The Voice Tony Lucca: He and Justin Timberlake are “Flirting” With Working Together

Tony Lucca, from Season 2 of the Voice, will perform on tonight’s results show. He talks to Billboard about his upcoming record on coach Adam Levine’s 222 records label. While he’s in LA he’ll be meeting with his ex-mentor: Via Billboard

“I’ll be meeting with them for the first time to talk broad stroke strategy and more or less what 2013 is going to look like,” Lucca says. “We probably won’t get to tracking anything until the new year, but we’ll probably move quickly as well” — possibly, he adds, with an EP first, followed by a full album. “It’s obviously going to go big; it’s just a matter of how big and trying to decide if I’m gonna be the kind of artist that’s going to sell better in the Hot AC market or should go straight pop and do something big and super commercial. I don’t see that being the wisest step, but at the same time if (222) think they have the right strategy, I’m all ears. I’m excited to put in the work.”

If Adam Levine could be a pop artist, perhaps Tony could? It sounds like the singer either doesn’t want to lose whatever “cred” he has, or has no confidence in himself as a pop artist.

Thanks to his success on “The Voice,” Lucca says he was “able to kind of walk through the front door of some (songwriting) opportunities in Nashville and L.A.” and has come up with “a pretty good batch of songs that I’m proud of. I’ve got a couple songs in a more rock, edgier vein. I’ve got some that are more like the singer-songwriter fare I’ve been creating over the years. Once we all kind of agree on which direction we’re going to go, then it’s a matter of finding the right songs that are going to work well at radio and wherever else.”

It will be interesting to see if The Voice can finally break through with some success for their graduates. It depends on how hard they work at it, or if the label, producers and coaches even care. Both American Idol and The X Factor put effort into making their alums successful. I’m not convinced The Voice is all that committed to post-show success for their graduates.

Lucca isn’t done writing yet, however, and he says he and former “Mickey Mouse Club” mate Justin Timberlake “have been constantly flirting with sitting down and working together. Trying to tie that guy down is like hitting a moving target, but I’d love to hear what we could do if we got together.”

Justin Timberlake hasn’t gone near a recording studio in years since his movie career took off. Does Tony really believe that his fellow mouskateer’s return will be for a runner-up on a reality show. Delusions. R. Us.

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