The Voice UK 2018 Blind Auditions 4 Live Blog (VIDEO)

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The Voice UK airs tonight at 8:00pm BST (9:00pm CEST, 3:00pm EDT, 12:00pm PDT) on ITV 1.

Tonight, The Voice UK 2018 heads into week 4 of the Blind Auditions on iITV 1! Sir Tom Jones, Jennifer Hudson, return to the coaches panel. Joining them is newbie the X Factor UK’s Olly Murs. With host Emma Willis.

H Boss – 28 – “Don’t Mind” by Kent Jones and “Antenna” by Fuse ODG – He sings, raps, dances and entertains. His real name is Harold. Is this another joke audition? He’s wearing a sparkly jacket and light up athletic shoes. He looks ridiculous. The light up shoes are kind of pointless until they turn around. The song is rhythmic, the kind of thing Olly sort of does. Will he turn? H. Boss kind of sucks, actually. Which is why nobody turns. Aw. Sparkly look. All for naught. Oh wait. He doesn’t leave the stage. He launches into some break dancing and the coaches can’t help but take a peek.  The crowd is chanting “BRING HIM BACK BRING HIM BACK.” Please, no. Will breaks protocol and goes backstage to give the reject some props. – No Turns

Kirby Frost – 17 – Ciao Adios by Anne Marie –  She’s very shy. It took her friends and family to convince her she could sing. But uhm. This isn’t so good. Her enunciation and pitch are terrible. And yet she gets three turns. Everyone but Jennifer. Jennifer says her voice is ready for radio.  Tom compliments her control “Every note you hit was spot on.” Did we listen to the same performance? Olly calls her “fresh.” Jennifer tries to convince Kirby to go with Will because he’s a producer. Does she listen? Nope Kirby Chooses Team Olly.

Loaded Sista – Black Widow by Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora – Female duo named Keisha and Sally. The latter had a baby and moved north. They rehearse on the phone.  Oh. Sally sings and Keisha raps. So, that’s different.  Kind of interesting. Olly pressed his button, but his chair malfunctioned and didn’t turn. Will and Tom also turned. And loaded Sister chooses Will. Probably the best choice for them. Tom would have been clueless, and Olly a bit out of his element – Loaded Sister Chooses Team Will

Next, two best friends are both auditioning. 

Anna Willison Holt – 17 – Never Forget You by Noisettes-  Anna lives on a farm with a bunch of Shetland ponies. She has some pitch problems. But her tone is soulful and unique. She’s got an Amy Winehouse vibe going on. Will turns at the very end. If only she had more control, she’d have gotten more turns. Will wants to help her “perfect her thing.” Olly regrets not turning “I’m stupid…I want you to slap me in the face.” Will Turns for Anna

Eliza Gutteridge – 16 – Wild Horses by Birdy – She’s a HUGE Tom Jones stan. Which is weird for a 16 year old? Her tone is different, but kind of weird. She sings in a nasally alto. She has her moments–there’s some raw talent there for sure. But she’s not really ready yet. Tom turns at the last minute. WHAT A COINCIDENCE. Hm. She’s classically trained. Really? She sounds so green. Jennifer suggests that she let go some of her classical training, that it might be holding her back. – Tom Turns for Eliza

Jordan James – 25 – Don’t Go by Wretch 32 – He started music on the saxophone and then taught himself to sing. He constantly refers to himself in the third person, which is pretty annoying. Somebody should tell him to stop that.  The faces he makes while singing–also annoying. He’s not a bad singer though. He’s not a great vocalist but he has an interesting style. He’s trying to do to much. Tom and JHud confessed that they ALMOST turned. but nope. No Turns.

Zac Archer – 17 – Handbags and Gladrags by Rod Stewart – He has a thick Welsh accent. I did not catch that name. He started singing in primary school, when he was a chubby little kid. He has an interesting tone. It’s actually surprising he can make that sound. He pushes too hard at times, but he deserves a turn. Tom should go for it.  Aw. No turns. He looks about to cry. Oh. I think the coaches thought he was an old guy. Oops. A more contemporary song might have gotten him a turn. – No Turns

Holly Ellison – 23 – Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato – She’s from Liverpool. And once again, I can’t understand a word she says. She’s a makeup artist. Whoa. Will pushes his button literally after 3 seconds. She’s got a very commercial sound, so it’s no wonder. It takes him a minute, but Olly turns next. Olly drops Demi’s name and mentions that he likes her look and sound. Will makes a bad pun about living in Hollywood. But he pushed his button so fast! Tom thought he was stretching too far on the top notes. She definitely had pitch problems on the high notes. Holly asks Jennifer who she’d pick. She says Olly. And she listens. Will was so eager, I’m surprised she didn’t pick him – Holly Chooses Team Olly

Gayatri Nair – 16 – Powerful by Major Lazer – At only 11, she earned a music scholarship to study voice and piano. She’s very close to her father. She’s accompanying herself on electric keys. She’s got a good voice. Why is it taking so long for a turn? She’s at least as good as Holly. She hits some super high notes, and finally Will and Jennifer hit their buttons. And then Tom. Will thought she started off wobbly, but ended strong. Jennifer compliments her focus and drive. “Your face glows,” says Tom. “I’m choosing from my gut,” she says, “I pick Jennifer Hudson” After the coaches agree that she’s got a lot of heart and “tender feelings.” Jennifer is looking forward to drawing that all out.  – Gayatri Chooses Team Jennifer

That’s it! See you next week.



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