American Idol 2024 Recap: Top 24 Revealed (Showstoppers Video)

American Idol 2024 - KB Richens, Alyssa Raghu
(Disney/Eric McCandless) KB, ALYSSA RAGHU

American Idol 2024 Recap: Who is the Top 24? Revealed after Showstopper performances (Watch below)

American Idol season 24 Top 56 perform for a spot in the Top 24. The singers will choose a song and perform in with a full band in front of a studio audience. Then, one by one each singer will meet the judges who will deliver the singer’s fate.

By the end of the episode, a Top 24 will be REVEALED.

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NO MORE SPOILERS! Feel free to discuss (Song spoilers can be discussed)

NOTE: There are no full performances outside of the sing-offs on Youtube. Idol uploaded several shorts, with instructions to watch the full performances on Hulu.

Jordan Anthony – Love in the Dark by Adele

Jordan and his dad traveled to the US from Australia. Dad is a vocal coach. He’s in the audience looking on anxiously. The judges go wild as he sings. His vocal is trembly and emotional. He picks up the mic and digs into the performance. He sings a crowd pleasing high note. He’s a little pitchy here and there, however. Luke compliments his tone and lets him know that he made the Top 24

Jordan Anthony is IN the Top 24

Odell Bunton Jr. – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood by Nina Simone

Odell got to skip the Arena after receiving a Platinum Ticket. The singer dedicates his performance to his sister who suddenly died at 24 of Cardiomyopathy. The Animals recorded a popular version of this song back in the 60s. Odell completely loses himself in the song, which has too many runs and riffs. But the emotion comes from a real place.

His family is still homeless. Twelve people live in a hotel room. “God is good,” regardless, he says. Katy says it’s a lot of pressure having a Platinum Ticket. Oh here she goes with her patented dumb fakeouts. She says the judges have taken him as far as they can….now it’s up to America. He bursts into tears.

Odell is IN the Top 24

Nya – Get Ready by The Temptations

Girl knows how to work a stage. Katy calls the performance “fierce.” I mean, she throws in a leg kick. She’s dynamite. She’s 28 and can’t audition again. “We really want to tell you no as a fake out,” Katy jokes. But they decide not to be mean.

Nya is IN the Top 24

Blake Proehl – In My Blood by Shawn Mendes

Blake is a former football player. He played in the NFL for a bit. His dad was successful in the football world and Blake lived in his shadow. He gives his all to the performance. The judges believe he doesn’t have the experience. The panel wonders if he’s just in music because football didn’t work out. He turned to music after his grandmother encouraged him, Blake shares. Nevertheless, “We don’t want to fight your grandma,” says Katy. Grandma delivers the good news via Facetime.

Blake is IN the Top 24

Triston Harper – By Your Grace by Cody Johnson

Fifteen year old Triston has a lot of responsibility at home. He’s mature for his age. The judges call him an “old soul,” and indeed he sings with a maturity and subtlety beyond his teen years. He’s going to be a front runner, for sure. Mom is in the audience crying.

Katy calls him authentic. “You’re going to be OK no matter what we tell you today,” she says. But he is in the Top 24. Triston cries. He remembers being homeless with his mom, and the responsibility that put on his shoulders. Katy says, at 15, it’s time to have fun and be a kid.

Triston is IN the Top 24

Roman Collins – Come Together by The Beatles

He tells the audience that his mother died six years ago. She struggled with several health challenges. “Grief is the price you pay for love.” He says that “Paul McCartney will be his pastor” in this performance (Except John Lennon sang it and wrote it. OK.). Still, it’s a pretty great performance, overall. Very soulful and full of funk and groove. He throws the mic stand away at the end. and drops to the floor. Wow!

Luke could see the Gospel influence through the performance. He thinks, however, that Roman “edits back” a little. Regardless he’s in the Top 24. Katy calls it the best performance of the night.

Roman is IN the Top 24

Alyssa Raghu – I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

It’s an odd song choice, and she had pitchy moments throughout. But Katy thinks “the sauce” made an appearance.

KB Richins – Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

She notes that females don’t usually cover this song. I can’t remember ever hearing a woman cover the song, actually. KB felt the judges did not look impressed. She’s crying. The little snip we heard sounded bluesy and full of passion, so what’s not to like?

Alyssa and KB SING OFF

Lionel thinks both did a fantastic job. SO the two will SING OFF. They give the singers an hour to pick either Shallow or Fingers Crossed. Katy says the panel argued over them, so they must sing-off. “If one of us goes through, I want it to be me,” says Alyssa. The villain edit continues.

The two decide on “Shallow.” Alyssa sings first. This performance is better than her performance with the band. Alyssa delivered a better, more controlled vocal, but KB is more passionate and invested in the lyrics. Her emotion and ability to dig into a lyric wins. Here’s the thing. The show CLEARLY brought Alyssa back to serve as a foil. Why else would they let someone through who already did well on TWO recent seasons? Alyssa is the villain, KB is the underdog.

Alyssa calls American Idol a “wonderful wonderful journey.” The editors give her a nice sendoff.

Alyssa is ELIMINATED. KB is IN the Top 24

Justice Murphy, Micaela McCall. Scarlett Lee and Michael Rice are ALL ELIMINATED.

Jack Blocker – You Should’ve Seen the Other Guy by Nathaniel Ratcliffe

The crew fought for Jack after Katy and Lionel said no. And then he managed to make it through to Showstoppers. His song choices are interesting. The vocal coaches are helping him dial back all the crazy phrasing Katy hates. Allhough, he does make some crazy faces. “Get ugly,” is a thing Fantasia always said. She’s correct.

“We didn’t know Jack,” says Katy. “We are not going to pass judgement on this,” says Lionel. The crew come in to say he made the Top 24.

Jack is IN the Top 24

Mia Matthews – You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man) by Loretta Lynn

The producers scheduled her to sing RIGHT BEFORE Loretta’s granddaughter, Emmy Russell.. The judges are impressed with her performance.

McKenna Faith Breinholt – Anyone by Demi Lovato

The judges bring the two in together. They are complimentary toward Mia, but criticize McKenna’s song choice. The two won’t be singing off. The point of praising one and dissing the other? To put them BOTH through.

Mia Matthews and McKenna Faith Breinholt are IN the Top 24

Emmy Russell – More Hearts than Mine by Ingrid Andress

Before she was called to stage, another Mia Matthews sang her grandmother’s song (see above) and it made her emotional. It’s worth noting that she’s not the same kind of singer as her grandma. So she will probably not pick her songs. Her tone is so pretty, in addition to having great range.

She was crying before she sang. The producers are so mean setting her up like that. Luke wants her confidence to grow. “We’ve heard a lot of promising stuff,” although he says she’s still timid. “You are worthy…it’s probably a pretty good confidence boost to let you…into the Top 24.

Emmy is IN the Top 24

Will Mosley – Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers

Will’s Americana stylings are effortless. He’s going to be a fan favorite, for sure. Luke says, “You sing like you look.” He compliments his natural relaxed voice and authenticity. Will takes the news, that he’s in the Top 24, in stride. Will is the epitome of chill.

Will Mosley is IN the Top 24

Ajii – Too Close by Alex Clare

He claims his voice is only at 50 percent. But his sound is so dependent on raspiness and grit, it really doesn’t matter. He’s powering through it.

Luke calls his vocals “a little screamy.” Katy says he takes care of others TOO MUCH and doesn’t take care of himself, using the airline metaphor of putting the oxygen mask on you self before putting it on a child. Lionel believes he needs to bring more vocals when he performs for the Top 24.

Ajii is IN the Top 24

Kayko, Elleigh Marie, Kennedy Reid are IN the Top 24

No clips of their performances, however. According to Spoilers: Kayko sang Gives You Hell by The All American Rejects, Elleigh sang Golden Slumbers by The Beatles and Kennedy Reid performed Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler.

K-Blocks – River by Bishop Briggs

She’s an R&B singer, but chooses songs from a range of interesting genres. She’s got a thing going that’s wholly her own. However, this time, she oversings.

Lionel calls her fierce before sharing she’s in the Top 24. “You made us pay attention to you,” he says.

K-Blocks is IN the Top 24

Abi Carter – If I Could Turn Back Time by Cher

She has bronchitis ahead of her Showstopper performance. Abi is a Platinum Ticket holder. After her dad left the family, Abi had to drop out of school and work while her mother went back to school. Katy notes that much was not in her control. In the clip shown, Abi doesn’t sound sick. The bts doctors can shoot a performer’s cords full of steroids before singing. Happens all the time on this show! She even hits high notes.

She played guitar, although she’s more comfortable on the piano, she says. “I think the dream ends now.” Katy says, “I understand.” FAKE OUT. Katy continues, “The dream becomes a reality. You are in our Top 24.” The judges agree she did her best under the circumstances.

Abi is IN the Top 24

Jayna Elise – It’s All Coming Back to Me by Celine Dion

Jayna was cut right before the Top 24 last season. The song choice is tired, but she’s breathing new life into it. She’s a good performer. Some of these singers COME ALIVE in front of a band and a crowd.

Jayna is IN the Top 24

Quintavious and Haley Mia are IN the Top 24

The show quickly montages through Mia’s performance of “Alive” by SIa. We don’t see Quintavious perform at all, but according to spoilers, he sang “You Say” by Lauren Daigle.

Jennifer Jeffries – Northern Attitude by Noah Kahan

Jennifer tells the judges that she blacked out during most of the performance and doesn’t remember it! Again, there are better vocalists in this bunch, but Jennifer is compelling. She sounds hoarse this time, though.

Katy says that her voice can’t be all texture and tone. There has to be some notes. Luke compares her to Alejandro Aranda. Luke says, “You’re in our Top 24.” Katy calls her a “diamond in the rough.”

Jennifer is IN the Top 24

Julia Gagnon – And I Am Telling You by Jennifer Hudson (Dream Girls)

Julia is the third and final Platinum Ticket holder. She picks a challenging song and is crazy good hitting the big notes and pulling off ambitious ad libs. The judges are on their feet before the song ends.

Lionel warns her not to get psyched out. He thought she oversang some. “If I said you were not in our Top 24…” Oh Lionel delivering the fake out this time. “It would not be in my heart.” Julia is IN the Top 24. All three Platinum Ticket holders advanced to the Top 24.

Julia is IN the Top 24

Ziggy – This is Me from Greatest Showman

Another problem with Ziggy competing for votes, aside from maybe being too much for the Idol crowd–he doesn’t live in America where he could develop a local fan base.

Katy says, “You’ve been baring your soul, your heart and your pain.”

Mackenzie Sol – A Little Help from my Friends by The Beatles

MacKenzie is also from outside America, but lives in Las Vegas now. Katy says, “You made me fall in love with that song all over again.” She loved his unique version of the Beatles classic (Also covered by Joe Cocker). MacKenzie hasn’t been highlighted much. But he should have been.

Mackenzie and Ziggy SING OFF – Jealous by Labrinth

Ziggy and Mackenzie face the judges together and will sing off for the last spot in the Top 24. They can choose between Jealous or Harry Styles. They choose Jealous. Mackenzie is freaking out, because Ziggy is so good. But Ziggy is also losing it. Two DRAMATIC singers are having a tough time holding it together. At least, according to the edit.

Mackenzie and his ex used to sing the song. He vowed never to sing it again. Welp. And it is a performance that is full of emotion. He’s about to cry, his voice is so trembly. Not a perfect vocal, but passionate. Ziggy seems nervous. His vocal is more stylized. But his phrasing is beautiful. He’s the singer with more professional experience, and it shows.

Katy notes Mackenzie’s unbridled energy. Still, he’s in the Top 24. Ziggy is ELIMINATED

Ziggy is talented, but would have had a hard time garnering votes.

Ryan announces that the Top 24 are GOING TO HAWAII. To the Disney Aulani Resort to perform with Tori Kelly and Jelly Roll as mentors.

American Idol 2024 Top 24


  1. Abi Carter
  2. Elleigh Marie Francom
  3. Emmy Russell
  4. Hailey Mia
  5. Jayna Elise Brown
  6. Jennifer Jeffries
  7. Julia Gagnon
  8. K.B. Richins
  9. K-Blocks
  10. Kennedy Reid
  11. McKenna Breinholt
  12. Mia Makana Matthews
  13. Nyachomba “Nya” Muchai-Kinya


  1. Ajii
  2. Blake Proehl
  3. Jack Blocker
  4. Jordan Anthony
  5. Kayko
  6. Mackenzie Sol
  7. Odell Bunton, Jr.
  8. Quintavious Johnson
  9. Roman Collins
  10. Triston Harper
  11. Will Moseley
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