Top 4 Duets Revealed! Plus Rehearsal Spoilers

Duets for tonight! Crystal Bowersox/Lee Dewyze and Casey James/Mike Lynche! What do you think of that?

I have to say, I’m a little surprised at the outcome. I expected the two parents–Crystal and Mike–to gravitate to one another. Last year, the Top 4 chose their own partners, and I wouldn’t expect this year to be any different. But, it’s all good. It’ll be interesting to see how the situation pans out.

I’m not a huge fan of the duets. It’s a device that gets around the time problem–a way to fit more songs into an hour long show. I miss the days when the Top 4 sang two songs each–season 7 and prior. The last 2 years have been more talk and less music, to the detriment of the show. Just another item to add to the long list of complaints…

Thanks @TeamLeeDeWyze!

UPDATE: rehearsal spoilers are in. Check it out after the jump.  More HERE.

Michael Lynche, comfortable and relaxed in his sweats, started his performance while standing on the stairs at the back of the stage. While his tune gained momentum, he stepped down and walked toward the judges’ table. As the moment continued to build, the musicians stood, and when the song ended, Rickey Minor said they all got “closer to God.”

Next, the first duet was performed. With guitars in their hands, the singers stood side-by-side, center stage — both at their mic stands. With a Spanish flair they reached for big notes at the same time and were so in sync that after, they looked over and nodded. They took a few steps toward each other and one of them joked, “and then we’re going to kiss.”

Casey James, in his blue-bottomed sneakers requested to sit on the edge of the catwalk, then shifted to left stage at the edge of the stairs. With his mandolin in hand, he strummed and joked, “Check it out, ladies.” He sang a tune perfect for his voice, but battled with the crew a bit after being told he should move center stage. “It’s and exhale not an inhale, ” he said of the mood he was going for. But in the end, he settled at center stage.

After an impressive performance last week, Lee DeWyze, sporting his signature red beanie, clutched his guitar and sang with confidence. Sometimes getting a bit ahead of the music, he broke for a quick and quiet pow wow with Rickey Minor at the bottom of the right stage stair well. When he returned to center stage, his voice was even stronger and right on the mark.

Then, the second duet was rehearsed and both singers strummed guitars. At first they struggled to get their levels right, but when they did, their harmony was romantic and sweet. They practiced singing while looking at each other on the fourth take and on the fifth, the two sat on the ground face-to-face playing their guitars.

Crystal Bowersox, in glasses, a purple shirt and flip-flops, returned with her guitar and a performance that will cure the judges yearn for “Mama Sox” to play something louder. The tune is arranged in a bit of a honky-tonk mode and the singer requested a male back-up vocalist and the presence of a percussionist on stage.

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