The Voice Recap Season 19 Battle Rounds 3 Results (VIDEO)

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The Voice Recap Season 19 Battle Rounds 3

The Voice season 19 Battle Rounds conclude tonight with coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson John Legend and Gwen Stefani. Carson Daly hosts. We’ll be live blogging all the Battle Round performances and Results right here.

Each of the coaches will work with an all-star advisor. Kane Brown will work with Blake Shelton’s team, Leon Bridges will help Kelly Clarkson, Miguel will team up with John Legend and Julia Michaels joins Gwen Stefani,

Each coach gets a steal and a save (The four saves will compete in a four way knockout)

The Voice 19 Top 16 SPOILERS: Battle, Knockout Results, Song Choices
The Voice 19 Battle Rounds 3 Spoilers: Matchups and Song Choices

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The Voice Recap Season 19 Battle Rounds 3

Blake announces that he’s the only remaining coach with a steal.

Carter Rubin vs Larriah Jackson – Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor vs John Legend – Team Gwen – Both singers are very young, but very mature singers for their age. Gwen wanted to make sure the song was age appropriate. Larriah’s dad left her at two. Her stepfather raised her. Carter’s brother has autism. Also, he’s a theater kid. Julia thinks Carter might have to dig a little deeper to find his emotion. Gwen wants the beginning to be a little bit stronger. 

Larriah is only 15, but she seems so much older in every way. Her style, her look is so mature. Carter looks like the 14 year old kid he is, but he has a preternatural poise. I think Julia is correct, Larriah is more emotionally mature that Carter. I would choose Larriah. But it would be a shame to lose either. 

Kelly is so impressed with both singers, she can’t choose. Blake feels Larriah had more control and more of a grip on the song. He’d choose her. John really wanted Carter on his team. He calls Larriah’s tone rich and mature. He’d choose her as well. Larriah was a one chair turn! Gwen picks Carter. Gwen saves Larriah. That’s good. Although, I might have done it the other way around. 

Aaron Scott vs Ian Flanigan – Have You Ever Seen the Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival – Team Blake – Aaron is a 90s rocker and a father of 3 boys. She’s holding the fort back home. Ian is a country singer. His partner is his manager. He’s been gigging constantly. Blake chose the song because it’s halfway been their styles. Kane asks Aaron if he’s holding back, he suggests that he push harder. As a deep voiced singer, Kane identifies with Ian. 

Ian’s voice is unusual. But I don’t really like it. I’m not a fan of deep voices (Not a Kane fan either) so it may just be me. Aaron’s high harmonies are on point here. He’s really old fashioned, but I prefer his clear tone, with just a touch of rasp.

John appreciates Aaron’s range and power, but he thought Ian had more identity. Gwen liked the way Aaron changed up the melody. Kelly feels Ian has an incredible tone, and a chance for the finale. But maybe Ian was too tame. Blake picks Ian, Aaron is eliminated. A totally unsurprising result. Blake calls his voice maybe the most unique he’s ever heard. 

Casmé vs Rio Souma – You’re All I Need to Get By by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell – Team Legend – Rio got a three chair turn. He’s struggling to pursue an R&B artist as an openly gay man. Casmé is the oldest of 8 children. Miguel suggests starting with the classic intro. John thinks the two need to match each other energy-wise Casmé is full of charisma. Miguel gives Rio a tip on how to staand, and it really helps him.

Casmé is a ball of energy and personality plus. She brings something special to the stage. Rio is a solid soul singer, he’s holding his own here. But I’m still drawn to Casmé. 

Gwen felt the performance was evenly matched. Kelly loves Rio’s tone, but Casmé is born to be on the stage. “Diana Ross is here,” she says. Blake was really locked into Rio. John calls the performancing, engrossing and thoroughly enjoyable. John felt Rio matched the compelling Casmé. John picks Casmé, Rio is eliminated.

Marisa Corvo vs Ryan Gallagher – I Surrender by Celine Dion – Team Kelly – Marisa played a lot of gay clubs in New York City and Fire Island. Ryan’s mother was admitted to the the hospital with Covid. She has MS. Damn. This was taped over the summer. I hope she’s OK. Ryan is an opera singer. Kelly advises them not to overthink the performance. Make it intimate. Leon suggests they find something in the lyrics and make it their own. 

Probably the most DRAMATIC!!!! duet of the Battles. Ryan has that Irish tenor opera deal going, which I don’t really care for. Marisa is more my cuppa. I’d choose her. She’s a strong, strong singer. She’s holding an impressive note midway. Her chest range is amazing. I hope Kelly picks her. 

Blake felt Marisa took over the room. John agrees. The moment was built for Marisa to shine. Gwen wanted to watch Ryan the whole time. She appreciated his control. Kelly hems and haws. But Kelly picks Marisa. Kelly SAVES Ryan. Eh. I’m just not big on these opera vocals on The Voice.


Three heavily edited matchups only offer glimpses of the performances

Emalee vs Kelsie Watts – I Love Me by Demi Lovato – Team Kelly – Kelly picks Kelsie, Emalee is Eliminated
Ben Allen vs Sam Stacy – Free by Zac Brown Band – Team Blake – Blake picks Ben, Sam is Eliminated
Tori Miller vs Van Andrew – Exile by Taylor Swift ft Bon Iver  – Team Gwen – Gwen picks Van, Tori is eliminated.

Liam St. John vs Ryan Berg – I Need a Dollar by Aloe Blacc – Team Gwen – Liam works in social media. Ryan worked as a full time gigging musician before the pandemic. Gwen blocked John from Ryan during the Blinds. Gwen thinks the song is hard, because it repeats lyrics over and over. She makes suggestions on how to change up the song. Julia says “don’t be afraid to dance a little bit.” The two admit they have developed a bromance.

They’re singing styles are kind of similar. I think I prefer Ryan’s voice It’s richer and fuller. Liam sounds a little thin and tinny, although his phrasing is pretty great. He could front a band. OOPS Ryan’s mic pac flies off. It’s just hanging there. Over all, this is probably the coolest duet of the Battles. 

Kelly compared Ryan to Beyonce for going despite mic problems. She compliments Liam’s range, but was really drawn to Ryan. Blake would pic Ryan, just for how he managed the mic pac problem. John enjoys Ryan’s tone, but is impressed with Liam’s range. Gwen picks Ryan, Liam is eliminated.

Cami Clune vs James Pyle – Wicked Game by Chris Isaak (Click for preview) – Cami was a four chair turn, but Kelly blocked Blake. He still has a steal. By the time James auditioned, only John had a spot left.  James has OCD, and has spent a lot of time singing to himself! He’s done 3 gigs in his life. John re-arranges some of the harmonies. Cami started playing in a Christian singing group. Miguel suggests Cami watch her pace and helps James connect to the song. 

Either Cami or James will be stolen by Blake. Which one? The performances are even. It’s a matter of preference at this point. It’s hard to believe James has so little performance experience. Cami’s tone is clear as a bell. So beautiful.

Gwen loves Cami’s stylized voice. Gwen compares James to Jeff Buckley. She would pick him. It’s Kelly’s favorite battle. Kelly thinks they both navigate dynamics beautifully. She’d pick Cami if forced to choose. Blake calls Cami a star. And believes James deserved a 4 chair turn. He’d choose him. John picks Cami, Blake steals James. For John, it was a stylistic choice. He compares her to his winning singer, Maelyn Jarmen

Advancing to the Knockouts

Carter Rubin – Team Gwen
Larriah Jackson – Team Gwen SAVES
Ian Flanigan – Team Blake
Casmé – Team Legend
Marisa Corvo – Team Kelly
Ryan Gallagher – Team Kelly SAVES
Kelsie Watts – Team Kelly
Ben Allen – Team Blake
Van Andrew – Team Gwen
Ryan Berg – Team Gwen
Cami Clune – Team Legend
James Pyle – Team Blake STEALS


Aaron Scott – Team Blake
Rio Souma – Team Legend
Emalee – Team Kelly
Sam Stacy – Team Blake
Tori Miller – Team Gwen
Liam St. John – Team Gwen


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