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The Voice - Season 7

Good evening everyone and thank you for joining me on this lovely Monday night! Can you believe that the competition will be over in less than two weeks? Crazy, right? By now I’m sure we all have our favorites, and tonight will be a critical night for them to do their best. It all goes down in less than 7 minutes!

Big announcement! The Voice has officially hit the 20 million download mark on Itunes. Sweeeeeet!

Did they just say Nick Jonas? Ahhhhh fangirling, fangirling. He is going to slay you guys.

First up is the Top 8 singing Geronimo. I don’t know this song? *ducks* Everyone looks like they’re having fun. I’m sitting next to my mother on the couch and she said Craig is looking mighty sexy tonight lol. DaNica is bringing it as always. I have to say that I honestly like and would vote for every contestant in this Top 8. Going to be tough!

Now we have the first performance of the night by Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill. He says he needs to break out of the Bottom 3. Gwen doesn’t want him to go home. He’ll be singing Journey’s “Open Arms.” She wants to showcase his range and vocal ability. His rehearsal is sounding a litttttllleee rough though. Hope he can work it out.

Aw the stage is purrty. So far, so good! He just needs to step it up and OWN it. I’m getting distracted by the stage and trees and lights. Ryan can do so well if he’d play up his charm a little. Flirt with the crowd, sing to someone. Oh wait damn, he’s singing that last line to Gwen. AHA.

Adam is always shocked that Ryan is in the bottom 3. He loved it. Blake doesn’t know what else he can do because week to week he is a solid performer. He said that was his best yet. Pharrell agrees with both coaches and each week he progresses. Gwen says they both have working on a lot of things together (mmhmmm) and she is so proud of him.

To vote for Ryan Sill–> 1-855-864-2301 – Open Arms by Journey – Download from iTunes

Second to perform is Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd. He can’t believe he hit #6 on Itunes. This week he’ll be singing The Eagles’ “Take It Easy.” Love this song! Blake wanted him to change it up this time and not sing a ballad (though he does it well). He wants him to sing it from his heart and not from his head. He’s the last man standing on Team Blake and wants to do his best.

Yeah Craig! He always gets the crowd hyped up, I love his energy. He has been one of the most consistent performers this entire season and his fan base is growing like crazy. I like the stage for this song too, very barn yard honky tonk. He’s such a natural up there. He never looks scared or unsure of himself. It’s literally like going to a concert when I see him on stage.

Pharrell, Gwen and Blake are on their feet! Pharrell loved his take on the song, and that this is “HIS” show. He says people love him and that he’s just going to keep getting better. Gwen felt like she was at the Country Music Awards and that it feels like watching an artist perform. Adam said that it looked like Craig had fun. Blake is glad that Craig’s the last guy on his team. He said he’s been nervous as crap because of how high the bar Craig set last week. Blake also said that he did a great job.

To vote for Craig Wayne Boyd–> 1-855-864-2302 –  Download from iTunes

Next is the LAST remaining female and Team Pharrell’s DaNica Shirey. She’ll be singing “These Dreams” by Heart. She’s unsure of the genre but Pharrell says she can do it. DaNica says the song is outside her wheelhouse but is surprisingly up her alley.

So glad Pharrell didn’t choose “Alone.” DaNica can sing the phonebook and I’d still sit there like “more please!” Her dress is crazyyyyyy! It’s long and black and did I mention long? The train is HUGE. I hope she’s not walking a lot in this performance. She sounds incredible though! And yes this song is dated but her performance isn’t feeling dated, so that’s a plus.

Gwen thought it was a great song choice, and that it “tamed” her a bit. Perfect timing. Adam loves the song, and loves anything she sings. Blake said she’s one of his favorites and that her voice is ENORMOUS. He’s so glad that she’s here. Pharrell said that she found the connection to the song, and he’s proud of the whole entire performance.

To vote for DaNica Shirey–> 1-855-864-2303Download from iTunes

And Usher is coming back next season (??)! Nice video Ush.

Time for Nick Jonas guys (and the Top 8)! I will be rather silent during this performance. Excuse me while I drool all over my keyboard for the next 2 and a half minutes. ;)

Now THAT was the best freaking group song that this show has had in a lonnnnnng time. Thanks Nick Jonas, please come back anytime.

Fourth performance of the night is by Team Adam’s Damien. Adam gave him Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Are they going to change the words to be gender specific? Most likely. Before his blind audition, Damien was doing a lot of YouTube videos. He can’t believe that he’s here after hearing “no” so many times in his life.

Who’s crying yet? ;) His voice is so stunning, it reminds me of the best r&b singers from the 90’s. Damien’s doing great so far! His transition from falsetto to his chest voice is beautiful. This was the PERFECT song choice for him. Something modern that can really accentuate his vocals. BEST performance of the night so far!!!

ALL coaches are on their feet!! Yeah! Blake says that this is the best season ever (he says that every year lol). He says Damien has so much passion and soul. Pharrell says he effortlessly paints the air with his voice. Gwen said it was so beautiful, and that it’s perfect timing. Adam doesn’t even know what to say. He says that Damien put so much trust in him, and that it was Damien’s choice to do this song. He said it was his best performance ever on the show (and I sooooo agree).

To vote for Damien–> 1-855-864-2304Download from iTunes

Next up is Team Adam’s Chris Jamison singing “Sexual Healing.” Adam has Chris Jamison fever lol. He knows Chris is a deeply sensitive guy and thinks this song would be a good marriage. I’m….unsure. Adam is dancing during rehearsal and is doing what I’d call “Dad dancing.” Chris is excited to make it his own and wants to show America why he’s here.

The stage is HOT man. I mean Chris helps lolllll, but there’s red squares all over the place. Chris needs to work on performing more. He’s got the voice for that genre, but I feel like he needs to move around and work that stage, work the crowd. Adam trying to make him into this sex symbol might be taking away from his integrity as an artist. There’s other songs that could have helped him step up his game. Now he’s singing to Gwen LOL, she looks mortified. He’s losing his voice by the end of the song.

Crowd is going nuts though! Pharrell said that it was, hands down, his best performance on the show. He said he hit every note and walked around so gracefully. Gwen was thinking about the lyrics, and then he started walking towards her LOL. She said he did a great job. Adam is comparing him to Luke Skywalker ahahaha. He said he did the song with so much love and respect.

To vote for Chris Jamison–> 1-855-864-2305Download from iTunes

Now we have Team Pharell’s final performer Luke Wade! Hehhhee he called Pharrell Coach P. He’s singing “Holding Back the Years”  by Simply Red. I’m nervous because this song isn’t exactly well known by today’s generation. He’s an artist for sure, and my favorite in the whole competition, I just really want him to go out there and kill it!

Sounding excellent so far, hope the song starts picking up! I swear if he doesn’t make it because of this song choice, I’m going to be so upset. :(

Adam said he’s a Luke Wade fan, but he said that he can feel that Luke is overthinking when he’s singing. Blake said that there was sparse singing and less cutting loose like he knew he can do. Basically that the song was safe. He liked the vibe of the song. Pharrell understands what they’re saying, but that he’s better than most people that he’s encountered. Ugh Pharrell. I’m going to smack you for making him sing that.

To vote for Luke Wade–> 1-855-864-2306Download from iTunes

Now we have Nick Jonas in the Sprint Skybox! Hellllo once again Nick.

And here’s Gwen and Pharrell singing  “Spark The Fire.”  I’m still mad at Pharrell for busing Luke with that song. I don’t like this song either. I feel like I’ve already seen Miley Cyrus do this shtick. Don’t catch on fire Pharrell with that shiny outfit you’ve got on.

This song is awful. Is it over yet?

Next we have Team Gwen’s Taylor John Williams. Love this kid. This week he’ll be singing “Royals” by Lorde, and is going to make it his own. He’s stripping the pop out of it and making it sound angrier. It sounds gritty and swamp sexy in rehearsal.

I always get so INTO his performances. He’s one of the most unique performers this season, and I feel like he doesn’t get enough credit for his vocals. Taylor sounds amazing, and very confident singing about “queen bee’s.” He BETTER be in the Top 4 tomorrow night!

Blake said Taylor did a great job, and no matter what he does on stage, he always puts his own spin on it. He’s 150% pure artist. Pharrell says Taylor has an old soul, and he’s waiting for his record. Gwen feels so lucky that Taylor chose her, and that all of this is his idea.

To vote for Taylor John Williams–> 1-855-864-2307Download from iTunes

Last we have Team Adam’s Matt McAndrew singing “The Blowers Daughter” by Damien Rice. This is one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s gorgeous. Adam needs Matt to have a more vulnerable side shown. Gahhh I hope he does it justice.

The staging is so beautiful. Just candles, light smoke and Matt with a guitar. He sounds really good! Showing great restraint and control, he’s not overpowering it. No doubt this song will be BLOWING up iTunes!

All coaches are on their feet! Great job Matt! Blake had never heard that song before, but he was so happy that Matt was the one to introduce him to it. He thought it was brilliant. Adam is blabbing about love. But he’s trying to say that Matt can show people that through this music. He absolutely “adores” Matt.

To vote for Matt McAndrew–> 1-855-864-2308Download from iTunes

Don’t forget, 3 artists go home tomorrow so be sure to keep VOTING for your favorites!

I’ll see you all tommorow night, have a good one!

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