The Voice 7 Live Blog – Blind Auditions #5

The Voice - Season 7

Tonight IS the night! The final night of the Blind Auditions, that is. =) We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we tirelessly have posted about each and every contestant, and it all comes down to this. TWO spots remain on each of the coach’s teams. Who will join a team? Who will they choose? Will there be more sob stories?? YES. That could very well be a catchy drinking game, but I guess we’ll save that for another time. I don’t want to be inebriated within the first 15 minutes of the show (unless I am Blake Shelton but alas, I am not).

It’s all going down in LESS than 8 minutes! =D

Let’s get this LIVE party started. This is The Voice!

First up for the night is Matt McAndrew, Philadelphia PA- “A thousand years” by Christina Perri – Download from iTunes
Voice major from the University of Philadelphia, shares an apartment with his mom and his sister. Works at a grocery store and teaches voice/guitar lessons on the side. Wants to give back to his mom for all that she’s done for him.

His tone is beautiful! Adam, being smart, pushes first. Aw I love Carson when he interacts with the families, it’s heartwarming. Can I just also add that his tattoos are badass. Because they are. Pharrell and Blake also push their buttons! Gwen is still holding out.

Adam said he was really moved by what Matt did, and thought he was very unique and spectacular. Gwen thought his voice was beautiful and she did enjoy it. Blake said his voice is interesting, and even intense when he sings soft. Pharrell likes his full voice and has been waiting for a voice like this. Pharrell says that if he chooses him, he can sing WHATEVER he wants to sing.

“I take my ego off at the door, you are the subject of my painting, my friend” ~Pharrell, to Matt

Matt decides to go with…Team Adam!!

Brittany Butler, Boston MA- “The Girl From Ipanema” – Download from iTunes
Her mother has Crohn’s disease and admires her strength. Grew up singing jazz and because of her grandfather she began posting her songs on youtube. She won a scholarship to Berklee.

There goes Gwen! Brittany’s got a really cool, bluesy vibe and I am loving it. Pharrell gets in on the action!

“They’re going to nice each other to death” ~Blake referring to Gwen vs Pharrell to win Brittany

“Pillow fight!” ~Adam

Gwen thought it was “so good!” and she likes her style, that she has the whole package. Pharrell said she sang so effortlessly with the scatting, and that he can use someone like her to collaborate with.

“We are both slightly weirdo’s” Pharrell, to Brittany (LMAO?)

This is the sweetest battle over a contestant EVER.

Brittany picks… Team Pharrel!!

Evan Watson, Fishkill NY- “The night they drove old dixie down” by The Band
Owns a brewery farm with his wife, but has always wanted to be a musician. After college, he started a one man band and even opened for Meatloaf. Nothing panned out from it, but he has not given up.

What a voice on him! Raspy, rich, and gritty. No one has turned around yet. Are they deaf???

And…yeah. Nobody?? Ugh. Poor guy, I hope he comes back!

The coaches thought he had a little too much growl in his voice. They only have limited amount of spaces left on their teams so they are being extra picky.

Ryan Sill, Sterling VA- “Secrets” by One Republic – Download from iTunes
His mom was an opera singer, he has two sisters and they all sing. They seem like a cute family. He studied engineering, and also joined an acapella group that covered Sia’s “Titanium” that blew up on Youtube.

Gwen pushes first with a BIG smile on her face (yeah he’s pretty easy on the eyes Gwen). He also has a pleasant tone, there’s something effortless about the way he sings. Blake turns, and is bopping happily in his seat.

Blake said he looks like how he sounds. His voice sounded “cool” to Blake and looks like a cool dude. Says his voice is really powerful, and that he would his team perfect. Gwen was surprised by his strong notes, and wants to help him relax onstage. She only has three guys on her team and would love to work with him.

Ryan goes with… Team Gwen!!

Next is Fernanda Bosch, Miami FL- “I try” by Macy Gray – Download from iTunes
Originally from Venezuela, works with kids with special needs, and teaches them how to swim. She has never had vocal lessons before.

She’s got a different sounding voice, it’s a little bit Janis Jopin and I like that. Shaky in parts but has great potential. Both Gwen and Blake push their buttons!

Blake says she has a natural rasp that is “badass and soooo Team Blake.” Gwen was 17 when she started No Doubt and can help mold her. Ironically Gwen ALSO was a swim teacher at her age.

“Forget it Blake…FORGET IT” ~Adam

Fernanda picks…Team Blake! (spoke too soon Adam!)

Adam, Pharrell, Blake abd Gwen have each added one more artist to their teams.

Beth Spangler, Aiken SC-“Best thing I never had” by Beyonce – Download from iTunes
Works at a children’s hospital in Georgia, she likes to work with kids but music is her dream. She seems more soulful pop than country. Her dad had a bad accident and lost his leg, and her dad has inspired her to fight for what she wants.

Alright guys, her voice is incredible. There goes Adam and Blake!! Very clear. She’s very nervous but she’s working through the nerves. And Gwen and Pharrell go at the very end! 4 chair turn!!

Pharrell said she molded so many different influences into that song, and that everybody should be standing up right now for that performance. Adam has one spot left on his team and wants that person to be her. He likes how she doesn’t look/sound like a typical genre. Gwen thought Beth has a CRAZY range, and is reallllllly trying to sell it to her by using the “girl” card.

“You can have this shirt” ~Adam
“I wear overalls a lot at home” ~Blake

Blake fell in love with her voice instantly. The right choice in his eyes is Team Blake.

Pharrell is still standing up for her.

“You need somebody to stand up for you the entire time”~Pharrell is trying to woo Beth.

And Beth goes with…Team Adam!

Adam’s team is now FILLED (contestants will be listed at the end of this blog)!

Erin Kim, Los Angelos CA- “Latch” by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith
From a Tae Kwon Do family, his father enjoyed a lot of Korean folk music. Erin started going to open mike nights, and during high school he got into acoustic/soul/hip hop.

His vibe is chill and laid back. I dig his style. The coaches are not sure yet. He a bit flat/pitchy in parts. No one turned for him. :(

Gwen thought the version of his song was creative, but that he changed the melody too much. Pharrell thinks he has an amazing voice. Blake loved it and was so close to hitting his button, but recognized the pitch issues in the song.

The next contestant is Griffin, Greenville SC- “It’s a beautiful day” by Michael Bublé – Download from iTunes
Very close with his siblings, came from humble beginnings. Right after high school, he and his sister started a Bow Tie business for about 3 and a half years. He sold the company and finally got his dream of moving to Nashville.

His voice has a lot of character. He also sounds a lot like Bublé. Blake and Pharrell both push their buttons, followed by Gwen!

Blake “loves” Greenville, but doesn’t remember the experience (ha!). Blake says Bublé is one of his favorite artists, and he would love to have Griffin on his team. Pharrell pushed because he couldn’t get over his range, and that he himself is also there to learn.

“You don’t know what ice cream mouth is?” ~Adam, to Gwen

Gwen has nobody on her team like him at all. She thinks working with him would be a lot of fun.

Griffin goes with…Team Pharrell!!

Pharrell’s team is now also complete! (contestant list will be at the end of this blog!)

Chandra Knudsen, Harlon Iowa -“Hard to love” by Lee Brice
Works as a part time nanny, from a small town that had “flannel fridays.” Is obsessed with everything Batman!

STRONG country voice for sure. I can hear a bit of Carrie Underwood/Martina McBride in her voice. No chairs. :(

Adam thought that she was great. Gwen wasn’t sure what lane she would go in for genre. Blake thought she was sharp on some of her notes, but that there is much more there. Wants her to fix it and come back. Pharrell wants her to come back and pick a song that makes her voice stick out.

Mayra Alvarez , La Porte TX- “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson – Download from iTunes
Jake Worthington from Season 6 is from her hometown. She grew up singing in Church (drinking game anyone?) and is here today because of her father. She’d love to be able to work with a coach.

God I love this song. Nice to hear a woman’s take on it.

There goes Gwen! Thank goodness, because I’d be pissed if no one turned for this girl. Blake pushes his button!

Blake knows someone else from that town….lol. Shout out to Jake Worthington who came in second last year. Gwen loves that song and she thought she was such a beautiful singer. Her voice was light and “fluffy.”

“This is not the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. This is The Voice!” ~Blake, to Gwen

Mayra chooses…Team Gwen!

Gwen’s team is now full! (contestant list will be at the end of this blog!)

The last contestant of the night is Justin Johnes, NY- “Let her go” by Passenger – Download from iTunes
Came from a musical family, got into music in the 6th grade. He started making youtube covers and wrote some originals. His parents are recently divorced, and this is his first big performance.

What a voice on that kid! Can you guys hear the preteen girls screaming from home lol? Why does he remind me of Austin Mahone? But really, he’s got LOTS of potential and I feel like he can grow with the right coach (and let’s be real, it’s going to be Blake).

And there goes Blake!

Blake loves the cracks in his voice and his lower register. Pharrell says there’s a lot of kids singing on youtube and that they definitely found a GREAT singer.

Blake has made a “Blake’s Boo” t-shirt for his last contestant lmao!

“That’s my boo!” ~Blake

The battles start next week, two go in and only ONE will win! To help prepare, each coach brings in their own advisors (helllooooo Gavin Rossdale!) to help their contestants. And steals WILL be happening and I can’t wait!!

Alright guys here are the Teams as they stand now:

Team Adam:
Beth Spangler
Matt McAndrew
Clara Hong
Damien Lawson
Joe Kirk
Kelli Douglas
Mia Pfirrman
Alessandra Castronovo
Ethan Butler
Chris Jamison
Rebekah Samarin
Jonathan Wyndham

Team Blake:
Justin Johnes
Fernanda Bosch
James David Carter
Allison Bray
Taylor Brashears
Reagan James
John Martin
Kensington Moore
Bree Fondacaro
Tanner Linford
Grant Ganzer
Craig Wayne Boyd

Team Gwen:
Mayra Alvarez
Ryan Sill
Bryana Salaz
Taylor John Williams
Sugar Joans
Menlik Zergabachew
Jessie Pitts
Troy Ritchie
Anita Antoinette
Jean Kelley
Amanda Lee Peters
Gianna Salvato

Team Pharrell:
Brittany Butler
Luke Wade
Elyjuh Rene
Danica Shirey
Maiya Sykes
Taylor Phelan
Ricky Manning
Blessing Offor
Jordy Searcy
Katriz Trinidad
Toia Jones

That’s all for tonight, thank you so much for joining me this evening and I will see you guys next Monday (because sadly I have to work tomorrow night and won’t be able to blog)!

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