Dancing With The Stars – Season 19 – Week 8

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Tonight, the remaining seven celebrities will compete on the eighth week of Dancing With the Stars and they will pay tribute to the most dynamic duos in history.

The couples will have to dance an individual dance and the star with the highest score will be safe from elimination, while the remaining six will compete in a dance off.

Let’s go… Tom and Erin welcome us to the show and the remaining seven contestants are introduced, as well as, the judges. Lea and Artem are dancing first…

Lea (Jazz)

They are taking on Bonnie and Clyde, and she employs a acting coach because she really wants to get into character and do it justice. She does a solid job, but much like last week, the routine just lacks excitement and the it could stand to be a bit tighter. Len agrees and says she too safe with her routines, Julianne was also underwhelmed, Bruno didn’t think they executed it too well and Carrie Ann agrees but thought her confidence was back.

Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Julianne-8, Bruno-8 = 32/40
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Michael (Fox Trot)

They were rightfully at the bottom of the leader board last week and they are taking on Tarzan and Jane last night. He seems to be putting in the work, but he is just not a good dancer and their has to be some initial natural skill there to be a good dancer. There just isn’t much positive to say about his dancing, because he simply isn’t good enough to be in week eight of the competition. Julianne says it was much better than last week, Bruno says he lost his footing, Carrie Ann says he is not up to the level of everyone else and Len says that was best he ever seen him dance.

Carrie Ann-6, Len-7, Julianne-6, Bruno-6 = 25/40
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Michael Waltrip & Emma – Foxtrot – DWTS 19… by IdolxMuzic

Janel (Contemporary)

They are taken on Romeo and Juliet, and they are really looking to push forward the story of love. He pushes her really hard in rehearsals and it pays off… Big Time! The routine and the lifts are breathtaking and above all, effortless. Bruno says it was ambitious and gorgeous, Carrie Ann says its was Val’s finest choreography, Len says she showed him that she was a great dancer and Julianne calls it breathtaking.

Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Julianne-10, Bruno-10 = 40/40
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Janel Parrish & Val – Contemporary – DWTS 19… by IdolxMuzic

Tommy (Paso DoOble)

They are taking on Johnny Cash and June Carter, and Peta is pushing Tommy harder and limiting the number of breaks he takes. It results in one of Tommy’s worst dances. He an entertainer, not a dancer so I’m not sure why she is pushing in the opposite direction. Carrie Ann says he was a beat behind for most of the dance, Len compares him to a hot dog and its not a compliment, Julianne says he always gives it his all and Bruno likes that Peta doesn’t take it easy on him.

Carrie Ann-6, Len-7, Julianne-7, Bruno-6 = 26/40
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Tommy Chong & Peta – Paso Doble – DWTS 19 (Week 8) by IdolxMuzic

Sadie (Contemporary)

They are taking on Adam and Eve, and Mark is grumpy. He scolds Len and says he doesn’t like creativity and anything out of the box. Wow! The apple is the centerpiece of their dance and this is by far my favorite dance that these two have ever done. Len says it was well done, Julianne says it showed a level of maturity that we had yet to see from here, Bruno agrees and Carrie Ann says it was fantastic.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Julianne-10, Bruno-10 = 38/40
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Sadie Robertson & Mark – Contempoary – DWTS 19… by IdolxMuzic

Alfonso (Cha Cha)

They are taking on Batman and Robin, and rehearsals get a bit intense when he get stuck suspended in the air and they have to bring in a ladder to get him down. He just such a natural that even when he doesn’t do his best, I’m still completely entertained. Julianne says he needs to work on his legs, Bruno says he rocks, Carrie Ann says it was super tight and in sync, and Len says they are headed for next week.

Carrie Ann-10, Len-9, Julianne-9, Bruno-10 = 38/40
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Bethany (Salsa)

They are taking on Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo, and they are really working hard to keep their energy up this week. She works hard to get into character and it shows, but Derek is out working her in this dance. Bruno says her versatility exceeds his expectations, Carrie Ann says she loves the way she gets into it, Len says it was fantastic and Julianne says her journey has been her favorite of the season.

Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Julianne-9, Bruno-10 = 37/40
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Now, the first round is over and Janel and Val have won immunity and will not have to compete in the dance off. The remaining six celebrities will after the break… The celebrities will go head to head and the winning couple will get 3 points added to their score. The must prepare for four different routines, because one couple gets to pick their opponent and the other couple gets to pick the dancing style.

Alfonso get to pick first and they pick Lea and Artem, because they were above them last week. Lea and Artem pick the Jive.

Alfonso versus Lea (Jive)

As usual, both of them to deliver really solid routines and but there is just something so natural above Alfonso’s dancing that makes it really hard to top him. Len says they both did really fantastic, Julianne agrees, Bruno says there was hardly a hair between them and Carrie Ann says Alfonso won in her opinion. It is unanimous, ALFONSO AND WITNEY WIN!!!

Sadie gets to pick next and she picks their biggest competition, Bethany and Derek, who choose to dance the Cha Cha. They will battle after the break.

Sadie versus Bethany (Cha Cha)

Sadie kicks it off and does a solid job, but has a few missteps. Bethany also has some fumbles, and to be honest, this one can go either way because neither were perfect. Julianne says they were both ahead of the beat, Bruno says they really shaky, Carrie Ann and Len says he wants to see it all a dance. The audience chooses Bethany with 52% to 48% for Sadie. It’s a split panel. Len and Julianne vote for Bethany, and Bruno and Carrie Ann choose Sadie, but Len has the deciding vote so BETHANY AND DEREK WIN!!!

Tommy versus Michael (Rumba)

This dance style actually fits both of them better than most dances and Michael does much better than he normally does, but Tommy wins in my opinion. Carrie Ann says one of them captured the essence of the dance, Len needs to think and Julianne says she was more comfortable watching Tommy. Tommy wins the audience vote by a landslide with 73%. It is unanimous, TOMMY AND PETA WIN!!!

Now, it’s time for results as one couple is going to be eliminated. ALFONSO AND WITNEY ARE SAFE!!! BETHANY AND DEREK ARE SAFE!!! SADIE AND MARK ARE SAFE!!! LEA AND ARTEM ARE SAFE!!! Either Tommy or Michael is going home. TOMMY AND PETA ARE SAFE!!!


Janel – 40+3 = 43/40
Alfonso – 38+3 = 41/40
Bethany – 37+3 = 40/40
Sadie – 38/40
Lea – 32/40
Tommy – 26+3 = 29/40
Michael – 25/40

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