The Voice 9 Knockout Rounds #1 – Live Blog and VIDEOS

The Voice 9 Recap Knockout Rounds #1 -- Pictured: Viktor Kiraly -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 9 Recap Knockout Rounds #1

The remaining 32 contestants vie for a spot in The Voice 9 Live Playoffs, which begin in two weeks. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams pair up team members, who will each perform a song of their choosing. The coach chooses the winner of the battle. Each coach can steal ONE eliminated contestant from another coach.Pop star, Rihanna, serves as key adviser to all four coaches.

Check out our Guide to the Knockouts. Tonight’s The Voice 9 Song Spoilers and The Voice 9 Top 20 spoilers.

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Andi & Alex vs Blaine Mitchell – Team Adam

Blaine Mitchell – Hold Back the River by James Bay – Adam stole Blaine away from Blake. Rihanna loves Blaine “He is sick! So different and I live for it!” Adam compares Blake to Michael Hutchence. He advises him to stay intense, even during the quiet moments.

Performance: He grabs the mic and works the stage. For the first time, I’m getting what this guy is about. He’d be AWESOME fronting a rock band. He’s got a unique voice and knows how to use it. He’s got a bit of a dated 90’s vibe, but he’s making this contemporary number work for him.

Andi & Alex – “Stupid Boy” by Keith Urban – The TWINSIES. They were a four chair turn. They feel it’s the last chance for a music career. That’s never a good sign. The duo departs from alternative/folk to sing contemporary country song, in a bid to show off their versatility. Rihanna advises them to BE BOLD. Adam suggests they sing without guitars. He also suggests they face away from each other at the song’s start. Rihanna points out they aren’t singing about the same boy, because that would be creepy.  “It’s like you’re in separate bedrooms, venting,” she says.

Performance: It’s obvious, singing on opposite sides of the stage is different for them. They’re awkward unless they sing side by side. This is not their best performance. They really work as a unit–fantastic in tandem– but not so much apart. Blaine clearly won this battle.

Blake admits he messed up letting Blaine go during the Battles. He feels the twins are at a disadvantage not picking a dynamic song.  I agree–compared to Blaine, the twins came off sleepy and awkward. Pharrell notes the song choice wasn’t the best. Gwen thinks Blaine has something rare. Adam is happy he stole Blaine and for that reason, Blaine wins the Knockout.

Blaine Mitchell – Hold Back the River by James Bay – Download from iTunes

Braiden Sunshine vs Ellie Lawrence – Team Gwen

Braiden Sunshine – “Feeling Good” –  Rihanna tells him, if your voice cracks, commit. Gwen feels he’s still getting comfortable in his own skin. Rihanna thinks, to live the part, he should slick his hair back. Braiden is reluctant to change. His friends won’t make fun of him if he’s “making money, honey,” Rihanna chides. Heh.

Performance: Braiden took the gals’ advice and combed his hair back. He’s still dorky, but a bit of sophistication. He should NEVER stop being dorky–it’s the basis of his appeal. He’s pulling off the look! I’m getting major Kurt Hummel vibes here–in terms of performance–not anything else. I still think this kid is half baked, vocally. But he’s swinging for the fences. I’ll give him that. He committed! That’s going to make a difference.

Ellie Lawrence – “Cool for the Summer” by  Demi Lovato – She’s a huge Gwen stan, with her indie/alt style. During rehearsal, Rihanna notes that she’s flat in parts. This song is deceptively hard to sing! Even Demi sings flat when she attempts it live. Gwen tries to draw out her quirky personality.

Performance: This sounds better than her rehearsal. OK wait. She’s having issues. Probably not the best song pick for competition. She’s got the right attitude. Too bad she’s going flat during the chorus. Her voice literally cracks. Too bad. Ellie has potential.

Adam is impressed with Braiden’s improvement, (See ya later, puberty! He says) and commends Allie for keeping it together up there.  Both Adam and Blake would give Braiden the knockout. Gwen notes Ellie lacked control, but still appreciates she’s unique. Pharrell carefully notes that the song fit Ellie’s personality, but leaves the rest unsaid. Praise for Braiden is universal on the panel – Braiden wins the Knockout. Gwen thinks he’ll continue to grow, and is looking forward to working with him.

Braiden Sunshine – Feeling Good – Download from iTunes

Barrett Baber vs Blind Joe – Team Blaine

Barrett Baber – Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band – Barrett survived a plane crash, which I have no doubt we will constantly hear about. He’s also got a family, which he says are hard to leave when he has to work.  He dedicates this Zac Brown Song to them. Sigh. He’s going to win, isn’t he. Rihanna wants to see him leave polite behind, and be engaged. “Commit to the emotions and be fearless,” she says.

Performance: Barrett is going to make at least the Top 3. He’s got a solid, familiar voice, crossed with those comfortable daddy vibes. He performs like a pro, too. AND he’s got a radio ready voice. He’s gonna be hard to beat, including in this knockout.

Blind Joe – “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” by Willie and Waylon – He’s a four chair turn.  He changes the lyrics to sing to Rihanna. “You just ripped my heart out of chest!” she says. She calls him sexy, too.

Performance:  The disadvantage of being blind–Joe is rooted to his chair. His performance is static. He’s got a decent voice, but this performance doesn’t rise above competent bar band karaoke. His voice cracks at one point. Ouch. He clearly loses this knockout.

Pharrell thought he took the song to different heights. Hm. He feels Barrett takes folks on an emotional excursion. He won’t pick the winner. Barrett knows who he is, declared Gwen. Adam loves the authentic way he connected to the vocal and felt Joe’s nerves. Joe admits to being very nervous. Blake says it’s the first time on stage that Joe seemed nervous. Barrett wins the Knockout

Barrett Baber – Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band  – Download from iTunes

Amy Vachel vs Madi Davis – Team Pharrell

Amy Vachel – A Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James – Amy is such a quiet little mouse! The song is in her wheelhouse. Her problem, is her wheelhouse is very narrow. Rihanna wants more attitude. And she’s right. Rihanna demonstrates a sexy move for Amy. She ditches her guitar. “Be raw!” Rihanna encourages. Amy isn’t altogether comfortable with the sexy.

Performance: Amy’s voice is so soothing, and her phrasing is exquisite. She’d be nice background music in a bar or a restaurant. But I agree with Rihanna. She’s got to be more dynamic. Her style will get repetitive if she can’t change it up.

Madi Davis – A Case of You by Joni Mitchell – Joni embodies what Madi wants to be as a performer. Pharrell is taken by Madi’s song choice. For the first time, he views her as a real artist.. Rihanna instructs Madi to round out her full voice. They are both impressed with her ability to draw people in.

Performance: Speaking of dynamic? Madi brings passion to her performance, and completely makes the song her own. She hits some big notes on the second chorus. Perfect pacing. The crowd responds. This is how you win a knockout. Pitch perfect, too.

Gwen calls them both “delicious…Disneyland for me.” Adam has turned into a big fan of Madi. He regrets not turning around for Amy. Hm. Blake is blown away by the notes she chooses to sing. He compares the performances to a bubble bath. Pharrell calls Madi magical. He loves Amy’s classic vibe. He thinks they both won, but Madi wins the Knockout Pharrell thinks Madi has the potential to be a pop artist. Her dad is sobbing! Aw.

Adam steals Amy! SO DOES BLAKE. Adam figured that would happen! Blake believes she’s a star. He’s won a bunch of times! Twice as many as Adam!  Blake rolls off several bald jokes, invoking Sinead O’Conner, Blue Man Group and Dr. Evil. Adam thinks she can win the whole thing. Amy chooses Adam. “He just gets me,” says Amy about choosing him. Blake is so disappointed she turned him down twice. HA HA, as Nelson would say.

Amy Vachal – A Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James  – Download from iTunes
Madi Davis – A Case of You by Joni Mitchell  – Download from iTunes

Chance Pena vs Ivonne Acero – Team Blake

Chance Pena – Demons by Imagine Dragons – Chance is trying to prove he’s more than a folk artist. Blake stole him from Adam. Rihanna notes he’s flat in his lower register. Go full voice, she says. Blake warns him to watch his transitions from falsetto.

Performance: Yep. That lower range is tough for Chance. I don’t think this was a great song choice. He’s got a really interesting tone, but he’s having trouble staying in tune. He doesn’t take this song anywhere. Props for taking a risk, but this song isn’t for him.  Chance does not look comfortable up there.

Ivonne Acero – Part of Me by Katy Perry – Rihanna was so impressed with her performance “She has her own voice, her own swagger.” Blake thought she got 200 percent better from the Battle Round. Rihanna gave her some tips on staying on key.

Performance: Ivonne HAS improved markedly since her blind audition. She needs a little more vocal strength when she goes big on the chorus. But she’s much bolder than she’s been in the past. She’s just a step or two away from being great. Unfortunately for Chance: She out sang him.

Pharrell is proud of his former team member (Blake stole her). Gwen loves Chance’s little vocal, but the song didn’t completely flatter him. Adam thought Chance’s song was too low, pretty much acknowledging he’ll probably lose. Ivonne wins the Knockout. Chance thanks both of his coaches, including Adam for being the sole coach to turn for him during the Blinds.

Jordan Smith vs Viktor Kiraly – Team Adam

Jordan Smith – Set Fire to the Rain by Adele – Rihanna quips that she would be terrified to sing Adele, unless drunk at karaoke.  Adam needs to feel the song swing a little more. Correct! This is my problem with Jordan. He just sings without much phrasing. He bowls people over with his tone and big big notes. Rihanna, however, is a fan.

Performance: Hm. He’s a choir boy singing a big song with big notes. I can’t hop onto the Jordan Smith train. His performance needs to be grittier, more personal. I’m not feeling it.

Viktor Kiraly – If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys – Hungarian pop star, was also a 4 chair turn. Adam warns him about his timing. Stay in the pocket! Rihanna gives him tips on phrasing. Viktor admits he’s over thinking the song.

Performance:  This is nice. Real nice. Beautiful phrasing and tone. And a falsetto to die for. Very soulful. Jordan could use a little soul. For me, personally, Viktor won the knockout.

Blake calls Viktor’s performances “as good as it could be.” He calls it one of the greatest vocals he’s ever heard in his life…or something. Hyperbole. Pharrell thinks both singers could take it to the end. Gwen calls Jordan a freak of nature, she was impressed by Viktor’s high notes. Adam thought he came through in the performance. He tackled all the notes he was given. Jordan is a unicorn, because it’s a profound experience, listening to him sing, says Adam. Jordan wins the Knockout. Of course. The pimp mobile has been out for him all season. Gwen steals Viktor. Somebody with sense.

Jordan Smith – Set Fire to the Rain by Adele – Download from iTunes
Viktor Kiraly – If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys – Download from iTunes

Moving on to the Live Playoffs

Blaine Mitchell – Team Adam
Braiden Sunshine – Team Gwen
Barrett Baber – Team Blake
Madi Davis – Team Pharrell
Amy Vachel – Team Adam – Stolen from Team Pharrell
Ivonne Acero – Team Blake
Jordan Smith – Team Blake
Viktor Kiraly – Team Gwen – Stolen from Team Blake


Andi & Alex – Team Adam
Ellie Lawrence – Team Gwen
Blind Joe – Team Blake
Chance Pena – Team Blake

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