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The Voice - Season 7

The Voice 7 Knockout Rounds began tonight with Taylor Swift acting as adviser to the coaches. Although she’s not a vocal powerhouse, I thought the pop singer had some great advice about how to connect to a live audience while performing. That really is the thing Taylor does best. She can tell a story in a captivating way.

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Mister Popo Rap Battle! Team Four Star VS FUNimation

Tonight’s standout performances belonged to Luke Wade and Taylor Phelan (Faced each other in a knockout. Luke won for Team Pharrell, 3 coaches attempted to steal Taylor. Blake won!). Both will be major contenders in the finals, I predict. ETA: Both Luke and Taylor had stronger performances in the Blinds and Battles. Taylor’s timing was off, particularly in the chorus, and Luke’s ad libs were a little gratuitous, but I still enjoyed both performances.

Toia Jones was robbed. Although, Damien Lawson’s song choice, “How Do I Live,” was somewhat creative (although Leann Rimes turned it into a hit, it’s not REALLY a country song), and his delivery emotionally vulnerable, his wobbly vibrato and off-pitch moments didn’t cut it for me. Toia out sang him, flat out. Pharrell appeared to be completely FLOORED by Adam’s choice. Unfortunately, he had already used his one steal on Sugar Joans. Blake, rightly, realized the soul belter wasn’t a good fit for his team.  In the end, Damien may turn out to be more versatile, which could make me eat my words.

DaNica Shirey is a fine singer. She hits all the right notes and has an amazing range. But, she’s hopelessly old fashioned. If she makes it to the Top 12, she won’t last long. She’d be a terrible winner–fated to disappear after taking the crown.

The dark horse here is James David Carter, and I felt it the minute he opened his mouth to sing back in the Blind Auditions. He is polished and radio ready. As familiar with legacy tunes like tonight’s “You’ve Got a Friend” as more modern country fare. Blake will know the perfect songs for him to sing and he’ll manage to sit at the top of iTunes every week. Top 5, at least. Just watch.

Now it’s YOUR turn! TAKE THE POLLS! But definitely check out Kelly’s recap first!

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  1. The amount of love for Katriz. Lol, that ish is nowhere to be found in the actual comments.

  2. Still gutted how early Katriz was eliminated! The good news, my favourites, Taylor and Luke made it. Hoping Reagan and Menlik can also make it to the next round. My surprise steal of the night, Sugar Joans! She could be the dark horse and I am starting to like her.

  3. I really loved Swifty´s mentoring. On point all the way through.Girl knows what she is talking about. Plus she is sassy too.
    My favorite of the night was Luke. Love his tone. I was unimpressed by Tayor, his voice was out of breath at times..

  4. The best part of last night was Taylor’s mentoring. She had a lot of great advice.

    I wasn’t overly impressed by any of the performances. Luke was probably the best of the bunch but I thought he was better last week. Taylor P is my favorite contestant, but he was a little bit off his game last night. I wonder if it was because he didn’t have his guitar (or, as Taylor called it, his teddy bear).

  5. current iTunes figures:

    113 Jessie Pitts Your Song (The Voice Performance)
    151 Luke Wade Rich Girl (The Voice Performance)
    152 James David Carter You’ve Got a Friend (The Voice Performance)
    255 Damien How Do I Live (The Voice Performance)
    281 Taylor Phelan Rather Be (The Voice Performance)
    358 Bryana Salaz Heart Attack (The Voice Performance)
    391 DaNica Shirey Saving All My Love For You (The Voice Performance)
    769 Sugar Joans Love On Top (The Voice Performance)

  6. James David Carter a darkhorse? I’ve thought he was the favorite from the blinds. At this point I’d be a little surprised if he didn’t win. I think he’s been the best country singer on any of these shows other than maybe a couple of idol winners.

  7. I am not likeing this season as much personally. They seem more like Idol contestants and not as polished as some previous seasons. But, that’s just me.

  8. Her voice is so distinctive that it works for some. I like her voice, it’s like Melanie Martinez’.

  9. Jessie and Anita are the only girls like this season, but Jessie above Luke, no way!

  10. Funny, because I generally don’t have any interest in Melanie type voices. I had actually fast forwarded thru Jessie’s performance and only caught the end. Liked what I heard then had to go back to hear the entire performance. Liked it so much that I then had to go back and see her package with Taylor and listen to the performance again, lol. She and Sugar really impressed me. I’ll see if it holds.

  11. Please let Troy win. We need someone who actually commands the hell out of the stage.
    Homeboy has the stage charisma of Michelle Chamuel

  12. first look at her comment below.. then look at her comment above again…

  13. iTunes has informed me of what appears to be one confirmed knockout pairing steal

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