Alex & Sierra – “Little Do You Know” – Official Music Video


It’s About Us, the long-awaited debut album from X Factor winners, Alex & Sierra, is out on October 7 (TOMORROW!). (Click to Download from iTunes ).

Moon & Back Preview
Moon & Back Preview

And, just in time for the record’s imminent release, is the NEW  “Little Do You Know” music video.  The song, from the new album, tells the story of an estranged couple.  Sierra watches Alex as he sleeps. She hits the streets alone. So does he. They walk about aimlessly…until finally…they come together as the sun rises in the distance.

Love conquers all. Especially if you’re a real-life couple recording songs.

The concept is kind of a variation on the duo’s recent Scarecrow video. Angst + moody lighting sells records, I suppose.

This week, the singers have a string of album signing appearances in the New York City area, and Los Angeles. Check out the Alex & Sierra Facebook page for more details HERE.

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  1. I love their sound but unfortunately, I think they will be dropped. There’s no interest for them at all on radio and little to no promotion for the album. So much for Simon believing in them! He’s much more interested in Fifth Harmony and One Direction (which is a shame for other XFactor acts such as Little Mix who have more talent but aren’t promoted).

    ETA: Simon didn’t even mention that Alex & Sierra are releasing their album tomorrow until a user asked him to retweet the message. *eyeroll*

  2. I think they have a real chance to do well, I’m rooting for them at least.

  3. Place this in the soundtrack of a movie where a teenage girl faces life-or-death decisions related to her love triangle in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, and it would be HUGE.

    Without that kind of exposure, I dunno. Their music is much, much better than the debut albums of the prior two XFUSA winners, and they’re adorbs, but somebody’s gotta find the right outlet for getting people to listen to it.

  4. This is a great song. Frustrated with Columbia and Simon for not promoting them :(

  5. Why do you think that? They aren’t getting any kind of major promo and they aren’t
    getting much radio play. Unless their hardcore fanbase turns out to be huge — which is unlikely given the show’s ratings, I can’t see them having anything more than moderate success with this album. It seems like Simon has turned his attention back to 1D and FH and pretty much forgotten about this duo.

  6. Couldnt have said it better myself! They have the potential to dethrone Fifth Harmony as the most successful XFUSA members! If anybody can, it will be A&S! Hopefully they debut in the Billboard Top 10 Albums this week!

  7. Wait, what? Nothing in my posting even implied that A&S were destined for a top 10 debut or to be more successful than 5H.

  8. Alex & Sierra check so many of the right boxes and when they won, I was so sure they would take off and do well. I enjoy them and they have some good songs but the lack of promotion is just sad.

  9. In another time they would be making a big splashy return to the XFactor stage.

  10. The album is currently sitting at #3 on overall iTunes chart, behind new albums from Jason Aldean and Hozier. As we all know, iTunes accounts for a very small percentage of total sales (usually), but that is still nice to see if you are an A&S fan.

  11. I’m guessing that’s from pre-orders.

    I think their iTunes position in 24 hours will be more useful in determining how they’ll do.

    But I wouldn’t say iTunes is a very small percentage. Depending on the artist and genre, it can be a significant chunk of sales.

  12. While iTunes may be a small fraction of sales it’s usually predictive of relative sales.

  13. In what universe? I tunes is only a predictor within a small time frame. If they are still holding the #3 spot come next Monday I’ll believe they have what it takes…if they fall back rapidly then they have a nice vocal fan base that supports them out of the gate but that is the extent of it.

  14. I don’t get what you are disagreeing about or are you just trying to be disagreeable? You say its not a predictor then proceed to say that it is. Outside of say the top 10 things get really murky but usually the top 10 on iTunes hold as the top 10 overall sales for the week. Sometimes I just hate the internet.

  15. I believe Caleb’s Testify made it to #3 on the overall chart as well for a short period of time. We see how that turned out. I do think A&S we sell a lot more than he did first week, < 40k.

  16. do you mean predictive in terms of where they’ll land on the Billboard chart? Because while that’s generally true with singles, it’s not quite as true with albums. For example, you will see a lot of EPs that rank high on iTunes but do not end up ranking high on BB because the EPs are digital-only releases. Likewise, even if an artist releases a full CD rather than an EP, a lot of times he/she/they cannot afford to distribute physical copies or market it strongly, which in turn affects overall sales. And of course, a lot of times we see front loaded pre-order sales with albums quickly slipping down the charts. Whether that will be the case with A&S, who knows?

    What we do know is that Jason Aldean is expected to outsell every other artist by a whopping margin. Other than that? TBD. We should be getting one-day predictions from HDD this afternoon.

  17. Testify was at #3 for about a day. The first 24 hours or so are pre-orders washing through the system. (If people want to argue that it’s really 18 hours or 36 hours, y’all won’t get resistance from me… point is, it’s about a day, and then albums that rose on a small bubble of pre-orders start to drop.)

  18. I was referring to full albums. If a recently released album does well over the course of the release week ie they stay in top 5 or maybe 10 on iTunes they usually will make the BB200 in the top 10. That has been my observation. Of course there are exceptions. I was NOT saying that A&S album being top 3 on iTunes on day 1 means that they will be #3 on BB200. That would be ridiculous……. unless that one day sale estimate is over 100K.

  19. Ok, well for major label artists it is generally a small percentage of total sales. There are exceptions, of course, as with everything.

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