The Voice 7 Live Blog- Knockouts Round #3

The Voice - Season 7

Welcome to the LAST night of the Knockouts! Tonight we’ll be joined one last time by The Voice’s adviser Taylor Swift. Let’s keep those fingers crossed for some stellar performances tonight, shall we?

Blake is the ONLY coach in the game with a steal left.

First up is Team Blake’s Allison Bray and Taylor Brashears. Allison is this year’s come back kid who didn’t make it last year but is well on her way this year. She’ll be singing “Sin Wagon” by The Dixie Chicks because it represents who she is as an artist. Blake says she is singing over the note. Taylor S. has Allison take off her giant heels and move around on the stage, to be more “sloppy.”

“People love total messes, come on!” ~Taylor Swift

Taylor B. is adorable. She’ll be singing “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. She wants to show off her softer side. Blake says her phrasing can sometimes go flat. Taylor S wants less of a yodel. She wants her to concentrate on picking that one person in the audience to sing it to.

The Performances
I hate the song Sin Wagon. Allison is sounding a bit pitchy. She’s also wearing comfy boots and not six inch heels so that’s progress. She’s like Miranda Lambert and Dolly Parton blended together. I just don’t think this song is showing everything that she’s capable of. Will that hurt her?

This is turning out to be a great song choice for Taylor. Compared to what my ears just heard, this is very pleasant. Will there be enough vocal gymnastics for the coaches and the crowd? My vote would have to go for Taylor. She’s dynamic.

Pharrell thought they both were great and that they both have two different stories to tell. Gwen said Allison commanded the stage but her power notes got shouty. Gwen loved Taylor’s control and restraint. Adam is leaning towards Allison. Blake says Taylor has an authentic country sound. He likes how Allison projects but that she was sharp tonight.

The winner of this knockout is Taylor Brashears!! – Download from iTunes

Next is Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill and Beth Spangler. Ryan’s so excited to meet Taylor Swift. His face is bright red. He’s singing Miss Independent by Ne-yo. I’m surprised by his choice but I freaking love this song. Taylor loves that he smiles when he sings. He needs to have more swag. Taylor wants him to really milk that last big note.

Beth had a rough Battle Round but she was stolen by Gwen. She’s singing “Too Little, Too Late” by JoJo. She wants to show her sassy side on stage. She’s a little shrieky. Gwen and Taylor feel like she over sings at times. They want her to take it down a key.

The Performances
Ryan’s voice is like buttteeerrrrr. Very smooth. He needs more personality in his performances. He can easily work the female vote if he made it to the live shows. Gwen won’t stop grinning at him. He did good, I don’t think he hit that note that he was supposed to.

I’m so happy that someone is covering JoJo on a reality singing show. It’s about damn time. Beth seems a little unsure of herself. Is it the key change? Now the difference between her and Ryan is the on stage persona. She’s got that extra level of charisma.

Adam loves Beth’s song choice. He says Ryan is one of his favorites and likes his tone. Blake says Ryan throws away his runs and Beth puts a spotlight on hers. For him it’s a dead tie. Pharrell think Beth has an incredible tone, but he hears country-pop in her voice. Gwen thinks Ryan’s style is coming through now. She feels Beth did everything right but that her notes can be abrasive.

The winner of this knockout is Ryan Sill!! – Download from iTunes

Pharrell’s final pairing is Jean Kelley and Menlik Zergabachew. Jean lost her battle but was stolen by Pharrell. She’ll be singing “Chandelier” by Sia because of how beautifully sad the song is. She wants to sing songs that mean something. Taylor Swift is incredibly impressed by her, and thinks this is going to be a game changer. Pharrell says she gave them emotion and connectivity. He wants her to be vulnerable.

Menlik also lost his battle and got swooped up by Pharrell. He’s doing “Could You Be Loved” by Bob Marley. Pharrell and Taylor want him to stop closing his eyes when he sings. He needs to let people in. Pharrell wants him to work the entire room.

The Performances
Menlik is struggling to keep his eyes open lol. I like his voice though. It seems a bit unfair to pair him against Jean when they really are two completely different artists in terms of genres. I guess because they’re both steals? He’s doing a great job with the song but is it enough?

Jean’s rocking this song already. Going softer on the chorus was a brilliant choice. If Pharrell doesn’t choose her, I just cannot lol. Pharrell is on his feet!

Gwen thinks it’s weird how they both were on her team and now are paired against each other lol. She liked how Jean made the song her own. She thinks Menlik has shown a lot of growth and personality. Adam said when Jean sings it’s like deep anxiety and relief, he says her long notes are potent. He wants Menlik to be more consistent. Blake says Jean is a dramatic performer. He likes Menlik’s arm swinging, he’d go with Menlik. Pharrell says it’s tough because Jean’s performance was like a broadway play and that Menlik was in his own little world. He is torn.

The winner of this knockout is Jean Kelley!! – Download from iTunes

Next is Team Adam’s Blessing Offor and Chris Jamison because they’re both soulful singers. Blessing was stolen by Adam during the battle rounds. He’s singing “Your Body is a Wonderland” by John Mayer. Adam likes Blessing’s sound and the way he sings. Taylor says you can feel that he’s having the greatest time. However Adam feels like he’s playing it a little safe. He needs to add more to make the song his own.

Chris is singing “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding. Adam wants him to not use as much falsetto. Taylor wants more movement from him on stage.

The Performances
And there’s Channing Tatum! Ha. I kid. It’s just Chris. But he has one of my favorite voices in this whole competition. So much soul in that voice, older than his years. That falsetto was a tiny bit rough but he worked it out.

I like Blessing’s voice too but his arrangement of the song is making it seem too old fashioned for me. Is there more to him than just these sort of performances? I’m unsure.

Blake said that Chris sang the crap out of that song, and that he loves Blessing’s smile. Pharrell said Blessing had the crowd going, and that he thinks Chris won because he did not expect that out of him. Gwen feels that music lives inside of Blessing, and she said that Chris made his song modern. Adam thinks they’re both incredible.

The winner of this knockout is Chris Jamison!! – Download from iTunes

Team Adam’s Matt McAndrew also sang Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” against Rebekah Samarin and won. Why was he being montaged? Ugh he deserves better than that! – Download from iTunes

Next is Team Blake’s Reagan James and Grant Ganzer. Grant is star struck by seeing Taylor Swift. He’s singing One Republic’s “Apologize.” I will never get tired of this song (thanks you Kris Allen). Taylor likes how he’s not afraid to sing to them. She wants him to get to get mad/angry during the song.

Reagan will be performing Blu Cantrell’s “Hit ’em Up Style.” She wants to be an R&B style. Taylor can’t believe how mature Reagan is and loves her song choice. Blake knows this song will be a challenge for her. Taylor wants her to focus on her adlibbing during the song. Blake wants her to enunciate clearly.

The Performances
Reagan’s got such confidence for someone so young. Compared to some of the more younger artists in this competition, she seems one of the MOST ready. I can’t really understand a lot of what’s she singing lol, thankfully I know the song so I can kinda follow along.

Grant seems a little shaky. He looks like he might cry? Shake it off kiddo, shake it off. He keeps going off pitch.

Pharrell liked when Grant belted out that one note and that Reagan was addicting to watch. Gwen feels like Grant is a diamond in the rough. She can’t believe Reagan is 15, but she wants her to dress down and be more herself. Adam thinks Grant is refreshing and he reminds him of himself (of course). He likes the rasp in his voice. Reagan freaks Adam out because of her confidence. Blake knows the nerves got to Grant, and that he has two completely different voices. He knows it will blend more when he gets older. He thinks Reagan can sing any song, he thinks she is very artistic.

The winner of this knockout is Reagan James!! – Download from iTunes

The very last knockout is Team Gwen’s Craig Wayne Boyd and Anita Antoinette. This is Anita’s second time on the show (she auditioned back in Season 3). She’s singing “Rude” by Magic. Gwen likes how she is projecting, she wants her to get sassier with it. Taylor likes her swag. Anita knows it will take a lot to win against Craig.

Craig will be singing “Can’t You See” by Marshall Tucker Band. Gwen is impressed by his natural ability. Taylor wants him to be more of a performer more than just an excellent singer. She wants him to take her to church. Gwen wants to modernize his look (haaa she really is going to play dress up). They make him ditch the jacket and it already brings him into this decade.

Craig cut his hair?!

The performances
I love Anita, she’s the real deal. She needs to work a bit on breath control though. She’s got good stage presence!

Craig is sounding pretty awesome on this song. He looks much more current. He might be takin’ us to church after all, eh?? So much better!

Adam thought Anita has come out of her shell. He feels like a little less of a man after hearing Craig sing that song lol. Blake said Craig has never looked so hot. He liked Anita as well. Pharrell said Anita kept them on her toes with her notes and that Craig was commanding the stage. He wished he had both on his team. Gwen loved how Craig sounded off so in control and then commanded the whole audience. She also thinks Anita has come so far in this competition.

The winner of this knockout is Anita Antoinette!! – Download from iTunes

And of course Blake is going to use his steal on Craig Wayne Boyd. Welcome to Team Blake! – Download from iTunes

Here are the Teams heading into the Live Playoffs!

Team Adam:
Taylor Phelan
Matt McAndrew
Damien Lawson
Mia Pfirrman
Chris Jamison

Team Blake:
Craig Wayne Boyd
Jessie Pitts
James David Carter
Taylor Brashears
Reagan James

Team Gwen:
Ryan Sill
Bryana Salaz
Taylor John Williams
Anita Antoinette
Ricky Manning

Team Pharrell:
Sugar Joans
Luke Wade
Elyjuh Rene
Danica Shirey
Jean Kelley

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