Top 13 iTunes Performance Review – The First Batch of Songs!

It’s always interesting to compare the iTunes recordings to the live performances.   It gives me a different perspective on the kids vocal abilities for sure.   On first listen, the vocals that really popped for me were, Michael Sarver, Matt Giraud and Alexis Grace.

Recorded vocals not living up to the hype–Lil Rounds and Allison Iraheta.   Allison suffers from a boring arrangement, Lil–I think she may be a better performer than singer.   And, I like Adam Lambert, dialed back a bit.

What do you think of this first batch of ITunes recordings? (click on the iTunes link to download…)

  • Lil Rounds -“The Way You Make Me Feel” –   iTunes – I really liked Lil’s performance of this song, but the recording is dull and karaoke. She might be a better performer than singer.
  • Scott MacIntyre – “Keep the Faith” –   iTunes – To say Scott lacks any edge is an understatement.   But, I don’t doubt he’s got fans out in Idol land who appreciate his bland, but sweet tenor. AC fans rejoice.
  • Danny Gokey – “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” –   iTunes – Danny reminds me a little of Michael McDonald, or Huey Lewis maybe?   Singing with energy, he navigates this iconic song without making it sound karaoke.
  • Michael Sarver – “You Are Not Alone” –   iTunes – Wow. Michael has a beautiful recording voice. Very nice–beautiful falsetto. Even better than the live performance–and that was pretty good.
  • Jasmine Murray – “I’ll Be There” –   iTunes – Even wiith her pitchiness cleaned up, this is still pretty dire. Like Simon said, Jasmine is a kid playing grown-up.   She completely lacks an emotional connection to what she’s singin.
  • Kris Allen – “Remember the Time” –   iTunes – I like Kris’s vocals, but there’s something lacking here (as well as his live performance).   Charisma, maybe.
  • Allison Iraheta – “Give In to Me” –   iTunes – Her live performance was powerful–this recording just plods along. Still like her voice, though.
  • Anoop Desai – “Beat It” –   iTunes – Oh Anoop. What a horrible song choice.   The recording is even more karaoke than his live performance.   Anoop can sing–I hope he works it out before it’s too late.
  • Jorge Nunez – “Never Can Say Goodbye” –   iTunes – Aw, Jorge, you weren’t as bad as the judges said you were.   The song is dated for sure, but Jorge’s got pipes, and he connects to what he’s singing.
  • Megan Joy Corkrey – “Rockin’ Robin” –   iTunes – Megan’s definitely got a unique tone, but her phrasing isn’t great and she lacks musicality.   She’s all quirk, but no substance.   Plus, robins don’t caw.
  • Adam Lambert – “Black or White” –   iTunes – This boy can sing.   The recorded version, less frentic than the live performance, has just the right amount of power and grit. Very good.
  • Matt Giraud – “Human Nature” –   iTunes – Matt sounds fantastic. His voice pops right off the recording. Out of this crew, Matt is the one with the most commercial sound.   If he’s not the stealth TCO, he should be.
  • Alexis Grace – “Dirty Diana” –   iTunes -Love this girl. LOVE HER. Great song choice, awesome bluesy vocals.   Terrific.
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