The Voice Season 13 Recap: Top 11 Finals Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 11" Episode 1318A -- Pictured: Chloe Kohanski -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

It’s week two of The Voice Season 13 LIVE SHOWS. Eleven singers will perform for YOUR VOTES. Check out The Voice voting rules at this link. Fans can vote for their favs at voice, via Facebook and smartphone app. Also by downloading and/or streaming songs at iTunes. Any iTunes download that enters the Top 10 before vote close (12 pm ET Tuesday) earns a 5x bonus. NEW THIS YEAR: XFinity cable customers can vote via their set top box and remote.

The Voice Season 13 Song Spoilers – Top 11 Finals – What Will the Contestants Sing?

This week, fans helped coaches  Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson choose songs for their team members via twitter and app requests.

Janice Freeman – Team Miley – Shine by Collective Soul  – The song has never been done on the show before. Miley thinks it’s due to the song’s difficulty. “Your choices are sick!” gushes Miley, “This is going to be my favorite moment in Voice herstory.” Erm. Good song choice for Janice. I hope performing first doesn’t hurt her though. Ha. She sneaks in a jazz riff and it’s perfect. A muscular performance. Janice has rock chops for days. “Took me right back to my K Rock days!” says host Carson Daly. Adam admits that he didn’t like the song much to begin with, but loved her cover. “I’m so proud of you,” says Miley near tears. “I could not sit down. I love you so so so much!” Janice responds. “I love you too.” Team love fest! –  Download at iTunes

Red Marlow – Team Blake – The Dance by Garth Brooks – Red’s dad took his first plane ride to be with him in Los Angeles. Blake says Red’s fans know he’s “country to the core.” Red plans to “tenderize” the song. I have this image in my head of pounding steak, but I don’t think that’s what he means. Uh oh. Red’s got the death spot this week. Blake doesn’t seem to be pushing him very hard. He delivers the song with an achy twang, which should please his fans. He’s a credible country artist, but his performances don’t stand out, particularly. He could be anydude performing in a bar. Jennifer calls his ability to “silence the crowd” powerful. “You are such a great storyteller,” says Blake, “You sing with pure simple honesty.” – Download at iTunes

Shi’Ann Jones – Team Jennifer – Listen by Beyonce (DreamGirls) – The death spot. AGAIN. Will Shi’Ann survive this week? This is a dumb song choice. Maybe pick a song for Shi’Ann that presents her as more than a pageant singer? But maybe she’s not mature enough to be anything else. Jennifer pushes the mini-me angle once again: “She’s just like me at that age…yada yada.” First of all, I can’t understand a word she’s singing. Her enunciation is terrible, as are her pitchy adlibs. Shi’Ann is unable to elevate the song beyond barely competent karaoke. Last week’s performance was better than this screech fest. Yikes. Her dad is in the front row. Miley calls her a “total princess.” She loves her lower range. She loves her squeaks and cracks. Hm. “America has to vote for you!” Jennifer begs declares. –  Download at iTunes

Adam Cunningham – Team Adam – American Girl by Tom Petty – He was America’s Instant Save last week. “I have fans,” he says, “who knew” Dude, you were in the bottom two. He calls his wife a “classic American girl.” Pimping himself as the ultimate family man didn’t help him much last week. Having said that, Adam is back in his comfort zone. He’s confident on stage, performing a nicely arranged cover of a Petty classic. It starts off slow with a fiddle in the background, and then kicks into a higher gear–more countrified than the original. If this spirited performance lands Adam back in the bottom two, there is literally no hope for him. Blake says he delivered the kind of vocal that proves he belongs in the competition. Adam can’t wrap his head around the singer landing in the bottom last week. In other words: Adam is in total denial that he nearly sunk his team member with a deadly song choice.  – Download at iTunes

Brooke Simpson – Team Miley – What About Us by Pink  – Miley and Brooke had been talking for weeks about doing this song. And then the fans chose it. “They get me,” says Brooke. They are going to add some tom drums to give the arrangement a native feel. The song is going to be about all the native tribes out there that don’t get the attention, says Miley. Good song choice, good performance from Brooke. In a season with less talent she’d be a stand out! Big voice, massive range but she doesn’t have the personality or individuality of the best singers in this crop. Adam felt she was able to take the song and apply it to her own life. Miley says that Brooke has an amazing ear.   Download at iTunes

Davon Fleming – Team Jennifer – I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston  – Jennifer and Davon discuss four song the fans chose, including “Attention” by Charlie Puth. Jennifer thinks covering Whitney will make his fans happy. Davon’s specialty on the show is making female diva songs his own. I would generally advise a singing show contestant to stay away from Whitney, but Davon is up for it. He pays homage to the song while adding his own flavor. This arrangement feels a bit chopped up, ruining the flow. He does hit some impressive big notes. Davon is one of Blake’s favorites. And a thorn in his side! He compliments Davon’s dynamics. Adam breaks in, calling Davon’s performance “a miracle.” Jennifer says, “I’m watching you sing your way to the top.” – Download at iTunes

Ashland Craft – Team Miley – Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band – Miley’s team helped her celebrate her birthday. Ashland loves the song. “The lyrics are my life,” she says. Ashland is  not only planning to have a big ole flag behind her, she’ll also be wearing red, white and blue fringe. Oh boy. Yee Haw. I like Ashland’s voice, but as song choices go, this is pretty basic. If Ashland was a little more adventurous, I could get on board. She’s unabashedly southern in every cliched sense of the word. She’s proud of it. So good for her, I guess.  Adam calls out the audience for their terrible clapping–an ongoing pet peeve of Adam’s. He calls Ashland pretty great. “You belong in this competition.” Miley can’t stop talking about the bedazzled fringe. She loves Ashland’s confidence. She spends more time talking about her clothes though.-  Download at iTunes

Carson pimps the Las Vegas Neon Dreams show, playing in Vegas this summer.

Addison Agen – Team Adam – A Case of You by Joni Mitchell  – Sara Bareilles tweeted at her last week! She was the only finalist to enter the Top 10. This is a beautiful song, but, as Joni Mitchell often is, deceptively complicated and difficult to sing.  Adam thinks of Addison like an Adele–an album artist. Will Addison rise to the occasion? Yes! She’s handling the tricky phrasing beautifully. This is the perfect cover for her to perform. Emotional, simple–the melody allows that gorgeous tone to shine and plenty of room to play with nuanced emotions. That was terrific. “You are gifted,” says Jennifer. “I’m jealous of Adam.” Adam thinks the performance was “the full recognition of what your talent is…potentially the winner of the show.” Don’t jinx her Adam! –  Download at iTunes

Keisha Renee – Team Blake – It Matters to Me by Faith Hill – Keisha surprises one of her super-fans with a phone call. She was No 4 on the iTunes country charts last week.  Lovely performance from Keisha. She saves the runs for the end of the song. Still a bit much to be authentically country. She’s an R&B singer! But who cares in the end. Keisha’s tone, her gorgeous phrasing and skillful ad-libing will keep her in this competition. Blake, however, believes Keisha delivered a solid country performance.  Download at iTunes

Chloe is closing out the night!

Noah Mac – Team Jennifer – Electric Love by Børns – Noah tweeted earlier that he was up all night arranging the strings in a stripped down arrangement. Jennifer calls him a “breakout star.” Indeed. Massive, sprawling, majestic. This arrangement has everything. Noah’s deep, sweet voice soars over the sweeping strings. The young musician’s production and arrangement skills remind me  a lot of Blake Lewis from Idol season 6. I’m going to be really ticked if Noah doesn’t SAIL into the finals. Adam calls the performance smart, cool and modern. Jennifer fake screams for all the ladies. “You were electric…you owned that stage.”- Download at iTunes

Chloe Kohanski – Team Blake – Total Eclipse of the Heart  by Bonnie Tyler – Fans have been tweeting this song suggestion to her since the Blinds. She was initially freaked out by the song’s range, until she tweaked the melody a bit.  For sure, she’s got that Tyler rasp going. But will it be enough to do the song justice? And the answer is a resounding YES. Her performance is so intense, she has tears in her eyes by the end. Her raspy vocal tone is honeyed, sweet. She delivers a straightforward version of the song, while making it entirely her own. I’ll be shocked if the iTunes recording doesn’t shoot straight up the charts. (ETA: Within a few hours, it hit No 1!) “You represent all the original free spirit” says Miley. “Just like me.” Blake declares, “Chloe just set the bar…up there. Looks like it’s going to be the battle of the female front runners between Adam and Blake… – Download at iTunes

Tomorrow, Miley and Adam hit the stage with their teams. Plus Blake Shelton performs. 

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