The Voice 5 Top 8 – iTunes Rankings, Poll Results and Predictions

The Voice - Season 5

This week, Will Champlin moves to the top of the pack, moving into the iTunes Top 10 in time to earn the 5x bonus that will multiply his votes. It just goes to show you the power of the great song. Will has sung consistently well all season, but didn’t register with viewers in a big way until he sang the classic “At Last”. I still maintain he lacks charisma, which is why a technically less talented singer like James Wolpert makes a bigger splash. Will was on the short list to be eliminated prior to last night’s show. He needn’t worry about that anymore.

Speaking of front runners. Golden boy, Matthew Schuler could be in trouble this week after a disastrous performance of “It’s Time” last night. But I suspect he’s got people at this point voting for him regardless, and may be spared. If he does hit bottom, the twitter instant vote will save him. I may even take a minute to get in on that.

Definitely in the bottom 3 and likely going home is Ray Boudreaux. I don’t know what Blake Shelton was thinking giving him a song, “Gimme Some Lovin,”  so far out of his wheelhouse. Ray looked super uncomfortable attempting to ape a Vegas lounge singer. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but I can’t help but wonder if Blake is sabotaging members of his own team, so he can concentrate on Cole Vosbury, who has, incredibly, a shot at the win.

Caroline Pennell is sinking fast, and her mentor, Cee Lo Green, is not helping her out. Her tepid performance of “Dog Days Are Over” will land her in the bottom this week and there’s no guarantee America will twitter save her twice–definitely not if she’s up against Matthew.

The other possibility for the Bottom 3 is Tessanne Chin, who is an incredible vocalist. Her performance last night was masterclass worthy. But I’m afraid America isn’t catching on to that. If she’s in the bottom 3, I’m not sure America will save her either.

iTunes rankings don’t help us much this week. theres a cluster of singers bunched between #11 and #22. I suspect that is statistically insignificant. There’s a big gap to Ray and Matthew at the bottom of the chart. But Matt could have fans making up for the casual viewers who didn’t download his iTunes.


Bottom 3: Ray Boudreaux, Caroline Pennell and either Matthew Schuler or Tessanne Chin. America Twitter Saves:  Matthew Shuler, for sure. If Matthew isn’t in the bottom–Tessanne Chin or Caroline Pennell. Ray Boudreaux is a definite goner.

iTunes Rankings via RSS as of 2 pm ET

#5 – Will Champlin – Team Adam – At Last
#11 – Cole Vosbury – Team Blake – I Still Believe in You
#13 – James Wolpert – Team Adam – Somebody to Love
#18 – Jacquie Lee – Team Christina – Who’s Lovin You
#21 – Tessanne Chin – Team Adam – Underneath it All
#22 – Caroline Pennell – Team Cee Lo – Dog Days are Over
#49 – Ray Boudreaux – Team Blake – Gimme Some Lovin
#70 – Matthew Schuler – Team Christina – It’s Time

And here are your poll results.  Comments reveal James to be a polarizing contestant. But he has enough fans to sell iTunes and do reasonably well on polls.  Will is the clear winner in our poll too, taking a third of the vote in the Favorite Performance poll! Jacquie takes nearly 22% and we’re over 50%.  Caroline, Matthew and Ray are the bottom dwellers.

Favorite Performance

Will Champlin – Team Adam – “At Last” 32.65%
Jacquie Lee – Team Christina – “Who’s Lovin’ You” 21.54%
James Wolpert – Team Adam – Somebody to Love 13.49%
Cole Vosbury – Team Blake – “I Still Believe in You” 9.98%
Tessanne Chin – Team Adam – “Underneath it All” 8.73%
Caroline Pennell – Team Cee Lo – “Dog Days are Over” 5.67%
Matthew Schuler – Team Christina – “It’s Time” 5.22%
Ray Boudreaux – Team Blake – “Gimme Some Lovin” 2.72%

The elimination poll results are not controversial.  James scored high on THIS poll as well, which points to how polarizing he is at this point.

Who SHOULD go Home

Ray Boudreaux 46.26%
Caroline Pennell 18.76%
Matthew Schuler 10.14%
James Wolpert 7.35%
Tessanne Chin 6.21%
Cole Vosbury 5.83%
Jacquie Lee 3.42%
Will Champlin 2.03%

Who WILL go Home

Ray Boudreaux 58.19%
Caroline Pennell 21.84%
Matthew Schuler 5.86%
Tessanne Chin 4.93%
James Wolpert 2.93%
Cole Vosbury 2.93%
Jacquie Lee 1.86%
Will Champlin 1.46%

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