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Britney learning that Fifth Harmony was safe @SamuelGrantS


WHOA SHOCKING RESULTS TONIGHT! But I can’t say I’m displeased.  Fifth Harmony out performed Emblem3 over the course of the competition and earned their spot in the final.  Simon tried to cram his boys down our throats, and in the end his machinations didn’t work. If you remember, Emblem3 were pretty far down the leader board in the beginning. Also, Simon was turning them into something they weren’t in order to make them palatable to audiences. In the end, it wasn’t serving the boys very well. If he plans to sign them no matter what, it’s better for them to go out early with a tiny bit of dignity left.  I have to be honest–I love watching Simon get his ass kicked.

Britney Spears was the gift that kept on giving tonight. First with her disgusted response to Fifth Harmony being declared safe, and then her display of prognosticating powers as she declared Emblem3 eliminated before it was announced! TRAINWRECK. Simon’s hilariously bad acting as he attempted to seem genuinely surprised AND HAPPY when the girls made it through was a thing to behold, as was his attempts to keep from looking pissed when Emblem3 were eliminated.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if Emblem3, 5H or Carly Rose went home. Because Tate Stevens–cool as a cucumber–is going to grab the crown next week. Handily. There is going to be zero suspense in this finale.

I’ll be live blogging the X Factor Top 4 results right here! Bruno Mars is set to perform.

It’s time TO FACE THE MUSIC and the RESULTS! The three finalists are REVEALED.

Khloe and Mario take the stage. Khloe. PULL YOUR SKIRT DOWN. And now here come the X Factor judges. I’m digging Demi’s dress.

Bridget Mendler is performing tonight. I have NO idea who she is. But I know all about the other performer, Bruno Mars.

OH. GROUP SONG FROM THE TOP 4 YAY. “Coming Home” is the turn. A rather unfortunate song choice, no? This is so weird. Suddenly, Emblem3 burst on the stage to rap the Diddy part. Carly sounds great doing the Skylar Gray part. Fifth Harmony are like background singers. Tate Stevens is woefully out of place.

Khloe and Mario can’t stop reminding us of how someone’s dreams will be shattered into a million pieces tonight. OK. We get it.

Now it’s time for last night’s recap. La la la. Not looking forward to the massive amounts of filler that will be required to fill the hour.

Simon says it’s going to be difficult for his girls. The bodies aren’t even warm yet Simon! Geez.

Khloe just called the prize a “5 million dollar recording contract”. Hm. The contestants share what winning the prize would mean to them. I’ve been dreaming about this since I was little. Blah blah blah. No talk about becoming rich, though.

The first act to make it through to the finals will be revealed! The Top 4 takes the stage. The first act is…Fifth Harmony! WOW WOW WOW! The girls are freaking out. Simon pretends to be happy and surprised. The rest of the group must be peeing their pants.

Britney smelled a fart! Ha ha the look on her face. 1000 gifs have been launched!

Britney reacts hilariously: She is disappointed because she thought Emblem3 would go through instead. OOPS BRITNEY. EMBLEM3 HAS NOT BEEN ELIMINATED YET. Britney has turned into a mindreader, just like Pauler! This show is such a trainwreck.

Bridget Mendler is next, and she’s a Kylie/Natasha knock off. Yawn.

Mario is rattling off the X Factor audition places and dates. Watch.

The second act going through to next week’s grand finale is…Tate Stevens!  I was totally expecting Tate to be called second. Britney looks totally pissed at the possibility that her act could be eliminated tonight.

Not surprised Carly and Emblem3 are left until the end. They are the two most vulnerable acts after Fifth Harmony.

Khloe is backstage with a very nervous Carly Rose and Emblem3. And I’m sure Khloe asking them awkward questions is helping them feel better. Emblem3 were basically “we don’t care if we win, we know we’ll be OK.” That’s right, because Simon is signing them anyway.

Bruno Mars is next! He sings “Locked out of Heaven”.

It’s time to find out WHO is taking the third spot in the Top 3. Will it be Carly Rose or Emblem 3? And it’s…Carly Rose Sonenclar! Shes TOTES relived. Poor thing. Bye bye Douchebag3! Ha ha. SIMON LOOKS TOTALLY PISSED. All that planning, plotting and manipulating for nothing!

Here are Your Top 3 Finalists

  • Fifth Harmony
  • Tate Stevens
  • Carly Rose Sonenclar

And Eliminated Tonight

  • Emblem3
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