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THE VOICE -- "Live Finale" Episode 1519A -- Pictured: Chevel Shepherd -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

It’s The Voice season 15 FINALE WEEK. Tonight, the Final Four sing for your votes one last time. Each singer performs 3 songs: A new cover, a duet with their respective coach and a brand new original song. The season 15 The Voice winner will be revealed on Tuesday’s results show.  

Tonight, coaches Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Blake Shelton are on hand as their respective team members perform. Adam Levine lost his last team member last week. He’ll just be hanging out tonight. As always, Carson Daly serves as host.

The Voice Season 15 Final 4 Song Spoilers 
The Voice Season 15 Power List – Ranking the Final 4

Vote for your favorites via and The Voice App. Or listen to streams on iTunes HERE. For more click The Voice Rules. Voting is OPEN beginning at 8 pm ET

NOTE: The online Vote Window closes at 7 am ET. ONLY Apple streams count as votes. 30 seconds streaming a song on iTunes counts as a FULL STREAM.  And instead of the Top 10 chart bonus, this season the MOST STREAMED ARTIST OF THE NIGHT will have their stream totals multiplied by 5.

Chris Kroeze – Team Blake – Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd – Chris says he has his lane. It’s pretty wide, but he’s sticking to it. Blake makes noises like he’s challenging him. But nah, not really. Blake calls “Sweet Home Alabama” iconic and feels Chris needs to approach the song with reverence. Blake hints that Chris will bring something brand new to this cover. But nope. It’s pretty much a straight ahead cover. I like Chris’ voice, but his arrangements, especially once the finals began, have been unoriginal. Oh. He pulls the mic to interact with the audience. I guess that’s different. The audience waves glow sticks, like modern day lighters. Heh. Kelly compliments his guitar skills. Adam concurrs, “You’re a legit amazing guitar player.” Blake says his journey has been a lot of fun to watch and be a part of. Blake admires that he “stayed the course.” He says, “You killed it.”

Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly – It’s a Little Too Late by Tanya Tucker – Chevel feels blessed to be in the finale. Kelly calls her “authentic country” and was excited she didn’t pick Team Blake. This week, Kelly wants to show her soulful side, hence Tanya Tucker. Chevel seems a little stiff working the stage, but vocally it’s a terrific performance. She can do some crazy things with that instrument of hers. Soulful, twangy and fun. Adam calls her voice “classic” and “big.” He says, “It’s so special.” Kelly is “SO EXCITED” she thinks Chevel did an amazing job.

Kirk Jay – Team Blake – Defenseless (Original song by Laura Veltz, David Hodges & Nicolle Galyon) – Oh. This song? Co-written by a The Voice 2 alum (Gaylon) and the “Never Again” dude (Hodges). Don’t tell Kelly! Heh. The single is emotional, Carson informs the audience. Thanks for the bulletin. Blake mentions that one of the writers was a season 2 contestant. Kirk fell in love with the tune when he heard it. “I gotta be able to feel the song,” he insists. We know! Kirk is doing his ballad thing with what is basically a generic country ballad, and the result is a little snoozy. Jennifer calls him a true country artist, and that she plans to put out anything he releases. “Kirk I love you dude,” says Blake, laying on the mush. He’s impressed that Kirk made Jennifer a country music fan. “Welcome to the country music family,” says Blake.

Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer – Love is Free (Original song written by Stefan Litrownik, Maggie Szabo & Chaz Stephen Wade Mason) – Kennedy loves her original song. Jennifer advises Kennedy to listen to the song’s positive message and own it.  She compliments Kennedy’s maturity, “You sing like a professional!’ The song has a 90s New Jack vibe. The melody is infectious. I like it! Self-esteem songs have become Kennedy’s jam in this competition. Which for a 14 year old is good! Better than singing love songs she can’t grasp yet.  Her tone is so rich. It’s the best thing about her. She has got to mature some to fill the rest in, but that will come. She’s got the dance moves going tonight. I don’t think she’s going to win the show, but I will not be surprised if she surfaces in a few years and becomes a bonafide star. Kelly loves her song choices and can imagine her singing them on tour. “It’s so amazing to see your process,” says Jennifer.

Kirk Jay – Team Blake Duet – You Look So Good in Love by George Strait – Blake is excited to finally duet with Kirk. OH MAN THERE’S TALKING. That’s Blake part, while Kirk ad libs around him. WEIRD. An ode to old fashioned country, fans will probably like that (me not so much) That performance felt under rehearsed.

Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer Duet – Home from The Wiz – This is a good pick to satisfy fans who love Kennedy performing classic songs. The two sang during the Kennedy’s blind audition and can’t wait to do it again. Their voices blend beautifully. OK that was a wonderful, heartfelt rendition of “Home.” I can easily imagine Kennedy performing on the Broadway stage.

Chris Kroeze – Team Blake – Human (Original song written by Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley & Shane McAnally) – Chris loves the song’s message. Blake thinks it’s the perfect message for a world full of people pointing fingers at each other. Blake loves that Chris can’t be put in a box. O rilly? The song has a very catchy melody and for once, Chris performs a song that has a contemporary sound. And it’s working for him. It’s too bad Chris decided not to take risks this season. He could have handled poppier sounding covers similar to this song, because he can sing and play. He gets the cheesy choir treatment on the last chorus. Could have done without that, to be honest. Chris has also made Jennifer a country fan. She calls his voice “it’s own thing” whatever that means. So does Blake, who adds that Chris’s style is hard to peg genre wise. Except Chris didn’t show any versatility at all during the lives. He sang classic country rock week in and week out.

Why is Adam on stage with Carson? Anyway, the host reminds us that the artist with the most streams, combining both cover and original song, will earn a 5x streaming bonus. 

Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly Duet – Rockin’ with the Rhythm of the Rain by The Judds – Kelly declares their friendship name as “Chevelly.” I’m not sure that will catch on. Kelly’s dress is very pretty tonight. But what’s with the giant safety pin earrings? Anyway. I’m not a big fan of the Judds, but this cover is wicked fun and they both sound SOOO good.  Watch Jennifer in her seat, snapping her fingers.

Chris Kroeze – Team Blake Duet – Two More Bottles of Wine by Delbert McClinton –  Chris is the first of the four finalists to finish his set. It’s 9:20 ET and he’s done for the night. Time to kick back with a beer! Obvs, the producers are busing him a bit. This rolicking performance is a ton of fun. And way better than Blake’s duet with Kirk.

Kirk Jay – Team Blake – I Won’t Let Go by Rascal Flatts –  Kirk feels famous! He’s grateful. Blake feels Kirk has a real shot at a “big career.” He can hear him on the radio right now. Kirk finishes his set with a cover that is right in his wheelhouse. He loves him some Rascal Flatts! He’s having mic issues–maybe pulling it away from his mouth at the wrong time. Once again, Kirk doing his country sob story best to make viewers cry, albeit with a few pitch problems here and there. Ha. The entire room is full of stage smoke. Adam notes that the song is full of key changes and tricky melody–hard to sing. Kirk’s voice really stands out, Adam says. He likes Kirk even if he doesn’t like Blake very much. Just kidding, Adam says. Blake truly believes in his heart, that after that brilliant performance, we’ll be hearing Kirk on the radio. Oh, that hyperbole sounds great on television, but is really unkind in the end.

Kennedy gets the pimp spot. 

Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly – Broken Hearts (Original song written by Shane McAnally, Ashley Arrison & Aben Eubanks) – It’s the first time Chevel has recorded an original song. She also says it is her first time in a recording studio? But the finalists have been recording songs all through the lives? Hm. Kelly feels Chevel brings a beautiful innocence to the song. And indeed, the young singer’s essential sweetness shines through her performance. A lovely and simple rendition. Chevel’s phrasing is subtle, effective and effortless. She makes it all look easy. In case you have not figured it out–now that my girl Sarah Grace is gone, I’m on Team Chevel. “Hey, you’re still awesome!” says Adam. He loves that she leads with the music. He loves how simple and straightforward the performance is. Kelly is tearing up. “I love this song…I knew I was going to find the perfect song,” Kelly feels that what she represents for women in country music is very special.

Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer – Confident by Demi Lovato – Kennedy is the youngest The Voice finalist EVER! Jennifer calls her a “mini boss lady.” Ending the show with a showy pop song performance is risky! Still, Kennedy knows how to move on stage, playing off her background dancers. Ohhh. She throws in a few Janet Jackson moves, playing off the guitar player. Check out that kick! Impressive. Kennedy has proven she can be a contemporary artist. But the pop songs aren’t crowd pleasers. Will fans be moved to vote for this performance? “This girl just turned 14 ya’ll! That was a true professional right there!” shouts Jennifer. “I thought Beyonce was up there y’all.”


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