The Voice UK 2017 Battle Rounds 2 Live Blog (VIDEO)

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The Voice UK airs tonight at 7:00pm BST (8:00pm CEST, 2:00pm EDT, 11:00pm PDT) on ITV 1.

Carter vs Tanya Lacey – Team Gavin Rossdale – Superstition by Stevie Wonder – Carter got 3 coaches to turn during his Blind Audition. Tanya co-wrote one of songs. She’s one of the few pros in the competition. In rehearsal, Tanya struggled, until Gavin gave her a pep talk. Carter needed to learn how to pull back a little.

Both have rich soulful voices, but Tanya has more stage presence. Gavin chooses Carter. And….Will steals Tanya. Who didn’t see that coming? Will didn’t turn for her during the blinds and regretted it.

Hayley Eccles vs Jazmin Sawyers – Team Will – Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne – Jazmin is a professional long jumper who competed in the Olympics. Hayley’s dad also auditioned, but didn’t get a turn. The two singers are friends. Will called them both on smiling through the song.

I’ll be surprised if Will doesn’t choose Jazmin. She’s both a better singer and more put together. Tom thought they sounded similar. He would lean towards Jazmin. Will chooses Hayley. Wow. Really? Jennifer is the only coach with a remaining steal, but doesn’t take her. Jazmin pleads–JHud had to turn her down right to her face. Brutal.

Jack Bruley vs Kit Rice – Team Jennifer – Ex-Factor by Lauryn Hill – Kit is super theatrical dude. Jack is a little intimidated. Jennifer advises him to trust in himself. Kit is full of hubris, constantly referring to himself in the third person. Ugh. Go Jack.

Kit hits the big flashy notes, but Jack sings with more honesty. Kit would make the perfect TV villain, however. NO STEALS REMAIN for the other three. Jennifer wants to keep both. She’s torn. But Jennifer chooses Jack. Sanity prevails. “You made the wrong decision girl,” Kit says to Jennifer afterward. No, Kit needed to be taken down a peg.

Jennifer leads the crowd in a sing along of her hit “Spotlight.” Will joins in.

Michelle John vs Tim Gallagher – Team Will – Nowhere to Run by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas – Michele was a one chair turn, Tim 2 chairs. Both have big soulful voices, especially Michelle. Will notes: This could either be a great battle, or a mess of oversinging.

Michelle riffs too much. She’s trying too hard Tim is more subtle, which I prefer. Jennifer is on her feet after that. Tom calls it “tremendous.” Jennifer says, “That’s my kind of singing! It gave me life.” Will chooses Michelle. Ugh. Screamathon! Jennifer steals Tim! YAY.

No more steals. I’m surprised JHud’s steal wasn’t saved until later in the show. That’s how the US version would have done it. What’s more, the steal would have been telegraphed during the break.

Ryhann Thomas vs Capital B – Team Tom Jones – “I Wanna Be the Only One” by Eternal – Ryhann works in a factory making car parts. Capital B is a gospel duo. Ryhann knew the song, the duo didn’t. They stumbled a lot in the first rehearsals.

Whoa. The girls are super pitchy. Ryhann is clearly the winner here. He’s a smooth soul singer who performs with warmth and confidence. The girls are kind of a mess. Gavin thought the girls delivered a great performance, but Ryhann is a star. Jennifer can’t pick. Tom chooses Capital B. WHAT THE HELL. Nope.

Liza Baker vs Georgie Braggins – Team Jennifer Hudson – “Something” by The Beatles – Liza is a middle aged tribute singer. Georgie is a jazz singer. Right off the bat…I’d choose Georgie. Liza has performed the song as a Shirley Bassey tribute. Ugh. Georgie is intimidated, because she doesn’t have a big voice. Jennifer says to “hold onto your artistry.” That’s the key.

Jennifer might pick the bigger voiced singer, because that’s her thang. Georgia’s performance lacks confidence, and she’s having pitch problems. The song dissolves into a mess of riffing and scatting. Will thought Georgie freshened the song up, but calls Liza a special singer. Jennifer chooses Georgie. Huh. Jennifer says she represents a genre that hasn’t had it’s day. Liza’s age and dowdy look probably didn’t help her.

Septimus Prime vs Craig Ward – Team Tom Jones – I’m Yours by Jason Mraz – Both singers struggle with phrasing and pitch.

Septimus has a ton of charisma. Craig has an appealing gravelly voice. They are pretty evenly matched. Septimus is pop star material, though. He could be marketed. Will calls Septimus’ stage presence amazing. Jennifer digs his swag, but loves Craig’s voice. Tom chooses Craig, because the show is called “The Voice. And that’s why the competition is unable to produce a star.

Lawrence Hill vs Jason Jones – Team Will – Long Train Running by The Doobie Brothers – Jason got four turns. Lawrence was the dude Will pushed his button for by accident. Whoops. Will has assured him he’s an important member of the team. Lawrence is thrilled with the song choice. Jason not so much.

Jason has managed to find his way with the song, but Lawrence’s performance is striking, confident as he performs behind an electric guitar. Jennifer calls the battle “dope.” Will says, “They gave birth, they delivered.” Will chooses Jason. That’s after asking Jennifer if the other coaches have guitar players on their team. Tom does. Huh? Eh. They are both cannon fodder.

Linda Jennings vs Into the Ark – Team Tom Jones – More than Words by EXTreme – Linda is middle-aged, but has a surprisingly youthful voice. The boys are young. Linda knows the song well. The boys have more work to do.

The boys sound good. Real sweet harmonies. Linda adds her vocals and it sounds nice. She’s a little pitchy, but I like her tone. The boys are so good though. And cute. Hm. Gavin notes that he turned for both acts. “That’s a beautiful moment you gave us,” says Jennifer. Tom thinks the three singing together was something special. Tom chooses Into the Ark. A good choice.

Ruth Lockwood vs Sarah Morgan – Team Gavin Rossdale – Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey – Ruth is an odd pop/opera performer. Sarah is a 16 year old indie singer. She lacks confidence. Ruth “really feels music” says Gavin.

Ruth’s voice is rangy and confident. She stays away from the opera affection, which is a very good thing. Sarah has a sweet voice, but she’s inexperienced, and it shows. Gavin chooses Sarah. She needs a lot of work. Maybe Gavin is looking for a challenge.

Next week, the Knockouts begin and will be LIVE.

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