Dancing With The Stars – Season 19 – Week 4

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Tonight, Dancing With the Stars continues with week four of the competition and serving as a guest judge alongside Julianne Hough, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba is… (wait for it)… YOU! That’s right, viewers can vote live at ABC.com.

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After saying goodbye to Randy Couture, the remaining will recall the most memorable year of their life and dance to stay in the competition. And we’re off… A tight routine to “Break Free” (by Ariana Grande) featuring some of the pros and members of the troupe start us off, before Tom and Erin welcome us to the show and introduce the remaining celebrities.

Now, some results. JANEL AND VAL ARE SAFE!!! JONATHAN AND ALLISON ARE SAFE!!! BETSEY AND TONY ARE IN JEOPARDY!!! Janel and Val are dancing first…

Janel & Val (Rumba)

Janel most memorable year involves moving from Hawaii to Los Angeles, but her happiness was short live because upon reaching Los Angeles, she learned that her mentor BJ was sick. Her biggest regret is that she never got to say goodbye. Sad story, but beautiful dancing. Julianne says that BJ would be very proud of her, Bruno says she expressed her emotions beautifully and Carrie Ann says she was incredible. I gave them a 9.

Carrie Ann-9, America-9, Julianne-9, Bruno-9 = 36/40
To Vote For Janel:
Call 800-868-3405, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
10 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Jonathan & Allison (Samba)

The most memorable year of his life is the past year, which saw him lose both his parents. He knows his parents wouldn’t want him to do something sad, so he will give this competition his all. He starts with the “Jingle Bell Rock” routine from Mean Girls, but even after hearing his horribly sad story, there’s no disguising how horrible his dancing is here. He was off the entire time. Bruno says it lacked technique, Carrie Ann calls it one-dimensional and Julianne wants to see him do a ballroom routine. I gave them a 5 and that’s me being generous.

Carrie Ann-6, America-6, Julianne-6, Bruno-6 = 24/40
To Vote For Jonathan:
Call 800-868-3406, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
10 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Betsey & Tony (Jive)

The most memorable year is 1975, which is the year her daughter was born. She loves her daughter, but didn’t love her relationship with LuLu’s father and decided to end the relationship. She credits LuLu with inspiring her to start her own business. She begins the dance by getting a hug from LuLu and transitioning into the dance, which is neither good or bad. It is nice to finally have a older celebrity dancer with at least a bit of rhythm. Carrie Ann thought it was phenomenal, Julianne says she gives so much love to America and Bruno says she went wrong but did a fantastic job. I gave them a 7.

Carrie Ann-8, America-7, Julianne-7, Bruno-7 = 29/40
To Vote For Betsey:
Call 800-868-3404, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
10 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

We are back from the break and it’s time for some more results. BETHANY AND DEREK ARE SAFE!!! ANTONIO AND CHERYL ARE SAFE!!! MICHAEL AND EMMA ARE IN JEOPARDY!!! LEA AND ARTEM ARE SAFE!!! Bethany and Derek are dancing next…

Bethany & Derek (Rumba)

Her most memorable year is 2009, which is the year that she started doing YouTube. She started expressing herself via videos after being bullied by so-called friends and slowly through the process, she began finding her voice. Colbie Caillat is performing “Try” as they dance. Beautiful song and equally as beautiful dancing. Julianne says that what she stands for is so beautiful, but scolds Derek for not including enough Rumba content. Interesting! Bruno loved the message, but says the hip action wasn’t right and Carrie Ann thought it was gorgeous. My score was a 9.

Carrie Ann-8, America-9, Julianne-8, Bruno-8 = 33/40
To Vote For Bethany:
Call 800-868-3403, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
10 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Michael & Emma (Quickstep)

His most memorable year is 2001, which is the year that he won at Daytona and also the year that his mentor Dale Earnhardt died. He compares it to going from the highest high to the lowest low. He wants to dance it beautifully, but thinks Dale would like it better if he missed it up. Well… Let’s just say Dale is really liking it, because his footwork is atrocious. Bruno says he went wrong too many times (You Think?), Carrie Ann says he fizzled out after starting great and Julianne agrees and says there were both good and bad moments. My score was a 6 and once again, this is me being generous.

Carrie Ann-6, America-7, Julianne-6, Bruno-6 = 25/40
To Vote For Michael:
Call 800-868-3409, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
10 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Lea & Artem (Contemporary)

Her most memorable year is 2003, the year that her father passed away. She talks about trying to celebrate all of the holidays within a one week span after he was diagnosed with cancer. She says him passing away taught her how to live. They are dancing to the poignant song, “Dance With My Father”, and it’s a beauty. She is in tears at the end and so am I. Carrie Ann says she will remember that moment forever, Julianne says she was moved and Bruno says she is an great performer. The combination of the emotion and dancing was perfect here, so they got a 10 from me.

Carrie Ann-10, America-9, Julianne-10, Bruno-10 = 39/40
To Vote For Lea:
Call 800-868-3407, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
10 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Antonio & Cheryl (Samba)

His most memorable year was 1989, which is the year that he booked the Janet Jackson video for “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”. He began his career as an actor. He is shirtless and looks great, but the dancing and more importantly, the hip action is just not good. Julianne says he is getting more comfortable, Bruno says he has to reach further and go for it harder, and Carrie Ann says he needs to work his body better. I gave them a 7.

Carrie Ann-7, America-8, Julianne-7, Bruno-7 = 29/40
To Vote For Antonio:
Call 800-868-3402, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
10 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

The break is over and it’s time for some more results. ALFONSO AND WITNEY ARE SAFE!!! SADIE AND MARK ARE SAFE!!! TOMMY AND PETA ARE IN JEOPARDY!!! They are also dancing NEXT.

Tommy & Peta (Jive)

His most memorable year is 2003, which is the year that he went to prison for transporting drugs. He said that jail taught him to live each moment – one moment at a time. They are dancing to “Jailhouse Rock” and once again, Tommy entertains. Bruno says there were a lot of missed steps, Carrie Ann says the dance was easy on the eyes and Julianne says it was not his best dance. I gave them a 7.

Carrie Ann-7, America-7, Julianne-7, Bruno-7 = 28/40
To Vote For Tommy:
Call 800-868-3413, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
10 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Sadie & Mark (Samba)

2012 was her most memorable year, which is when ‘Duck Dynasty’ kicked off. She talks about dealing with the backlash that her grandfather faced and says that the family will support him no matter what. :Rolleyes: The dancing is actually pretty damn good and the entire clan makes an appearance. Carrie Ann loves it, Julianne says it was the perfect combination of content and Samba, and “Bruno says the little bird has got some bite”. For me, it’s a 9.

Carrie Ann-9, America-9, Julianne-10, Bruno-9 = 37/40
To Vote For Sadie:
Call 800-868-3411, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
10 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Alfonso & Witney (Jazz)

His most memorable years of his life is ‘The Fresh Prince’. He enjoyed his time on the show, but admits it stunted his career as an actor, which resulted with him briefly falling out of love with the character. This guy is just a born performer and moves effortless. He pops out the Carlton and the audience goes nuts. Julianne thinks people will now remember Alfonso, Bruno calls it delicious and Carrie Ann simply says “finally”. For me, this is undoubtedly a 10.

Carrie Ann-10, America-10, Julianne-10, Bruno-10 = /40
To Vote For Alfonso:
Call 800-868-3401, or Use ABC.COM and/or Facebook.
10 Vote Limit Per Method /Per ABC.COM / Facebook Account.

Now, it’s time for another couple to be eliminated. Either Betsey, Michael or Tommy will be sent packing. TOMMY AND PETA ARE SAFE!!! MICHAEL AND EMMA ARE SAFE!!! BETSEY AND TONY ARE ELIMINATED!!! See you next week for The Switch-Up…

Alfonso & Witney- 40/40
Lea & Artem – 39/40
Sadie & Mark – 37/40
Janel & Val – 36/40
Bethany & Derek – 33/40
Antonio & Cheryl – 29/40
Betsey & Tony – 29/40
Tommy & Peta – 28/40
Michael & Emma – 25/40
Jonathan & Allison – 24/40

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  1. I am just lovin’ the show tonight. Yes, the tears are flowing for Lea and Artem. How lucky she was able to have that last dance with her Father! I wasn’t so lucky in that my Dad had a heart attack on a Friday night, and died on early Monday morning. I just love this lady’s personality, looks, and dancing. What an emotional song…

  2. Oh Alfonso you just rocked my world! I’m simultaniously crying and laughing and my inner 16 year old is shrieking after that lol

  3. Now that was fun! Loved seeing Alfonso and Witney having such fun! The crowd was really into it & the fans voted. He seems like such a pleasant person. Broadway was mentioned. Now, I wonder what kind of a singer he is?

  4. LOL, I didn’t start watching until about halfway through the show, and when they said America was voting, I thought it was a guest judge named America, like America Ferrara. I didn’t know there was voting for the judging.

  5. I like the theme where they pick out their favorite year. We learn something about them and it’s emotional and poignant. Lea’s dance had me in tears. Yes, she did dance with her father again. Beautiful!

    Janel’s dance with Val was also a wonderful tribute to her mentor. Bethany’s story about being bullied and learning to like herself was also a hearttugger. The judges were right that there wasn’t enough rumba content, but I honestly didn’t care because they told a story.

    Alfonso stole the night with the Carlton! The guy is just a bundle of energy and so much fun to watch.

    I wasn’t surprised to see Betsy go. She had some good moments.

  6. I haven’t watched this show in years but this morning my Facebook feed was stacked with clips of…. you guessed it… THE CARLTON!!!!! I had to come here to squee. That was so fun, and now I just may have to root for this dude to win.

    GO ALFONSO!!!!

  7. I feel bad for Jonathan. The problem isn’t him, but Allison. He may never be an Alfonso, but Allison has no clue what she’s doing. When she’s dancing the samba badly, how can Jonathan be expected to learn it properly. I like Allison on SYTYCD, but DWTS is showing her ballroom limitations. It’s understandable since that’s not her forte, but it’s also why TPTB need to stop bringing non ballroom dancers on as pros. They just don’t have the experience to do their partners justice. So basically Jonathan got hosed and will be eliminated because of Allison. I also suspect we won’t be seeing her back next season.

  8. I had Jonathan going out 7th or 8th once I saw the cast. So I really don’t feel bad for him because he’s right around where I thought he’d be. But I know what you are saying. They didn’t bring Lindsay, Chelsie, Tyne or Lacey back. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t bring her back. Hopefully they’ll bring Witney back whether they have a short male celeb or not.

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