The Voice Alum Jacquie Lee “Tears Fall” New Song – EP Release Date (AUDIO)


The Voice 5 runner up, Jacquie Lee has released a new song “Tears Fall” from her upcoming Warner Brothers/Atlantic Records debut! Good news if you are a fan of the young singer. Her debut EP, Broken Ones, is set to be released on Oct. 21.

Video: Exclusive First Look at New ...
Video: Exclusive First Look at New Song From BLISS THE MUSICAL

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The new song is a driving, inspirational ballad, much like her first single, “Broken Ones.” Jacquie spent the summer on tour with her fellow The Voice contestants, Tessanne Chin, Will Champlain, and more. Now it’s time to get the music career off the ground. Can Jacquie break through with her new song? What do you think?

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  1. I really do like her voice, her spirit and the music she is putting out. At an earlier point in time I think she could have been very successful but as things are now in the music industry, I am very uncertain- in fact I am skeptical that she will make much of a “splash” in the general public. She may however be able to further develop and retain a fan base broad enough to sustain her even if she does not become a “breakout star”.

  2. I thought the idea was to promote her as a pop artist. But both of the songs she has released have been very HAC. Both songs are solid, though and she sounds good. I’m just a little confused about what direction they’re going with her.

  3. The song is kind of boring and uncatchy to me. I really love her voice though. Hopefully her debut album has some better songs–I can enjoy them even if they don’t become singles.

  4. I like this better than Broken Ones, interested in what her EP has in store though. Show me watcha got Ms.Lee

  5. There’s such a large overlap between the Pop and HAC charts, I don’t think an artist necessarily has to choose. I think these songs are a way of branding her as the “deep, but nice” teen girl.

  6. Same here. I assumed Tears Fall was going to be the EP’s best track but Right Love is amazing.
    If the EP is a good sign of where her music could go then I really hope it does well because I need a full album from her

  7. My reax:

    For the most part, she sounds really good, although I thought she sounded a little strident at times in her upper register.

    The original songs are all solid, but why are they all ballads? I would have liked some more variety in tempo. Hopefully that will happen when/if she puts out a full album.

    Who in god’s name thought it was a good idea to turn Girls Just Want To Have Fun into a ballad? Hell to the no. I personally wouldn’t even cover such an iconic song on my album (I might sing it at karaoke or maybe at a live show), but if, for some reason I had to put it on my album, why turn it into a ballad? The title is Girls Just Want To Have Fun — but the way the song is arranged and how Jacquie sings it, it comes off like fun is the last thing she wants to have.

  8. The overlap between pop and HAC, though, is because Pop hits automatically go to HAC unless they’re very dance or very hip-hop. If you start out on the ballad-y, soft side of HAC, you won’t automatically cross to Pop, which leaves you with a much smaller music-buying market.

  9. I see a fair amount of songs charting simultaneously, not serially. I didn’t peak at the current chart, but I believe Taylor Swift is #1 on both charts at the same time.

  10. Lol, that’s because she’s Taylor Swift. Artists will sometimes send their singles to CHR and HAC at the same time, but if you aren’t a big name artist or a lesser established artist who has a lot of buzz, you probably aren’t going to have a great chance at charting on both CHR and HAC simultaneously. You may not even chart on either, but in these cases, a song usually starts off in one format and then the label may attempt to push the song to another format if the song does well enough in the first one. What often happens then is the song starts going down the first chart even as it starts going up the second chart. On occasion, you will see songs climbing up two charts simultaneously (like P2 is doing on AAA and HAC), but that seems to happen less often when one of the charts is CHR (unless, again, you are a star artist or someone with a ton of buzz). If your songs are better suited for HAC (like Jacqui’s are), and you aren’t an artist with real buzz and/or a big name, you aren’t likely to get much CHR play until the song breaks (at least) Top 20 on HAC. If I remember correctly, Jacquie’s 1st single didn’t break Top 40 on HAC (I remember seeing it in the Top 50 awhile back), so it’s likely the label didn’t even bother to send it to pop radio. I would assume the label will send her next single only to HAC — if it does really well on that chart, then maybe then will send it to pop radio later on.

  11. I see a fair amount of songs charting simultaneously, not serially.

    Pop songs that are highly likely to be hits will also appear on HAC early in their cycle, rather than waiting to go there after aging out of Pop. Songs crossing from other genres also hit both simultaneously.

    HAC songs early in their cycle do not usually get adopted by Pop radio, which waits for a hit before accepting them as crossover.

    It’s mostly a one-way cycle. If Jacquie Lee were positioned in Pop (and doing well at it), she could count on HAC play. If she’s to be ballad-driven HAC, she won’t get Pop play unless she has a top-10 (possibly top-5) hit on HAC.

  12. I checked the current mediabase charts. Of the songs that are in the Top 40 on HAC, 21 of them are currently also in the Top 40 on CHR. There is a better chance if the song is in the Top 20 on HAC — 13 of those 20 songs are charting on CHR, compared to 8 of the 20 songs that are #21-#40 on HAC.

    There are 5 songs that are currently in the Top 10 on both charts (songs from Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Chari XCX, Echosmith and Ed Sheeran). There are 6 other songs that are in the Top 20 on both charts (by Coldplay, Maroon 5 (2 songs), the collab between Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj, Clean Bandit, and Tove Lo).

    Most of those people are other stars or are artists with a ton of buzz (some are both, ha).

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