The Voice 6 – The Battle Rounds Part 1 – Recap and Video

Hey guys! It’s Monday, which means it is time for the Battle Rounds! So excited for my favorite round of the competition! Here is to an intense night of music!

The Voice Begins….. NOW!!!!!

After a quick recap, we find out the coaches helpers. Team Shakira has Miranda Lambert. Team Adam has Aloe Black. Team Blake has The Band Perry. Finally Team Usher has Jill Scott.

Lets get right to it! The Battles are starting right now.

Biff Gore VS. T.J. Wilkins from Team Usher.
Aint to Proud to Beg, by The Temptations- Wow T.J. sounded pretty solid in rehearsals. Jill tells Biff to really beg and dig into the lyrics. This is a hard song to do and requires a lot of emotion and Usher agrees when he says they needed to put the desperation into the lyrics. Lets see how they do, Old School VS. New School as Usher calls it. They both sound really solid at the beginning! As the song goes on, for me TJ begins to shine more then Biff, but both are going about it pretty strongly. I only heard a few weak notes. Then Biff hits a note and Adam goes crazy. Personally, I’d go with TJ, but I’m not sure the judges will agree with me to be honest.
TJ Wins and Continues with Team Usher! Awwww no one steals him…. poor guy….. except I spoke too soon and Blake hits his button and Biff Stolen to Team Blake!. I’m not sure about this steal, I think Biff is fodder, but lets see how he does in Knockouts.

Jake Worthington VS. Lexi Luca from Team Blake
It Goes Like This, by Thomas Rhett. In the flashback, straight off the bat, I think Lexi is really good! Jake is also good, but my initial impression favors Lexi. Jake sounds wobbly in rehearsals and Lexi even more so. The Band Perry advise them to work on their nerves and keep open their mouths and let the words breath. In the final rehearsals, Lexi sounds miles better! Battle time!
Jake keeps it quiet but lets the emotion enter his lyrics. He means the words he is saying. Lexi is a little wobbly on her notes, but she also has power! There are some pitch issues, but I don’t know who I’d go with. They both seemed super nervous. I bet they pick Jake.
Jake Wins and Continues on Team Blake I feel bad for Lexi here.

Side note: Shakira looks so adorable!
Dani Moz VS. Deshawn Washington from Team Shakira
My Kind of Love, by Emeli Sande. This is a BIG song. The vocals are all about power and soul. Shakira warns Dani about her lower vocals, Deshawn sounded solid. Dani said she needs to sing, not scream her voice out, but in the end they just seem like they are trying to out scream each other. Hmmmm, here we go with the battle!
Dani starts out a little wobbly, but as the song builds she finds her groove. Deshawn starts off sounding fine and he benefits the most from the buildup. Deshawn’s vocal’s start to soar towards the big notes. Dani is clearer and enunciating her words a little better. Both have their highs and lows, but personally, I think I’d go with Dani.
Dani Wins and Continues on Team Shakira. Poor Deshawn doesn’t get stolen

Kat Perkins VS. Patrick Thomson. Team Adam
Whenever I Call You Friend, by Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks. Both do fine in rehearsals with Kat needing some work on dynamics and connecting. Patrick over embellishes some notes, but thats understandable as this is a battle.
Did the commercial before really just spoil that this battle will end in a steal? Oh well. They both sound find and as the song builds, Pat finds his groove in the music, but Kat keeps up with him. Kat is just more interesting to watch. Pat hits some wobbly notes while Kat hits her stride and soars. I’d go with Kat on this one.
Kat Wins and Continues on Team Adam. Good choice Adam. Patrick was weak in that song and Kat was solid. But then Shakira steals Patrick!. Sorry, but really!?

Paula DeAnda VS. Sisaundra Lewis. Team Blake
What an unfair match up… poor Paula.
Do What You Want, by Lady Gaga. Both sounded amazing in rehearsals! However, Sisaundra is straight up out singing Paula. Paula sounds just fine, but I doubt she will be able to take down Sisaundra. She needs to sing for the steal.
Sisaundra takes the song and gets UGGGGGLY with it! She digs into it and pulls out all the stops! That power note she hit though….. Paula sings just fine, I think she should have been paired with someone else to make it fair. This one seems pretty open and shut. I hope Paula gets the steal.
Sisaundra Wins and Continues on Team Blake Wow, shocker. Someone please steal Paula!….. nope no one goes for it. #sadface

After a quick recap, we are up to the final pairings of the night!
Jake Barker VS. Stevie Jo. Team Usher
Higher Love, by Steve Winwood. Jake sounds pretty good and holds it back in rehearsals. I disagree with Usher who tells him to go and do more runs. Sometimes less can be more Usher! Stevie is a much stronger singer in my opinion and has a passion and fire behind his eyes. Then in the final rehearsals Jake really fumbles. Usher gives golden advice to Jake on breathing. Usher wins the best advice of the night award. This could be interesting…
Stevie has something about the way h interprets the lyrics. Jake puts his all into the notes. They seem pretty evenly matched during the duet. Neither is really shining and both are staying consistently middle of the road. Not the night’s best duet, but I think Stevie is much more interesting to watch and so I’d give it to him.
Stevie Jo Wins and Continues on Team Usher. Adam and Shakira go for the steal! Blake pushes his button at the last minute.  Jake stolen to Team Adam. Good luck on Team Adam, Jake!

And with that, we are out! Thanks for having me again Mjsbigblog! Have a good night, and I will see you all again next Monday! But ZOMG Clarissa tomorrow! So excited to see her battle tomorrow!

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