The Voice 9 Top 10 Results Live Blog (VIDEOS)

The Voice 9 Top 10 Results Live Blog -- Pictured: (l-r) Braiden Sunshine, Korin Bukowski -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 9 Top 10 Results Live Blog

The Voice 9 Top 10 Results Live blog! Join us as we report who is staying in the competition, and who is leaving. ONE contestant will exit the competition after the insta-save sing-off.

Check out our recap from last night’s The Voice Top 10 performance, and check out our polls and predictions.

Will the eliminated contestant come from Team Adam Levine, Team Blake Shelton, Team Gwen Stefani or Team Pharrell Williams? Stick around to find out.

Musical guests are Sia performs and R. City and Adam Levine sing “Locked Away.”.

SAY HI TO YOUR COACHES says host, Carson Daly.

First up, is the rescheduled R. City and Adam Levine performance of the single, “Locked Away.” The duo bring their afro-caribbean rhythms to The Voice stage, with Adam on hand to sing the bridge. FUN FACT: R.City will open for Maroon 5 on tour. This bit of rescheduling probably means we won’t be getting a group number tonight.

Seven contestant performances entered the iTunes Top 10 this week. The Voice history was made, Carson informs the audience, as the contestants take the stage.

Question time! Amy Vachal reveals she and fellow Team Adam member, Jordan Smith are great friends, because they have something in common. They are both strong Christians, and believe God has a plan for them. Who knew that about Amy. That little admission should win her a few points with folks who never considered her before. Zach Seabaugh has shown America that he loves to have fun, but wants fans to know that he’s got more than hip thrusts going on.

Safe, from Team Blake…Emily Ann Robertson! America also saved, from Team Adam, Jordan Smith. No brainers, so far.

Blake announces that Dolly Parton will come in to mentor the nine remaining contestants next week. She will also perform.

Pharrell is super-confident in his sole team member, Madi Davis. Gwen wants viewers to get to know her contestants. “Just be you!” she tells them, as she changes their hair, clothes, instructs them on how to act and generally attempts to change them into something they are not. Self awareness is your friend, Gwen.

More results. Pharrell has taught Madi to accept criticisms and “helpful words.” She’s become more open. A lesson Barrett Baber wants to pass on to his students: He’s learned that it’s OK to run into the unknown. Carson gets down to business: America saved…from Team Gwen…Jeffery Austin. America also saved…from Team Blake… Barrett Baber. He whispers to Zach, who looks very worried, “You’re right behind me!

The six remaining artists take the stage. Braiden Sunshine would like to thank his peeps back in Lyme, Connecticut, for all the support. He can’t BELIEVE he’s here. Shelby Brown felt like she was able to connect to her raw emotions last night. Two more saved contestants! America saved…Madi Davis from Team Pharrell! America also saved…from Team Adam…Amy Vachal.

Next, it’s Sia her wig and giant-ass bow singing “Alive.” Damn, this woman writes terrific pop songs. They cut to Blake. Surprised he doesn’t have a WTF look on his face. “Great having you back young lady,” Carson says to her. They had to bring a crew member out to help her off the stage.

More eliminations! Korin claims she has gained confidence,and being saved twice proved there are a lot of people out there rooting for her. America saved…Zach Seabaugh. America also saved…Shelby Brown from Team Adam. He’s so relieved, not to mention Shelby!

Braiden Sunshine and Korin Bukowski are in the bottom two and will sing for the insta-save!

Korin Bukowski – Try – OMG SHE JUST BLANKED ON THE WORDS. She’s losing it. She forgets more words. I’ve never seen ANYONE blow a save me song this badly. She literally stops singing completely at one point, before repeating the refrain, “Try” over and over again. This girl needs to be put out of her misery, people. She’s done. Oy. The irony in the lyrics. Poor thing. Gwen looks really upset. Blake assures her, forgetting words is something they all do. She deserves to be in the competition. Blake says he won’t be surprised if she’s saved, based on her work. Pharrell congratulates her for getting knocked down, and getting right back up. Gwen calls Korin “deep, real and honest.” She deserves to be here, says Gwen. But does Korin WANT to be here? I’m thinking no she does not.

Braiden Sunshine – Harder to Breath – He’s singing a Maroon 5 song! HILARIOUS. Pandering to Adam’s fans, just like Korin did last week. Adam is all smiles. It’s a ridiculous, out of tune performance. Nothing new for Braiden. But at least he’s enjoying himself. “You have the best taste ever!” exclaims Adam. “Man, you’re awesome. I’d like to see you stay on the show.” Gwen says she’s honored to know him. It’s like a goodbye speech. It’s obvious she wants Korin to stay, despite the singer flat out sabotaging her own performance. SHE’S DONE GWEN. YOUR MINI-ME HAS HAD ENOUGH. Let her go now.

OK Time to vote. Me? I’m putting Korin out of her misery, right now.


America instantly saved…Braiden Sunshine! Korin Bukowski leaves the competition. Thank you America. That was the correct result. You can handle Braiden for one more week. No way he survives next week’s bloodbath.

The Top 9

Emily Ann Robertson – Team Blake
Jordan Smith – Team Adam
Jeffery Austin – Team Gwen
Barrett Baber – Team Blake
Madi Davis – Team Pharrell
Amy Vachal – Team Adam
Zach Seabaugh – Team Blake
Shelby Brown – Team Adam
Braiden Sunshine – Team Gwen – Saved by the Inta-Vote

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