The Voice 8 Top 6 Predictions, Poll Results, ITunes Charts

The Voice - Season 8

Let’s take a look at the iTunes chart and the results of our poll for the Top 6, ahead of predicting which contestant will leave the competition this week.

The Voice 8 Polls – The Top 6 – Vote For Your Favs
The Voice 8 Top 6 Live Blog and VIDEOS

The Voice 8 Top 6 iTunes Rankings (as of Noon)

Sawyer Frederick’s “Take Me To The River,” goofy dancers and all, sneaked into the Top 10 this morning.  As always, the young singer is golden. Meghan Linsey’s powerful rendition of the old hymn, “Amazing Grace,” didn’t climb the chart as quickly as Sawyer’s “Shine On,” but it eventually landed at Top 5.  Her “Steamroller Blues” is not too shabby at #14. Needless to say, she’s safe this week too.

Kimberly Nichole at the very bottom of the chart does not bode well for the singer. Neither performance connected to viewers. It’s likely they didn’t use other means to vote for her either. Although Joshua Davis’ ill-conceived “Desire” was a dud, he nearly made the Top 10 with his rendition of “In My Life.” Folks are voting for him. Speaking of which–that New Orleans style arrangement of “Desire” lost all of the passion and intensity of the propulsive original. What was Joshua thinking?

Once again, India Carney’s performances made no waves this week, landing closer to the bottom than the top of the charts. I think it’s time to stick a fork in her run. Koryn Hawthorne landed in the middle. Her performances are flawed, but her honesty and vulnerability are connecting to viewers.

3. Sawyer Fredericks – Shine On
5. Meghan Linsey – Amazing Grace
10. Sawyer Fredericks – Take Me to the River
14. Joshua Davis – In My Life
24. Meghan Linsey – Steamroller Blues
32. Koryn Hawthorne – Everybody Hurts
45. Koryn Hawthorne – Dream On
46. India Carney – Glory
52. Joshua Davis – Desire
65. India Carney – Lay Me Down
100. Kimberly Nichole – Free Falling
107. Kimberly Nichole – Dirty Diana

The Voice 8 – Top 6 – Favorite Performance

#1 and #2 make sense, but #3? We’re on our own wavelength here on the blog, for sure. I loved Kimberly’s spectacle myself, so I’m there with you.  Favorites were Sawyer’s “Take Me To the River,” Meghan’s “Amazing Grace,” Josh’s “In My Life,” Kimberly’s “Dirty Diana” and Koryn’s “Everybody Hurts,” not necessarily in that order!

  1. Sawyer Fredericks – Shine On 23.77%
  2. Meghan Linsey – Amazing Grace 23.28%
  3. Kimberly Nichole – Dirty Diana 13.6%
  4. Joshua Davis – In My Life 7.84%
  5. Koryn Hawthorne – Everybody Hurts 7.23%
  6. Sawyer Fredericks – Take Me to the River 6.99%
  7. India Carney – Glory 4.53%
  8. India Carney – Lay Me Down 4.29%
  9. Meghan Linsey – Steamroller Blues 3.8%
  10. Koryn Hawthorne – Dream on 2.08%
  11. Kimberly Nichole – Free Fallin 1.72%
  12. Joshua Davis – Desire 0.86%

The Voice 8 – Top 6 – Favorite Contestant

Sawyer IS the winner. Kimberly comes in second in that alternate universe called mjsbigblog!

  1. Sawyer Fredericks 37.71%
  2. Kimberly Nichole 19.51%
  3. Meghan Linsey 18.21%
  4. Koryn Hawthorne 9.23%
  5. Joshua Davis 8.71%
  6. India Carney 6.63%

The Voice 8 – Top 6 – Who SHOULD go Home

No surprises here.

  1. India Carney 38.04%
  2. Joshua Davis 26.61%
  3. Koryn Hawthorne 12.23%
  4. Kimberly Nichole 11.02%
  5. Sawyer Fredericks 6.45%
  6. Meghan Linsey 5.65%

The Voice 8 – Top 6 – Who WILL go Home

…But I would be REALLY REALLY surprised if Josh went home this week. C’mon, he sang a beloved Beatles’ song, beautifully, to his wife, as she gazed lovingly at him from the audience. The song hit the Top 10. I just can’t see it happening. I know I poo pooed Corey Kent White’s demise last week, and was wrong, but this is different. Corey’s songs never hit the Top 10.

  1. India Carney 58.67%
  2. Joshua Davis 17.06%
  3. Kimberly Nichole 14.01%
  4. Koryn Hawthorne 6.24%
  5. Meghan Linsey 2.22%
  6. Sawyer Frederick 1.8%

Prediction:  India Carney and Kimberly Nichole hit the bottom 2.  The winner of the sing-off depends on which singer is able to cut through and deliver a really emotional performance. It’s a problem for both, which is why they will find themselves in danger. Kimberly needs dial back the performance and concentrate on her vocals. India has to deliver the performance of her life.  I will say that India Carney will ultimately lose the sing-off and go home. She has consistently lagged throughout the live shows. She barely survived the twitter save last week against a kid who isn’t half as good as she is. I think the end of the line has come for her.

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