The Voice UK Blind Auditions Week 4 Recap (VIDEO)

The Voice UK continues for a fourth week of Blind Auditions on Saturday (Jan 25) on ITV. Olly Murs,, and Sir Tom Jones are all back for another season in the big red chairs. Pop singer Meghan Trainor is the new kid on the block.

During the Blind Auditions, each coach will choose 10 acts before moving on to the Battle Rounds. So far, Meghan and Tom have five acts, while and Olly have four.

Jordan Phillips – Found What I’ve Been Looking For by Tom Grennan – 20 year old sandwich delivery man from Stockport. His dad is a singer too. I like this guy’s tone. His voice has personality. He’s got a bit of a growl, too. Some pitchy stuff, though. Meghan pushes her button, and that’s it. Tom says “He sounds like you” to Olly, who responds with a bit of a stinky face. But ultimately, Olly regrets not turning.  Jordan claims he would have chosen Meghan anyway. Will notes his Manchester accent. Jordan jokes, “I didn’t notice it.” He has a cute personality! 

Ony Meghan turns

Cat Cavelli – I Put a Spell on You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – 29 year old full time mom from London. However, she grew up in Ireland. Also, she had a baby in 2015. This is a little ridiculous? The performance is over stylized, incorporating jarring vocal styles and a bunch of shouting. Underneath the crazy stuff, she’s really mediocre. Olly can’t resist. He turns. Will hits his button at the last minute. Cat says she hasn’t sung in a long while. Meghan notes the different vocal styles. “I thought she was two women!” Olly admits he loves the sexiness. “You put a spell on me.” Tom knows the song too well, he says. “It put me off it.” Will hit his button to irritate Olly. That’s nice to say. Or not. He makes it worse by advocating for Olly. 

Olly and Will turn. Cat picks Team Olly

It’s time to take a little break. Olly sings Dion’s “Runaround Sue” for his fans. It’s an odd choice. 

Grant Tuffs – Sucker by Jonas Brothers – 29 year old sales rep for a tool company. AW HE HAS THE CUTEST PUPPER. He’s the front man for a band and has only been singing for 4 or 5 years.  His rock tinged voice grabs attention right away. The studio audience seem into it. DANG NO TURNS. He has a strong, growly voice. AND I WANTED TO SEE MORE OF THE DOGGO. Oh well. Olly liked it, but he has someone similar on his team. 

No Turns

Brian Corbett – Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran – 29 year old bartender from Galway Ireland. Nice voice, but he sounds too much like Sheeran. This is a guitar boy in a bar level performance. The crowd is screaming for the coaches to turn. And finally, Olly does. Meghan loves his accent. Tom calls him “excellent.” Will calls the performance “gentle” and “earthy.” Brian talks about only now being ready to audition for The Voice

Only Olly turns

Elly O’Keeffe – River by Leon Bridges – 31 year old teacher from Cork in Ireland played in a family band. She starts off the song tentatively, but her voice on the big notes is clear and strong. The performance builds and builds. She is definitely saving the best for last. When she hits the notes at the end, she winds up with three turns – Tom, Meghan and Olly. Tom loves her style. Meghan relates to her story, very much. Will appreciates her simplicity. Meghan promises to support her and help with her confidence.  But, surprisingly, Elly chooses Tom. Thought she’d pick Meghan! Elly says she almost did, but felt drawn to Tom’s old school style. 

Tom, Meghan and Olly turn. Meghan picks Team Tom

Natalie Good – Shout Out to my Ex by Little Mix – 24 year old hostess and voice over artist from London. She describes her “natatude” as “sassa aggressive.” She also refers to herself in the third person. Hoo boy. This performance has pitch and breath problems, but she has a unique, pleasing  tone. But she’s shouty! Which is probably why she got no turns. “I definitely think the coaches missed out on a good entertainer,” she snarks afterward. Will thought she sang in the wrong key. Meghan thought she lost control as nobody turne. This is true. She actually started off OK, but was screeching by the end. 

No Turns

Johannes Pietsch – The Sound of Music – 18 year old student from Austria. Johannes is obsessed with the UK and also Ariana Grande. His dream is to sell out arenas. But then he sings “The Sound of Music” in a female sounding operatic voice. OK then. This isn’t very good, actually. SO PITCHY.  Will hits his button, for some reason. He’ll ditch Johannes in the Battles. Will calls his voice “spectacular” possessing “amazing control.” Johannes says he studies classical in school, but sings pop songs around the house. He can hit a c7 using his whistle tone. Meghan is sorry she didn’t turn around. Both Meghan and Olly thought he was a middle aged woman. 

Only Will turns

Lois Moodie – I Was Here by Beyoncé – 21 year old from London. Although she has been singing all of her life, Lois is very nervous to audition. She sometimes doubts her talent. Louis’s big, soulful voice will surely get at least one turn, right? It’s taking everybody a minute. In fact, it’s not until she finishes that Will, Tom and Olly hit their buttons, all at once. That felt like pre-meditated drama concocted for the last audition of the night! Tom calls her voice “tremendous.” He says, “You can sang!” Tom notes that he’s won twice, including season 1. He says he’ll do everything he possibly can to help her. Olly calls the audition “brilliant.” In the end, she chooses Team Tom. He definitely delivered the best pitch!  Even his fellow coaches admit it.

Will, Tom and Olly turn. Lois chooses Team Tom


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