The Voice’s Bodie Honors his Family with a Joji Tik Tok Hit

Pictured: Bodie — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Monday night’s The Voice episode was the start of the anticipated Live Playoffs where the top 16 performed for America’s vote. The show was solid across the board. It lacked a lot of stand out moments, but the first live show tends to be a bit messy vocally due to nerves. On the other hand, there weren’t any trainwrecks. (Read our Recap)

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One of the standout moments came from Team Blake Shelton singer, Bodie. Bodie has been a standout throughout the season. He is one of 2 contestants to be triple leaked by NBC (the other being Team Gwen’s Alyssa Witrado). In his video package, Camila Cabello noted that his “unexpected” talent makes him a standout. Blake called him his “one-in-a-million” artist and believes he is the most unique voice on the show. Bodie’s daughter exclaims, “I hope you win” before the clip cut to his performance.

Bodie covers Joji’s breakthrough hit “Glimpse of Us”

Bodie is singing alternative R&B singer, Joji’s breakthrough hit “Glimpse of Us” which is timely, as the song comes from Joji’s third album released 10 days ago. The song became a big hit on Tik Tok. Bodie begins a bit shaky with some tuning and pitch issues. He becomes more comfortable in the chorus, however. His phrasing and flips to his head voice are lovely.

His belts are where his voice really comes alive though. He brings a new side to the song in the latter half with his tone almost sounding punk rock before ending in a vulnerable spot. Speaking of punk rock bands, Bodie would sound great on a Green Day song like “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. Bodie is a true chameleon of an artist which should help him navigate this competition. This may have not been the best vocal of the night, but it was the best performance in terms of being the full package. The only other artist that I felt this type of emotional connection from their performance was Team John Legend’s Parijita Bastola.

The coaches get on their feet

By the song’s end, all the coaches are up on their feet and Blake looks wowed. Gwen Stefani said Bodie could “do anything” as his voice is “unbelievably good.” Blake noted how the crowd was “shouting” and wishes fans at home could hear them. Blown away, Blake feels Bodie did honor his family with that performance. He ends his comments by saying, “see you in the finale” and based on tonight I think Blake is right.

Joining Bodie in my group of standouts from tonight was Team John’s teen balladeer Parijita Bastola who sang an emotional rendition of a Gaga song, Team John’s soulful diva Kim Cruse who might be this season’s best vocalist, and Team Camila’s storyteller Morgan Myles who gave her best performance since her audition.

Tomorrow the Top 13 will be revealed with the Top 2 vote getters from each team advancing, as well as the coach saves, and one overall fan-voted wild card.

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