Thou Doth Protest Too Much

Have American Idol judges become too cruel?   That’s been the theme of recent  Idol  commentary  found ’round the net.   Even Rosie O’Donnell has gotten into the act.

Lather, rinse, repeat peeps.   Here are some quotes:

The  Seattle Times  says, “Considering it the biggest kid on the block, ‹American Idol is becoming quite the bully.


The Charlotte Observer weighs in, …Plumbing the depths of people who will do anything to get on television, ‹Idol has veered sharply… No longer a feel-good talent hunt, the early rounds of TV No. 1 show have evolved into a showcase of emotionally fragile specimens from America stockpile of the vocally deluded.

Quotes from this year’s press coverage?   NOPE.  These quotes are reactions to  Season 5 auditions.  Last year, the complaints of cruelty were also  loud and long as I reported here.   Folks from GLAAD and National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance were livid, as a matter of fact.    

I remember specifically, during last season’s auditions,  the cameras  lingering after a contestant left the room, and the judges–even Paula–proceeding to mock the clueless.   Remember that fragile transgendered teenager that was sent out of the room crying?   Are the judges any meaner this year?   I don’t think so.  Why is the press complaining as if “meaness” is some sort of new development during the AI audition rounds?   Eh, it gives them something to talk about…

And, as the press rattles their sabers, TPTB step in to defend themselves, as always. Peter Liguori, FOX  president of entertainment, had this to say, “I think this season is just a continuation of what’s been a very successful formula…The debate is what makes the show successful…It does seem that more people are coming to the show. I think they know what to expect. I think they have to appreciate the spirit in which that commentary is given”

During an American Idol panel at the  television critics’ winter tour in Pasadena yesterday, Simon Cowell had this  to say about his own behavior, “I take your point…Which is that it’s a singing competition, and why should I be calling [someone] a bush baby? But we never try to censor the show, and there are times, trust me, when I watch it back and think, ‘God, I wish I hadn’t said that.'”

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