American Idol 2024 Recap: Hollywood Round is Cut-Throat! (RESULTS)

American Idol 2024 - KAYKO
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American Idol 2024 Recap: The Cut-Throat Hollywood Round results in MASSIVE eliminations

American Idol season 22 Hollywood Round airs ONE NIGHT ONLY tonight, featuring a massive one performance round where over half of the contestants will be eliminated by judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Ryan Seacrest hosts.

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The judges explain the “Idol Arena” which is different this season. One big round will result in a huge cut. The panel will call each contestant, at random to the stage to sing a solo. The singers are gathered in a huge hanger made up to appear like a Roman stadium. It’s a fight to the death, so to speak.

The show opened with the three Platinum Ticket holders, Abi Carter, Julia Gagnon and Odell Bunton Jr., who will SKIP HOLLYWOOD ALTOGETHER. Lucky them. Watch them sing “California Dreaming” HERE.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN, the panel shouts in unison

Triston Harper – Wrapped up in Jesus (Original)

He auditioned in Tuskegee, Alabama. Triston, a 15 year old country singer, began performing in the church at 6 years old. He’ll be singing an original song. An 86 year old at his church helped write it. The song could use some work, but it’s simplicity is charming. Triston comes across authentic. He’s a real hick! Not putting it on at all.

Luke says “Keep being you. Great job.” Katy remarks that he’s lucky to be first.

Quintavious – Help Me by Cortt Chavis

As a kid, Quintavious was a contestant on America’s Got Talent. Now, he’s 21 years old and hoping to advance on American Idol. Luke thought the performance was better than his audition.

Hailey Mia – Love in the Dark by Adele

Another singing show alum. Hailey competed on The Voice recently. She’s only 16 years old, and is better than ever. Lionel says, “You came out swinging.”

Emmy Russell – Like That (Original)

Emmy is the grand child of the late country legend, Loretta Lynn. She used to sing with her grandmother. She describes living under a ton of pressure, resulting in an eating disorder. She had an identity crisis. “I feel like I’ve just hidden so much of my life.” She adds, “All my songs are a confessional.” She’s a singer-songwriter type, and really nothing like her grandmother. Her song is compelling. Katy calls her a good songwriter. “I know you have more range in you,” she says. “I think meemaw would be very proud,” says Emmy at the end.

Jack Blocker – Your Cheating Heart by Hank Williams

Katy didn’t like his facial expressions during his audition. Nevertheless, he’ll be doing “the exact same thing.” THIS even after ALMOST getting cut. The crew brought him back! He tried to change, but he says it got worse. Eh. Ugly faces are a part of singing, often. At least his lyrics are understandable and he doesn’t mumble. He’s passionate. The slowed up version of the classic that he serves up here is impactful. “We’re so happy you’re with us,” says Luke. “Stay true to Jack Blocker.” Katy thought he “brought it down about 5 percent.”

Kayko – What If? (Original)

Sam, or Kayko as he goes by. came with a friend to accompany her on piano. Then, the judges asked him to audition too. They both made it to Hollywood. He never auditioned before because he did not think Idol would want him. The original song he performs is about his imposter syndrome. He packs a two punch here–a GREAT song and performance. He’s a talented musician as well. The panel gives him a standing ovation. “We’re so glad you took a chance,” says Luke.

Abby Blake – Vienna by Billy Joel

Abby is the friend Kayko played for her audition. He rushes on to stage to watch her performance. She’s a good singer, but not a standout. Katy thought it was a step up from her audition, even if nerves got to “her vibrato.”

Jennifer Jeffries – You Were a Child (Original)

She has 8 brothers and sisters. Her family is very close. She performs an original song that’s about her and her siblings struggles with mental health. The song is full of emotion. Jennifer isn’t a GREAT vocalist. There are better singers competing this season. But she writes good songs, and delivers them authentically. “Real stuff right there,” says Lionel. Katy notes that the song is not perfect, but it is “awesome.” She adds, “I think you are going to be a star.”

Nya – (You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin

Nya sings an incredibly soulful version of the Carole King original. She makes that song her own. bravo. “Pure tonal gold,” says Luke, “Like butter, like Krispy Kreme donuts,” he adds.

Jacy Matthews – Up to the Mountain by Patty Griffin

She and her sister are both competing. The two were part of the country trio, Worth The Wait with their mom that competed on The Voice a few seasons ago. Luke says, “Much better than I remember. He thought she was a bit behind the beat, but still good. Mama is in the audience watching

Mia Matthews – Mama’s Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert

HAR a song she could have NOT performed on The Voice, because Blake Shelton. She’s older than Jacy and the better singer between the two. Jacy lacks confidence, while Mia has a better sense of who she is as an artist. This performance is better than her audition. “You came in swinging,” says Lionel.

KBLOCKS – Valerie by Amy Winehouse

She auditioned in Tuskegee. She has an Amy Winehouse vibe, and indeed, she performs one of her songs. She sings with humor and a ton of quirk. Her father died in a motorcycle accident when she was 10. His death started a rebellion. Music “kept me on this planet,” she says. The panel are on their feet. Katy calls her a star and advises her to push her voice. “So fun,” she says.

McKenna Faith Breinholt – When We Were Young by Adele

She was adopted and at her audition, she reunited with her birth family. Her mom, a singer, died a decade ago. “Finding my birth family connected all the pieces,” she says. Her adoptive family has supported her through the process of finding her blood relatives. McKenna’s range is amazing, especially in the lower notes, which so many singers struggle with. But her voice is deep and strong as she reaches down. Her tone is a beautiful contralto, raspy and authentic. “That was one of my favorites I’ve seen all year,” says Luke.

Ajii – Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

The panel called him “Top 10.” He dedicates his song to his mother. Ajii has the potential to go far because he’s one of the few rockers in the competition. “I don’t know where you came from, but you’re the motivator.”

Madai Chakell – Tattooed Hart by Ariana Grande

She sang “I Kissed a Girl” for her audition, and Luke said no. She wants to prove to Luke that she’s a “true performing artist.” She’s pitchy and nervous. So nervous, she asks the piano player to start over again. AND THEN AGAIN. She asks to sing acapella “It’s not flowing,” she complains. The performance doesn’t improve much. “It was a little shaky in some spots,” says Luke. Madai blames the piano player. “He flipped the script on me.” And then she chides Luke for asking if her voice was alright. VILLAIN EDIT!

But then, they give her another shot. Maybe the piano player did mess up? She asks for a chair. The third try is not really much better, actually. Then she calls out Luke to his face. Good luck with that. “Maybe we’ll do American Humble,” Luke snarks.

Camila Galavis – No Air by Jordin Sparks

She’s the daughter of a Bachelor, Juan Pablo. She’s only 14, and very nervous.

Isabella Mercier

SHE FORGOT THE WORDS. “I overthought what I was saying,” she explains, dejectedly.

Amanda Mograss – Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

She forgets the words too. At this point in the lineup, contestants are freaking themselves out comparing themselves to other singers. It’s too bad, Amanda has an appealing raspy voice. “I wasn’t ready,” she admits.

KB Richins – How Could You by Jessie Murph

KB shares that she lacks confidence at 20 years old. She decides to go out of her comfort zone for Hollywood. She hints that she went through terrible things as a child. KB didn’t write this song, but says she could have. She sings it straight from the gut to an audience that is obviously moved. She breaks down in tears as she finishes. This is front runner stuff. “I’m very proud of what you’re doing,” Luke notes that she channeled hurt. Katy calls her brave.

Will Moseley – Whiskey and You by Chris Stapleton

Lionel had to leave in the middle of Will’s audition to catch a plane! Will is a tried and true country singer. He falls into a speaking cadence in the right spot. He delivers a raspy impactful performance, especially on the chorus. He’s kind of a throwback. “You are authentic country” says Katy. She calls him solid and gritty. But she wants even more. “I’m scared of you and I like it.”

Roman Collins – Gravity by John Mayer

He gives the song the church revival treatment at the piano. Maybe some oversinging here.

MacKenzie Sol – Going Through Changes by Eminem

He delivers a passionate performance which may be overbaked. We only get a snippet here. OH. He’s covering Eminem. That’s creative!

Blake Proehl – Yours by Russell Dickerson

He sings a pretty version of the song sitting at the piano.

Justice Murphy – I’m Here from The Color Purple

She sings a rousing version of the song that season 3 winner Fantasia has made one of her signature songs after starring in both the Broadway production and recent film adaption of The Color Purple. Lionel is losing it, saying he doesn’t know how they will choose.

Kennedy Reid – How Great Thou Art

She’s the singer who works at a funeral home as a cosmetologist. She hits some big notes, but everything about his performance–from her sound to her look–is very old fashioned. “This is not the person we met,” says Lionel. “This has been a great day,” says Luke.

Ziggy – All I Want by Kodaline

He’s from Netherlands, and he ALMOST didn’t get his visa sorted out in time. He arrives in Hollywood at the last minute. Back home, people tell him that he’s TOO EXTRA. Ziggy has competed in a bunch of singing shows in Europe. He describes a difficult childhood. His father was a “rockstar.” He mentions being on Dutch Idol where he reconnected with his dad. But he passed away last year aftr a stroke. Ziggy is a talented and unique performer. But if he goes far, would he survive the voting rounds, where conventional country singers and religious contestants reign? Katy thinks he was able to break down people’s judgements.


The judges spit the singers into two groups. Group 2 goes home. Group1 moves on. Another grouping. Group 1 goes through. Group 2 is eliminated. The judges keep calling singers to the stage. The last group of two are given the fake out. They ALL go through.

Out of 143 singers, 56 survive, says Ryan Seacrest. The usual heartbreaking splits that have become a hallmark of Hollywood Week: Kayko made it, but his friend Abby Blake, whom he tagged along to accompany her audition did not. Mia Matthews advanced, but her little sister Kacy Matthews did not. But siblings Max Dasher and Lela Dasher BOTH advance

Advancing to the next round: Mia Matthews, Kayko, Quintavious, Hailey Mia, K-Blocks, Scarlett Lee, Triston Harper, Will Mosley, Jennifer Jeffries, KB Richens, Nya, Kennedy Reid, Ajii, Ziggy, Max Dasher, Lela Dasher, Emmy Russell, McKenna Faith Breinholt, Blake Proehl, Jack Blocker. Mackenzie Sol (Controversial contestant Alyssa Raghu also advanced to Showstoppers, although the show did not feature her performance.)

Eliminated: Abby Blake, Noah Peters, Conall, Kyra Waits, Bethany, Meggy, Madai Chakell, Kimi, CJ Rislove, Jacy Matthews, Amanda Mograss

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