ACK! No no no! Not good at all! Rap did not belong there. I loved seeing Michael Jackson and his sister. :) I loved seeing Josh Groban. :) And of course I love the original. :) I’m gonna go on youtube to watch the original now. :)

  6. Do any of you know who the middle guy in the back row is in the pic)?? He looks familiar.

  7. Ugh, choppy, disjointed, too much rap, cannot compare to the original. A letdown.

  8. The rap part was really not necessary and kind of ruined it. Aside from that, I liked it though. I liked it better then Simon’s, but I just wish they didn’t include the rap. Awesome for Jennifer that she got so many solo’s in it… must be incredibly surreal to her. And good for Jordin and Katharine that they got to be part of this!

  9. Sorry to say that was a real disappointment. Anyone in California, that wasn’t an earthquake you felt, that was MJ turning in his grave.

  10. I liked it but did anyone find it offensive that they but Miley fucking cyrus on after a GODDESS like Barbra Streisand? ditto with Fergie after Celine Deon (though in her defense, Fergie can sang)


  11. That was unbelievably awful. Justin Bieber, who looks and sounds like he’s 10, apparently had to be autotuned within an inch of his life. Miley Cyrus….just ugh. Would have loved the clip of MJ from the original if the way Janet’s head was superimposed into it wasn’t so cheesy. This is a real disappointment. The original was epic. This one could have been with more quality artists like JHud – who is incredible. And rap? I’m so glad I clicked it off before that showed up.

  12. That was such a failure. If they recut a version of this that only has Pink, Jordin, Celine, J-Hud, Babs and maybe 1 or 2 others I’d buy it. But this was just painful to sit through. The rap and autotune parts were stupid, and wtf with that Bieber kid? That little boy “sings” like someone has his balls in a vice grip. This overall was a super lame lineup of “stars”. I recognized maybe half of them at best and a majority of the ones I recognized just suck in general. This is an abomination compared to the original, which actually was filled with stars and talent. Also I found it a little tacky the way Jamie Foxx was imitating Ray Charles. I realize he played him in a movie but come on, on something like this you’re gonna whip out an impersonation? Yuck, this was a piss poor attempt, Epic Failure! I had some high hopes for this, such a disappointment.

  13. I want my 8 mins back!! This was utterly dreadful from start to finish! From the vocoding, to the autotuning, to the rapping; from the non-singing teenie-boppers, to Jamie Foxx imitating Ray Charles, to the glaring omission of so many great singers of our time! In a word: Dreadful!! Oh, and don’t get me started on Mr. Yele, himself. His wailing was as hideous as his personality. Shame on Quincy Jones!!!

  14. such a big mess. wow, shame on quincy jones indeed. ive lost a lot of respect for him. i cannot believe someone thought it was a good idea to put all of these ‘artists’ together. sorry, the fetus, miley pole cyrus, etc do not belong in the same room as Babs, Celine, even JHud.

  15. You would think with the advanced technology that this would be flawless. It was not. For me, the rapping was a turn-off. Solos were given to some who just couldn’t carry it on. Nice intentions, but a major disappointment.

    Archie should’ve been there. It would’ve been a lot better.

    They should have had him instead of the Bieber kid. At least David can sing!

    Jennifer did such a nice job! Josh Groban has such a beautiful voice, probably the best male voice today in music.

    I understand there will be a longer version on Saturday night?

  16. Well I bought both, this and Everybody Hurts, and I have to said, this version sucks big time… I’m sure The Bieber knows how bad he sings, the face of the kid in the video looks like he was being tortured…

  17. Forced, not blended, disjointed (trying to fit everyone) and odd selection of show cased singers. Many could NOT EVEN SING — including that Justin B. kid. It was not interesting nor enjoyable. A bit of a Black fest too, though I do get it, it is for Hati. And dont go there…this is NOT meant racist. And the rap just ended the song on a very bad note.

  18. Oh, well…not as poignant as the original. But, this is pretty much a mesh of the kind of music being played in the current generation. In short, craptastic!

  19. I was a kid in the 80’s and the original was everywhere on radio. It was good. This remake is awful. Autotune and rappers? How sad they couldn’t put together a more comparable group to the talent of the original. So few in this version can sing!

  20. They changed this verse too:
    “And their lives will be stronger and free / As God has shown us by turning stone to bread / So we all must lend a helping hand.”

    On the plus side it removed an erroneous reference to Jesus’ temptation by the Devil to turn stone to bread which he refused to do. On the down side the replacement lyric wasn’t memorable.

  21. This is straight up garbage. Sorry, but what the hell was that crap Wyclef was singing? he sounded like he had strep throat and was snarling and grunting. Totally hilarious that they put this out thinking it was good! Lionel Ritchie and Quincy Jones have shown us what is wrong in the music industry today. Rap and Auto Tune have virtually replaced people that actually have talent.

  22. Wow! Tough crowd! I thought this was terrific, if a bit long. The Michael-Janet duo was peculiar, but I love the way the rest of it was changed up to suit the singers. J-Hud, as always, magnificent; couldn’t find McPhee…

  23. Lionel Ritchie and Quincy Jones have shown us what is wrong in the music industry today. Rap and Auto Tune have virtually replaced people that actually have talent.

    What upsets me is these men know good music. They made good music. The original received 3-4 Grammys, a video award, a People’s Choice Award, etc. Viewing the new video a second time, it sounds even worse.

    Josh Groban has a wonderful voice. Why couldn’t they find others who can sing, not Rap?

  24. Count me as one who thinks this is a big Fail! of a re-make and video. The addition of crappy singers did not help. And, of course, I am always going to object to rap, especially from the spectacularly untalented P.DiddyPuffDaddyPuffy Combs. Or was that Kanye? Can’t really tell the diff.

    Rap and Auto Tune have virtually replaced people that actually have talent.

    So true!! ^

    Count me a fan of the original and disappointed, to say the least, in the re-make.

  25. You know, I really didn’t think it was so bad. Jennifer was magnificent. The rapping segment and the auto-tune parts are what’s happenning today, so it’s an update to the original version, not a copy. Only Wyclef sounded bad, but I’d say he was overcompensating – he is from Haiti, after all.

  26. I’m really not trying to be mean – but, I too thought that was awful. Very overindulgent. It usually is a little weird when you try to put so many voices/personalities into one song. And, adding MJ was creepy. Let it go already. All the rap stuff was very hard to listen to. Very rare that I wouldn’t listen to a song like this again – but, I just can’t – it really is that bad.

  27. Tbqh, this remake left a lot to be desired. I tried my hardest to be open-minded and not compare it to the original, but it was still not very enjoyable.

    The rapping bit just ruined most of it for me.

  28. I detest Justin Bieber. He ruined the whole thing. It is a real shame that there are talents all over and this so so idiot kid gets so much airplay. The system is broken.

  29. This horrible attempt at replicating the success of the original just proves how screwed up the music industry is. What a joke, you just have to wonder who thought that Cyrus and Bieber were good choices. It’s all incredibly bad. Epic failure.

  30. Well, I don’t absolutely hate it. I mean, it is for charity. I definitely do NOT think Justin Bieber was the best choice to open the song, no matter how popular he is. And, I think one HUGE thing was missing this time around – the part where they were all to check their egos at the door.

  31. Wow, that was painful. Good intensions, poor execution. One of the things about the original that made is amazing is how well the song blended diverse singing styles so that it sounded cohesive. It stood on its own as music. This one has too many bodies, is too driven by “popularity,” and there is too little emphasis on who can best make the music be worth listening to, without relying on the cause. Like the remakes of Do They Know it’s Christmas?, it in no way matches the original. Too bad.

    On a side note, people will be asking “who was that little kid at the beginning that couldn’t sing?” in a couple of years. Why he started the thing is beyond me….

  32. Don’t know where to start. Have been putting off listening to this until now. What a horrible hot mess of a song.

    Why they thought autotune and rap would enhance this song is beyond me. I am embarrassed for the producers of this piece of crap. What were they thinking? Bieber? the Pussycat doll chick? Wyclef sounded like he had to puke. A few of the singers I said to myself…who the hell is that! Did they think the rap would pull in the younger more hip people? Do they think the public is stupid? Must be.

    To be fair I thought Pink and Grobin were great as well as Michael Jackson! But the rest…total torture to listen to. I’ll give to Haiti in other ways.

    I must have gotten up on the wrong side of bed today!

    and oh, mj…like the new site re-do

  33. Nina1:

    Wow! Tough crowd!

    ROFL! You are part of the crowd too.. :) Cus you thought the Michael-Janet duo was peculiar. :)

  34. Hated it.
    Especially the sound of a crow puking in the middle.

    This edition had no heart.

  35. I thought it was a big fat hot mess. Granted, I’m a child of the 80’s and all, but this was not good. I saw some of the people in the room and can’t figure out why they chose some of the singers they did for solos. And I can see why having Lil Wayne and doing autotune might sound current and young but it came off REALLY lame and dumb.

    DID NOT WORK. I hope it raises money for the cause, but I’ll just buy the performances from the Haiti telethon. Some of those were excellent. This was embarrassing.

  36. Like many others here, I am also a child of the ’80s, so I really remember Band-Aid‘s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” and USA for Africa‘s “We Are the World“.

    It obviously is not the original, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. In retrospect, Bieber probably should not have been asked to start the song.

    If I only LISTENED to the new version, out of all of the voices that participated in this, I think I MIGHT have only recognised Babs, Celine, and possibly Pink, along with JHud.

    Not at all like the original, where I knew the voice of EACH INDIVIDUAL SINGER. It has been years since I have seen the video of the original, so I went to YouTube to watch it. There were only 3 soloists that I could not readily identify, but knew them by their voices: James Ingram, Al Jarreau, and Kim Carnes. I am not sure that a lot of the singers in the new version have as distinctive voices as the original.

    The rap part was not that bad, considering that I am NOT a fan of rap music, as it gave it a different flavor. But I HAVE to ask: who was the man who did either the ‘Tarzan’ yell, or imitated a barking seal near the end, at between the 7:00 & 7:10 marks?

  37. I was disappointed in this one – so I went and listened to the original and the difference between them is shocking.

    The vocal talent on the original is stunning – this one it seems that the folk who came back are tired and the new ones just don’t have the same pipes (for the most part – the great voices were the exception in the new one rather than the norm).

    What happened to singing?

  38. After it was over my thought was they just should have let jhud sing the whole thing. I thought it was a mess but have since seen a better version on tv that changes the Michael/janet part to just MJ and it is quite a bit better.

  39. I love the remake. I am glad these singers, many of who are used to recording solo according to Quincy and Lionel, were able to come together and make it happen. It is just awe-inspiring to me, on both a humanitarian and a musical level. I love Wyclef and was also endeared with Lil Wayne’s take on the whole thing.

  40. Ok to me no where near the magic of the first one. As someone else said prior the video has no heart. Just a bunch of people getting together and singing. Don’t get the feeling that the artist in the video are really emotionally evolved with the idea behind the song. I say my feeling because that might not be true. With the exception of Pink, Jen Hud, Babs, and John Mayer…everyone else was sort of forgettable. I think they for Idol gives back they should have a music video of a bunch of idols together doing a type of video along these lines. Now we would be getting great fantastic singing and really show how good the idols are. Who to put in it that is for someone else to decide I wouldn’t want to touch that decision. But I would think that the winners and runner ups most defintely.

    I also don’t understand why they did not get some of the original artist from the first We are the world to perform in this one. I think that would have brought a great dynamic. Most of the artist are still alive. I would have loved to see Cyndi Lauper and Bruce Springsteen to just name a few that should have been in this video too. JMHO

  41. And, adding MJ was creepy


    I detest Justin Bieber.

    What they should have done is leave off Justin Bieber, and let Michael begin the song. Thank you weese, for telling me they got rid of the Michael/Janet duet.

    I have already given for Haiti relief in other ways (Doctors Without Border and UNICEF). Nice effort but not worth purchasing.

  42. I finally watched it for the first time. I didn’t intend to like it one bit because I believe it should not have been remade. A few observations, Pink can sing her ass off. Would have liked to hear more of her. Babs was a nice addition, she too can sing her ass off. Lurves her. I liked the rap addition. Not to include rappers in this particular version would have been a big oversight. I know that most here don’t consider it music, but it is. Wyclef is an acquired taste, but if you know his niche, he’s damn good. Beiber and Miley can’t sing worth shit, but they are the most visible kids in the pop game, so they had to be there. I loved seeing Michael, it still takes my breath away to realize that this is the only way to see him now, in retrospect, bittersweet. Janet was she singing? LOL! I know that Jen is the go to girl now, but I’ve pretty much had enough of her now. It’s time for some more original music for me or I am gonna lose interest. I don’t know if I am gonna buy this, probably yes though, not because of it’s content so much but because I’ve tried to do alot of different things, both small and great for a country that I feel a kinship to. Q and Lionel are both geniuses, and I commend them for doing this. Sadly though, they should not you can’t catch lightening in a bottle, twice, so it fell a bit short for me.

  43. I too just watched for the first time, and I’m totally with abbysee on all the positives she noted. I’m a big P!nk fan and I really enjoyed the rap interlude — and I believe I would have totally loved it even if I were not the great fan of will.i.am that I am. (See what I did there? ;-)) I’m also pretty sure I’m the only sap who was happy for Kanye that he was there.

    Anyway, I found this remake very touching. While you may not catch lightning in a bottle twice, that thought didn’t occur to me as I watched (nor did any other critical one, save perhaps v. the Bieber kid, but that was early in the vid before my emotions were in high gear… :-))

    Nice job, off to purchase!

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