The Voice 6 Top 8 Elimination Live Blog

Live Blogging The Voice Top 8 Eliminations. Three contestants will head home after 4 perform for the Instant Vote.

I have so many questions going into tonights episode. Will Kat break the instant save curse tonight? Will Blake force Sisaundra to sing the obvious And I Am Telling You during her inevitable save me performance? Who’s fake phone number will Blake pretend to leak next? What color hair will Adam have next (blue maybe)? Tonight we might get some answers. Join me here at 8 to see how it all goes down. In the meantime, you can always follow me @adamhsamuel on Twitter.

For the first time this season, 3 people are going home! The bottom 4 will have to all sing for the instant save. Why are we doing this again? Jeez, cut the battle rounds and auditions back by one week each and lengthen the live rounds. This show dumps such great talent by the bucketload!

Audra, Jake, Kat and Kristen take the stage to perform Chainsaw, by The Band Perry! Kristen was a standout in this performance. Kat seems awkward mushed into this country performance, she is not a country singer producers!

Right away, we are down to the results! Here we go!

Josh Kaufman is safe!. If he wasn’t, there would have been rioting in the streets. Josh nailed it last night and deserves to advance to the finale at the least.

Carson checks in with the coaches. Adam is not so sure about Kat being safe, but he thinks she deserves to be. Shakira has faith that Kristen will be safe. Usher thanks Adam for giving him Josh. Blake did the math and knows he or Adam will lose a team member.

Time for more results!

KRISTEN MERLIN IS SAFE! Congrats Kristen! Shakira freaks out and hugs Kristen. I think we will also be seeing Kristen in the finale.

After the Voice confessional about Mother’s Day, we are back with results! Here we go….

Christina Grimmie is safe! Shocker. Just kidding, she deserves it and I think will round out the finale with Josh and Kristen.

Singing Latch, by Sam Smith, Christina, Josh, Sisaundra and Delvin take the stage! Sisaundra and Christina killed this performance! Not much else to say about this performance, it was enjoyable, but back to the results!

Jake Worthington is safe! I think it should have been Audra, but America clearly disagrees with me on this one.

So the bottom four is Sisaundra, Kat, Delvin and Audra. This one is up in the air. I think the save will go to either Audra or Sisaundra. I don’t see Kat breaking the curse now after all.

Sisaundra singing You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Women), by Aretha Franklin. Damnnnnnnn…… Sisaundra slayed this. She does her thing with it and pulls off an incredible vocal! She might have just saved herself!

Audra McLaughlin singing Done, by The Band Perry. Audra, she looks amazing tonight and she sounded even better. I wish she had gone for something more pulled back, but this was still a solid vocal! It should come down to her and Sisaundra for the save. She really let loose at the end though! The glory note was spot on and incredible.

Kat Perkins singing Barracuda, by Heart. I’d love to see Kat saved, but I just don’t see it happening. This was a strong performance, last weeks was better, but I think America will lose her in the shuffle. I don’t know about this one. If she does advance, she will break the curse which will make The Voice history.

Delvin Choice singing Young Girls, by Bruno Mars. Delvin does what he can with this song, but I think no matter what he does he is toast. This performance was ok, nothing I will remember in a week, but I think it will send him home tonight. Delvin is a great singer, but it is his time.

The Voice Instant Save is now open! Use #voicesave to choice who you want to save! You only have a few minutes, your time starts, now.

Kat is in the lead over the commercials!


Your top 5 is listed below-

The Voice Top 5

1- Josh Kaufman (Usher)

2- Kristen Merlin (Shakira)

3- Christina Grimmie (Adam)

4- Jake Worthington (Blake)

5- Kat Perkins (Adam)

Thanks for joining me tonight guys! I’ll be back next week with the power rankings, but for now, good night everyone!

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