Tracy Morgan: Truck Driver Sounds Off on Twitter, FXX Will Save Show

Kevin Roper, the Walmart truck driver blamed for the six car pile up over the weekend that seriously injured SNL alum and 30 Rock star, Tracy Morgan and killed comedian, James McNair, is defending himself against official reports that say he had been up more than 24 hours leading up to the accident. He posted an impassioned plea on twitter.

My statement on the unfortunate accident that happened Saturday:

First off my prayers go out to all the families that were affected. My prayers to the man that passed away during the accident (Mr McNair) i wish it was me and i can’t express how horrible i feel As for the accident i have some things to get off my chest that the media and police have neglected to report. First off i never said i was awake for 24 hours, not once did i say that to any law enforcement or media person. These are lies being spread because they are pressured o make an arrest as this accident was being covered  “NATIONALLY”  because a famous person was involved.

Once again the accident was horrific and we lost a precious life, but please remember i was not drunk, high, (I was tested and passed) under any influence of any drug or alcohol, i had an “ACCIDENT’ which unfortunately occurred with a lot of media spotlight. If my ACCIDENT occurs with no media spotlight i am issued a few traffic tickets. The excuse of me being up 24 hours is complete BS! I was never charged at the scene of the accident because once again i was not guilty of any crime. Not until all the TV cameras came did the police all of a sudden make a determination i was up 24 hours (sounds good and sells papers) also covers their ass So yes i am now most likely fu*ked because i had an unfortunate ACCIDENT with the wrong car that night.

Could this many possibly have a lawyer? A good one would tell him to stay off social media. Ranting about getting into an accident with the wrong car, after causing an accident that resulted in death and grave injury is not a good look, to say the least.

While Tracy recovers from his injuries in the hospital, he’ll be happy to know that FXX has not cancelled his upcoming 10 episode series that was due to begin shooting in August for a January premiere. They released a statement:

The only thing we are concerned with is the health and recovery of Tracy Morgan and the victims of this tragic accident. We will support Tracy and his family in every way possible throughout his recovery. At the point when Tracy has recovered and decides that he is ready to go back to work, his show will be waiting for him. Right now our thoughts and prayers remain with Tracy, the other victims of the accident, and their families.

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